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  1. Well I'm only 1 year in SL, I had a friend who love exploring and he took me there once last eyar. We did a car race. I love the side where you can rezz a car for free and take a tour yourself, it's really fun but yes. Then I forgot it <-< due to other events in SL. Lately most people is into shopping and events and I agree about there is much to do. Recently another friend was taking me around different roleplaying sims ( fantasy, and others) as we were talking to people and their were sharing their favorite activities it was really interesting. I don't usually roleplay but, I went again to Insilico because I saw it on the Destination feature page and I love everything there, maybe before didn't pay attention to the details like now so I decided to make a short movie to promote the Sim as well. Let me share the link with you, probably you migh like it ^^ what I like the most it has a futuristic look but also some natural parts :3
  2. :) Hi just in case someone is looking for a bento avatar with an affordable price , Altamura is having Clodet avatar for sale on Skin Fair (360L for group members) :D it also brings an older version 2 bodies and 3 shapes ^^ and for the guys Marcus avatar for 343L only members of the group. The group fee is 50L The first picture :3 is my own shape of the avatar, and this is the promotional ad. SKIN Fair: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Voodoo%20Nights/121/195/100 also if it's of any help ^^ I did a small review about the body and the things it brings. Oh I forgot to mention lol it's omega compatible, you can remove the head of the avatar, and this avatar brings the new HUD which is more compatible, all the old options in just one hud :) Review Altamura Clodet - Skin Fair Thank you, hope it helps <3
  3. 😮I'm not sure if anyone interested in this but.... I recently had the chance to explore and work reviewing this event ❤️ it will soon close but has so many lovely and unique things . It's a one time event. I wont be back again till maybe next year. So I thought it would be worthy sharing it. I also made a short "movie" ( story telling) to show you in a more fun way most of the things you can find there the sims recreates parts of the movies from Harry Potter so if you love the books you'll find yourself here ❤️ Taxi: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Just Darling/142/141/2001
  4. Maitreya Lara :") due to the variety of clothes for this body and I really like the shape
  5. 😊 Here it's my channel ❤️ >> NovataSecondLife << I love animation and editing :3 and Second Life has given me a great oportunity. My channel has a varied content. Tutorials, reviews, free gifts and lately I've been working on Fashion events and music videos ^^ something I'd like to do for this year is create more series. I make short comedy clips inside most of my videos just to try my ideas here I can share an example of my videos and style. Thank you.
  6. I don't usually work with pictures but I decided :") to give it a try
  7. ohhh I saw one by Semotion x Libellune ❤️ if you are still looking around it's a gacha and it's currently at the Arcade
  8. Oh I love to work making videos :") does that also counts? if so let me share one of my last works...a sad love story inspired in the song by Imagine Dragons ❤️
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