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  1. 😊on the mood for some red color...... I don't usually wear "Kawaii" skins as my avatar is not that "cute" but somehow this skin looks like a beautiful drawing. The red lipstick and red eyes made a nice combination ♥ Do you wear red from time to time?
  2. ヽ(͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ノ hello!!! Trying to do a kind of close up.... I made a new shape for my head with a free skin 😮 I don't think look too bad, I don't usually add accessories and always try to keep it simple but a little of extra color can make a big difference. Wish everyone a good day
  3. :3 I tried the new feature too ♥ Using the new viewer to take my 360 Snapshot, I love how this tool already. Sharing content like this is much easier and make it very attractive for other people. Works perfect on Flickr and Facebook ^^
  4. That's exactly (the last part of your comment) with the new evo X UV map, all the skins fit better. Also I'd like to add that all evoX skins are unisex, you can wear any female skin on any male head (evoX). I have tried it before ^^ but of course, every head has different characteristics to make them unique, so the final result will be different from the vendor. As for Lilly, I have used some skins that says Avalon and looks good ♥
  5. 😋 feeling in the mood for color :3 hehehehe it's sad when you can't see the hairbase uwu *sighs
  6. Booh?....lol ♥ raw pic without editing, wish I caught him smiling <.<
  7. Mood for today 😎 cold frappuccino and a walk with my doggo ♥ Happy sunday everyone ^^
  8. ^^ trying a different style ♥ More classic
  9. 😎 today I feel like a rebel soul ♥ my Idol style :3 face wiiiiiiiiiii...... to be honest I felt in love of the top so I was looking for an excuse to use it. Have a great day anyone who reads this ^^ Keep shinning ♥
  10. Just how I feel sometimes.... most of the time lol ♥ Young at age but in my heart I know my soul has experienced a lot ♥ ^^ so my two sides of the coin on my avatar :3
  11. I know I'm not so girly :"3 but today I felt special ♥ This dress looks cute and flowers always add an extra magic touch
  12. when you wanna be alone and grumpy but someone comes to try to make you smile ♥ me, my friend and my awkward smile uwu
  13. A story of me and my friend spending time in Second Life in a K-Drama style lol...sort of ♥ I re-used some old clips I had from last year and made a new video :3 Just for fun. If you like K-dramas you'll understand some of the jokes around. Have a good Sunday <333
  14. 😊me today. I was trying bom hairbases so I decided to make a group picture. I only regreat -.- making my avatar to close her eyes <.< but well, we can say she's thinking x)
  15. ☺️ today I decided to play with my male head ♥ I aimed for a young and fresh look :") still adjusting some parts. So far I think he looks ok uwu Hair changes the way your face looks a lot
  16. ♥ as some of us are celebratin Mother's day today :"3 I tried to make a small tribute to my mum. I felt inspired so I wanted to give it a try. She used to have a little dog like the inu puppy so I decided to add it to my picture. the cat represents my little sister XD ahahahaa (personal joke) I'm glad Lelutka has those bom add-ons to create a more mature look. ^^ I felt happy when my mum smiled after I showed her this picture. Hope everyone is having a nice moment with their families, times pass flying and we gotta treasure every day with our parents.
  17. uwu Sometimes editing a picture help me to relax. I was really annoyed, when my best friend called me and told me "I'll kick anyone who brings you down" lol funny I was looking at some random pictures I made from our last trip together XD idk, it was just magical. I love when our avatars can have a matching outfit and hair :"D Unisex items rules! ♥ Have a great sunday and hope nothing erase the smile from your face today.
  18. trying something like goth style with my best friend ♥ Today I realised I love blue color so much uwu ehhehehe
  19. mmmmmm uwu.... can't decide the final look ♥ I like both :"3 amazing how a different skin can change the entire look
  20. 💓 🙈 I suddenly felt nostalgic and decided to remake my first classic avatar. It was just a random thing to do, but I think this is how she would look today :"3 ufff many memories in the last 3 years.
  21. I was checking my pc and I suddenly I was watching many of the videos I made before... somehow I felt nostalgic and I decided to give them a new life. Cut some videos, and made a tiny story based on the song Love Alarm "Blooming story" ♥ I wasn't expecting to do this but, memories are important so I wont lose those moments that meant something for me and my SL. Feel free to check it if you are interested, nothing fancy or pro. Just a mix out of a random inspiration.
  22. XDD awwwwwwwwww I wanted to try it too :3 good! I'm forever 21 ♥ x) still enjoying my 20's RL and SL
  23. ❤️ I recently met a very old friend again. This time I remember to make a picture in case I lose her again, hopefully :3 she'll stay much longer this time. So this is us today ^^
  24. Yes I think the same, also, are you using BOM? I was working on my shape last night and everything worked fine for me. Are you wearing the rigged eyes that come with the head? if so, I can only think on an alpha problem :<
  25. mmmmmmmmmmm ... trying to pick one style <.< ... I love short hair so much, but at the same time long hair doesn't look too bad ♥ so just doing test before choosing one :3
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