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  1. Mmm😅 my sis spent a lot of time trying to find the right eye color and hair....What did I do? XD just hide her face with the dragon ahahaha x_x last shot before Firestorm crashed
  2. ❤️ A picture with my bestie and finally I can be a girl again XD yay!!! She's the one on the left :3 no matter what she wears, she always stands out!
  3. ❤️ A random pic I made last night to please my friend (yes she wanted a couple pic but I didn't want her boyfriend to kick my bento butt later XD thus the mask). I was going to delete it but then I decided to mess a little bit with psp and this came out lol..... unaplaned shot.
  4. ❤️ I had to do a picture alone but then she just jumped on the photo so plan A changed to plan B.... Feels good to have someone special around you even when you're trying to work on something <33333 this girl reminded me again the important meaning of friendship and family- And yes lol I'm the guy XD but only cause she wanted to be the cutest one in the picture xp
  5. 😆😁❤️ a bit of silliness today xp in case u don't recognize the reference :") MV "you belong with me" <3333
  6. I was watching some k-dramas and I felt like doing something sad 😢🥺 a simple scene...the exactly moment when everything is over <o< sort of....Some poses look so good on the vendors and when you try it XD take sooo much work to find the right angle. Still i think I managed to capture the feelings I had in mind.
  7. ❤️ Messing around with Photoshop xp trying to save the only picture I could make before my friend logged off.
  8. ❤️ There are different types of love....^^ the most important thing is to enjoy those moments . I felt so happy today that my friend came online that I ask him to make a random picture just for no reason. Valentine's is not just for couples!
  9. I'm not the kind of sweet girl but.... sometimes we just feel in a romantic mood. Mmmm even my avatar has problems trying to smile like me xP
  10. I was searching for places to chat and meet people around the world. A blog had listed different web sites and one of them was Second Life lol.... I liked the sound of having a 3D character to explore so I decided to try it. XD I never had a clear idea of what Second Life was ehhehe <.< and my first avatar was from the Fantasy list. The girl with purple hair cause is my favorite color. I didnt care much about mesh, bento, classic.... I spent my first days walking and talking with people :3 I really enjoyed it, then a friend was explaining me how to customize my avatar and well I got curious and continue the process by myself. I never felt bored or alone here and I keep thinking is such an amazing place to meet different people and develop creativity. I'm glad I found Second Life in that blog :") ❤️
  11. trying something different today <333 idk.... i saw this cute dog and just made a random shoot ❤️
  12. ❤️ Well. I'm not 10 years older >.< aww but I'm sure I will stay for much longer here :3 Since this challange is about looking to the past and remember the good times <3333 I decided to make a collage of me and my besties. They are currently busy with lot of work in RL :") but they make me enjoy SL and relax everytime we are together, so I wanted them to be part of the challenge at least like this ^^
  13. mmm maybe you can try Susan bento head, it's the new Catwa head and has a very cute shape for the lips <...< i was working on my shape too when I took this pic :") but I think with the right skin will look cute.
  14. ❤️ I felt inspired tonight :3 the new year , the fireworks, the street light and best of it, my friends ^^ Wish everyone a great begining for 2020!
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