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  1. maybe a stupid question <.< but do you know where is this "universal wearable"?? I got the latest SL viewer , so It can support BoM and I wish to try it but I'm still a bit confused :"( at least what i'm trying is not working <o< awww
  2. mmm I'm just a bit confused, do we still need to wear the experimental omega applier???
  3. sometimes you feel inspired at random moments. This was one of them <3333 thank you to my dear Matthew for being with me today
  4. This sim recreates many scenes from the videogame Silent Hill, we went to check it out <o< and got some scary moments ehehehe!! You have to try it too Landmark: you can really kill monsters there <.< (video includes subs) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chief/42/87/691
  5. ❤️ I just felt inspired this morning, so I decided to use some of the clips I recorded for another project :3 thank you.
  6. <333 I love to see the pictures in this topic, it inspires me to go back to my pc and try to edit something. I'm not really used to lol but my friend is teaching me how to improve my editing :3 so I decided to tried something more like fantasy?? idk.... XD the best part of this photo is that my face is not showing ahahahhaa I think my eyes were on my friend's avatar oh well... still that's my back ❤️
  7. I made this video last year on December, as part of my sponsor video. I decided to cut just the intro part and share it since it brings old memories from me and my friend. I like to make short stories like this ❤️ Second Life is such a magical place for me ^^
  8. awwww you mean the movie or my video ehehe <333 but it's really nice to see we can sort of recreate in SL something we like. thank you, I'm sorry I didn't read this before :") <3333 Awww I'm really happy, I didn't expect to have some comments here. I'm glad you enjoyed it
  9. The event has more variety this year and there are differents products for gacha ( pet, accesories, skin) Although it's my second time there this year seems much more organized. The only sad thing they didn't include items for guys :< barely 2 outfits but not something to wear all the time. I'm sad cause I wish to do cosplay with a friend but apart from that the items and new outfits are really something. And yes it's full now lol .... give it some days ^^
  10. it truly was him ahahaha . Aww thank you, my friend has such incredible editing skills :3 always like the neon colorful effect.
  11. 😍😍 I had the honor to pose with my friend ❤️ our first photo together 😂😂😂 hopefully next time we make a photo with our regular female avatars :3 she's amazing. I would love to learn that neon effect :< someday
  12. 😎just something we made for fun ❤️ thank you so much to my friends. We got some limitations but , still we wanted to bring Keanu to Second Life
  13. ❤️ My friend visited me again <333 so I had to make a picture of us celebrating the anniversary the hat and flag looks funny on him. I'm usually alone here which is ok, but when any of my dear friends are online I go crazy xDDD ....wish you all a happy SL16B ❤️
  14. well, for the guys don't forget there is a new male bento head on picture is my own shape but wearing the new akeruka male head ❤️ I think it's really worthy to try it :3 I made a small video about this if you wanna take a closer look -> Preview new male bento head - gift
  15. 😊 woww It's been a while since I made a picture wearing a male head :3 I tried to look more manly this time <-< I usually prefer soft guys looking cant help it
  16. There are many activities for the sweet 16th Anniversary of Second Life, I made a small vlog post about the event. Don't miss the celebration!
  17. ^^ My first exploring video lol ..........it's more like a little visit featuring the cutest part of the Zoo
  18. Thank you so much, :") I can only write on the side of Basic residents. We might not be premium but we do spend lot of money in this plataform and sometimes having those groups help more than what it seems. We don't have benefits fine, but at least leaving things as what they were is better than reducing the groups. Really hope they continue listen the concern of the other half and give more benefits to Premium users so they can pay feeling satisfied.
  19. :") well working on a new video so....this song is what Im listening ❤️
  20. my friend came online after so long so :3 I had to make this picture of us ❤️
  21. This is me and my friend :3 she got me this cute head so we are twins now. We look better on video :) you can check our funny dance 😍
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