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  1. I am going to work with it, I'm just saying I wish they would line up to houses or weren't there. I choose one of the smaller houses for a reason, I can't see myself needing all the rooms of the bigger ones.
  2. I want to add one more thing, it kinda bugs me, I don't know about anyone else. The walkways leading up to the houses don't line up with certain houses. I wish they weren't there so I could and anyone else for that matter could put a walkway out that looks even. Sorry but it bugs me that they are not even.
  3. I had someone suggest to me, riding trails. I think that is a great idea! Best place for it would be in the mountains and maybe sneak a few along the coast. Also I am kinda turning my linden home into a community gathering spot, just have to set it up later.
  4. I did AR them. I don't think there is either but I think there should be though because it kinda hampers residents from having access to the region and bogs it down for legit use. I've seen enough bots on mainland and not a big fan of them here.
  5. I want a house near the beach I am also thinking about rerolling because my neighbors had a bot farm above their place. Total black skybox, all dancing in a line with just two speakers. I don't know if they are trying to make it look like a club but boy did I feel the lag when I logged into home. I didn't notice it anywhere else either so I am guess they are bogged down with scripts because when they left it was like a lag fog lifted.
  6. I saw your houseboat when I was buzzing around! I still can't wrap my head around on how you got it so fully decorated, kudos to you
  7. It must magic or something with all the prim squeezing everyone is doing. Most of these layouts look to be 1000's of prims but nope, only 351 or less! I am still in the process of decorating mine up, hopefully I can do as great as everyone else does.
  8. A few of the photos I've taken over the past few days (This is just a small selection! lol)
  9. I'd love to see bus stops and street addresses, maybe a few more random benches near the sidewalks.
  10. Somehow that option became unchecked. The issue is fixed and the group is open join once more.
  11. Thank you all for your hard work in finding all of those places of interest. Those will be of great help to many people visiting or living on Bellisseria. It's a large place and not many have explored it all. I know I haven't found all of those places myself yet. There is another group that some of you may be interested in, Bellisseria Community secondlife:///app/group/63773109-bc01-d353-2074-dbb6e8256f0a/about The group was founded by local residents who wanted to get together, socialize, and help each other. We will have updates on neighborhood activities as well as things of interest t
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