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  1. SOLVED That was it, thank you so much!!!
  2. It's been a few months now and I just can't jump with "E" anymore. No matter how much I change my preferences, it does the same thing. When pressing E, all that happens is a sound plays, almost like what it sound like when you reload in Call Of Duty. PLEASE help. The only way I can jump is by tapping the jump button in the toolbar. (Preferences in image)
  3. When I am scripting a dancer, how do I list all the parts of the song in the object to play? I have been struggling for an hours, but no matter how I list them in the "sound_name," I always get an error. This is my code: integer owner_only_trigger = FALSE; string on_command = "black"; string off_command = "light"; string animation_name = "Best"; string sound_name = "EIB part_01"; integer listener_handler;
  4. SOLVED: If you're like me and you're having the same issue, don't worry, we're new, so we have an excuse. Hahaha, jk, jk. The text is simply attached to one of the items you're wearing. Find which it is and detach that, and voila, you are saved. Mine was the choker I was wearing.
  5. But it still says "pregnant by (name)" above her head, even if it is detached. (Edit: nvm, I figure it out. ^^ Thank you, though.)
  6. I detached the thing the guy sent me (I didn't realize this was going to happen when I attached it) and even turned RLA off, but my avatar is still pregnant. In yellow, it even still says "pregnant by (name)," no matter what I do. I've tried adding the hud again and disabling it, but all it gives me are options for what the baby will look like. And no, there are no other things he sent me. I've rechecked my outfit a thousand times to be sure. Please, help!
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