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  1. 💓 🙈 I suddenly felt nostalgic and decided to remake my first classic avatar. It was just a random thing to do, but I think this is how she would look today :"3 ufff many memories in the last 3 years.
  2. I was checking my pc and I suddenly I was watching many of the videos I made before... somehow I felt nostalgic and I decided to give them a new life. Cut some videos, and made a tiny story based on the song Love Alarm "Blooming story" ♥ I wasn't expecting to do this but, memories are important so I wont lose those moments that meant something for me and my SL. Feel free to check it if you are interested, nothing fancy or pro. Just a mix out of a random inspiration.
  3. XDD awwwwwwwwww I wanted to try it too :3 good! I'm forever 21 ♥ x) still enjoying my 20's RL and SL
  4. ❤️ I recently met a very old friend again. This time I remember to make a picture in case I lose her again, hopefully :3 she'll stay much longer this time. So this is us today ^^
  5. Yes I think the same, also, are you using BOM? I was working on my shape last night and everything worked fine for me. Are you wearing the rigged eyes that come with the head? if so, I can only think on an alpha problem :<
  6. mmmmmmmmmmm ... trying to pick one style <.< ... I love short hair so much, but at the same time long hair doesn't look too bad ♥ so just doing test before choosing one :3
  7. 🥺 I decided to make this challenge with my twin but the puppy stole my place x) The Black & White effect was done just using firestorm as mentioned on the rules 🙈 here the real picture XD even with the restart of the land lol, so epic ♥ https://prnt.sc/txwiym
  8. just trying a random style ♥ sometimes B&W pictures can capture better our emotions :"< miss my bestie so much. I had some free time today so I decided to edit this.
  9. 🏳️‍🌈❤️ I just wanted to express that love is love. We don't need to carry tags, and fight over "differences", equality is for everyone. I still hope for a new day when nobody is afraid to express their love. We are all part of this ♥
  10. Saw a girl running around with this demo dress 🥺 soo cute! I had to try it 🙈 who says a demo can't look pretty? well :") just being silly idk....
  11. Mmm😅 my sis spent a lot of time trying to find the right eye color and hair....What did I do? XD just hide her face with the dragon ahahaha x_x last shot before Firestorm crashed
  12. ❤️ A picture with my bestie and finally I can be a girl again XD yay!!! She's the one on the left :3 no matter what she wears, she always stands out!
  13. ❤️ A random pic I made last night to please my friend (yes she wanted a couple pic but I didn't want her boyfriend to kick my bento butt later XD thus the mask). I was going to delete it but then I decided to mess a little bit with psp and this came out lol..... unaplaned shot.
  14. ❤️ I had to do a picture alone but then she just jumped on the photo so plan A changed to plan B.... Feels good to have someone special around you even when you're trying to work on something <33333 this girl reminded me again the important meaning of friendship and family- And yes lol I'm the guy XD but only cause she wanted to be the cutest one in the picture xp
  15. 😆😁❤️ a bit of silliness today xp in case u don't recognize the reference :") MV "you belong with me" <3333
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