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Found 18 results

  1. Hi I am trying to send a physical object from A to B in a horizontal straight line, which is easy enough and I have that part working. However, I also want to be able to fully control it's rotation during movement. By 'fully' that means I may want a single 'barrel roll' during movement, or I may want it to rotate several times - independent control of all axis, so if wanted I can create a one or more axis 'tumbling' rotation during movement, too. Here's what I have so far: default { state_entry() { vector pos = llGetPos(); vector offset = <5, 0, 0>; // Move 5m 'east'. pos+=offset; llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); llLookAt(llGetPos()+<0.0, 0.0, 1.0>, 1.0, 0.1); // Ignore - an experiment to prove to myself that I can force a rotation during movement. llSleep(3.0); // Not sure why a Sleep is needed but wont work without it. llMoveToTarget(pos, 1.0); llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, 0); } } Your thoughts are very welcome! Thank you.
  2. I'm looking for a basic to intermediate understanding of how movement in SL works, and what affects it. My current understanding is that it is done by a physics engine, and that movement is the result of forces. Is this correct? I presume pressing a key on the keyboard generates forces, but I have no idea how the standardized maximum velocities of walking and running avatars arise from this process - what exactly happens when you press a key that makes your avatar move, and why is the standard voluntary walking speed a constant 3.2 m/s? If there was a constant force on an avatar, it would accelerate indefinitely, which would be unphysical, and is not what actually happens. I know movement enhancers exist, they seem to use llSetForce and llApplyImpulse commands. And llPushObject can move avatars. Collisions with objects (physical and nonphysical) can also affect movement. Is there anything else that affects movement? On a related note, assuming some of the above is correct, where are the calculations performed? What calculations are done by the client, and what calculations are done by the host? And what mechanism synchronizes the position of the avatar in the client and the position of the avatar in the host? I'm pretty sure the two get out of synch, this results in a "rubberbanding" effect, I've seen in world, but I'm puzzled about the details.
  3. Hi, can someone please tell me if you've previously faced this problem where your avatar seems fine while standing but sinks into the seat when sitting? What can be done to fix this?
  4. It's something that's been bothering me for a while, sometimes when i'm looking around with the Camera it changes mode or something and becomes very hard to move having to drag the mouse more, everything looks kind of flatter also the camera wont pass through walls and objects in this mode it's zooms into them instead, like it gets stuck on them. I don't know how to describe it or what to type into a search for a solution, so i included a short video where i tried to capture the effect (Switching between the two modes) I'm using Firestorm Viewer in case that's important, please let me know if there's a way to disable this mode, thank you (Edit: Sorry about the poor image quality but the max file size allowed on here is really small, i had to keep shortening and compressing the video and convert it to Gif too. But i do think it's necessary because this is a visual problem)
  5. This is a question about Avatar walking waypoint scripting. I recently saw on Marketplace a script called "Action Script" which claimed to let you set your X,Y,Z location of your Avatar as you moved it, waypoints if you will, and also set waiting times (in seconds) at each waypoint. Ideally it would let you then set your avatar on "Autopilot" so you could Away From Keyboard, yet leave your Avatar to semi-believably wander a region. It didn't work at all well or reliably. I have a message out to the creator but in the meantime... It did get me to thinking, what script would one use to make an avatar walk (not stand on a "vehicle/moving prim") from point-A to point-B (and further?) I imagine there must be some X,Y,Z positioning script as we use it for Teleporting. Anyone to lead me in the right direction (pun intended) Thanks, Missa
  6. Can anyone help how to activate a USB steering wheel with accelerator pedals? Joystick is on under settings but without effect.
  7. This may be considert an "idiotic question" but i'm really curious- I'm working on a script that should make you able to sit on a poseball that is linked to other objects and move all of them, like if you were walking around "normaly". Do you NEED to use llVehicle functions, or can you use make it so the object can be attached to your avi and the object will still have functional poseballs? I hope this makes sense and thanks again for the help! This LSL scripting has really gotten me hooked during the Covid 19 crisis. ~Perg0
  8. It's been a few months now and I just can't jump with "E" anymore. No matter how much I change my preferences, it does the same thing. When pressing E, all that happens is a sound plays, almost like what it sound like when you reload in Call Of Duty. PLEASE help. The only way I can jump is by tapping the jump button in the toolbar. (Preferences in image)
  9. Hi Everyone I'm using Firestorm for SL and recently when I click on the rear view movement icon it takes me to an aerial view, it used to give a view from my avi face..its really frustrating as moving is becoming difficult. I adjust my view, when standing still but the moment I move (in rear view) it takes me into an aerial view... HELP !!!!!! Ive tried re-installing with no luck, please can someone tell me how to get the rear view back to the default view. many thanks Dee
  10. Hi, i have a little problem with my Avatar. after teleporting to some random place i sometimes get pulled by something. when that happens i fly about 3m above ground and i can't do anything about it. or when i teleport back to my own land i get pulled to some point and can't move away . would be great if someone knows the reason for that and can help. thanks
  11. I've always used Singularity but for one reason or another, I've changed to Firestorm. I'd expected ctrl + left click and move to move my camera view with my avi as the main focus. However, it is just unhinging my whole window and moving it around the screen leaving its contents the same. I can't think of a situation where I'd want to do this but either way, what is the mouse and keyboard control for exploring a sim using the camera only. nb. I've found crtl+shift +alt and mouse but this always faces the same direction and doesn't feel intuitive. any thoughts?
  12. Now-adays griefers have ruined much of SL, causing many sims to not allow objects to be rezzed. not for visitors, and often not for land group members since that group is often given out fairly freely. One of the big headaches that causes is for vehicles. if I have a car or bicycle, boat or floatie, plane or hang-glider then I am out of luck on many sims. I cannot rez my vehicle and hence cannot use it. Yes, you can have avatar attachments that LOOK like a car or bicycle, but they don't behave properly since they move as your avatar walks-runs-flies etc. Maybe I have just never encountered a "well-known" solution and if so please enlighten me. What I seek is to be able to change a simple vehicle (lets say a car for discussion) and have some way to go to a no-rez sim and attach it to my avatar and have it take over avatar movements so i just move in a scripted car-like fashion. physics would be wonderful, but i would gladly settle for the pre-physics style of scripted incremental (timer-based) movement. Basically what the attachment vehicle needs to be able to do is: 1. stop normal avatar controlled movements (walk, run, fly, etc) 2. move the avatar in scripted direction (script no using keys instead of avatar) - and yes, i know this movement would be inferior to normal object vehicle movement. It would not be a work-around for griefer objects since it would ONLY work on the item attached to an avatar present in the sim (same as today) and there would be no way to spawn off multiple objects or have them move independent of the avatar. IS THERE A SOLUTION? CAN ANYONE POINT ME AT SOME ATTACHMENT-BASED MOVEMENT FRAMEWORK?
  13. Hello, Sorry to trouble/disturb anyone but I've encountered an issue and Googling hasn't helped much. Would like to ask if anyone knows the reason for this 'error' or perhaps could point me in the right direction which I could look for answers. Would really really appreciate it. ? I made a mesh object that simulates animation using llSetTextureAnim, (4 frames, 2 by 2) and cycles through the four frames of mesh, giving the illusion that the object 'Jumps'. The object animates without any issue when stationary. However when I script it to wander about, there are instances (random) where the texture / textureAnimation gets funky and freezes at the botched up state as it moves from point A to point B. For movement (from Point A to B) I have tried using: 1. llSetKeyframedMotion 2. llMoveToTarget methods individually with both yielding the same results. Is there anything i could do to reduce the instances of it happening (if not) solve it? Have summarised the scripting but it is essentially a combination of llSetTextureAnim (to simulate a upward jumping motion) and llMoveToTarget + llLookAt to move forward and give the illusion of jumping forwards. Things I have tried that didn't work: > placing llSetTextureAnim in not_at_target event hoping it would fire and over write the issue > placing llEventDelay just before llMoveToTarget (as advised by someone else) I have tried asking in a group in-world with someone mentioning that it is likely a server to client issue. Is there anything I could do on my side regarding this issue? Best Regards, Lucidia.
  14. I'm trying to make a script for a rodeo game, so random movement (rotation wise) on a random timer to stop animation and make the avatar stand, i just dont know where to start on this one as never done a timer let alone a random timer before >.<
  15. I logged in yesterday and had a problem moving as in walking on the sim for the MC i'm in no one else that comes there does and I have no problem moving elsewhere on any other sim I've been on I can tp to places fine on said sim but can't walk and if I tp to someone it stops them from moving temporarily too... anyone have a reason why? I will note I was playing with some huds satuerday night and a couple had shileds active but they're not even worn now.... I've done everything I know to have no move lock on or the lock and unlock position isn't checked either. others that have seen me there said it looks like I'm standing on an invisible prim. or something. any help appreciated.
  16. hey, thank you for reading, i've been making animations for a while but i have no idea how to make a animation that moves location, i mean to say say this object is a chair for two people one person is sitting and the other walks around the chair. its the walking around the chair that as confused me i work from blender and have moved location on blender for it to not move in second life at all! could anyone help me? thanks soph ^^
  17. I tend to get turned around any time rotations come into play I'm using the following code to point an objects x axis towards a target position and moving it to it via llMoveToTarget and it works just fine however I want it to actually stop .5 meters short of the actual target, can anybody point me in the right direction laughs... Next() { index++; if (index >= llGetListLength(targets)) { index=0; } target = llList2Vector(targets,index); mytarget = llTarget( target, .3 ); float dist=llVecDist(target,llGetPos()); integer speed2=6 - llList2Integer(speeds,index); llMoveToTarget( target, speed2*(dist/4)); vector pos = llGetPos(); llRotLookAt( llRotBetween( <1.0,0.0,0.0>, llVecNorm( <target.x,target.y,pos.z> - pos ) ), 1.0, .2); } }
  18. I have an object that will be worn (attached). an example (NOT what I am doing) would be crutches. When worn, can their script slow down the actual SPEED (distance covered) during a walk? not the animation, the actual movement speed. I know an alternative would be to create some sort of vehicle that moved (slowly) but would like to keep this as a worn attachment.
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