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  1. I like the humming tone. Thank you, Majesty.
  2. Hello! I want to make an ELS system. I have models, textures everything. I just noob in the scripting. I ask nicely the community, anybody, can help me out with block rotating scripts, blinking scripts and timer scripts? Or any help what you can give me? Anybody? I want to make modern light bars with blinking lights, and the older type of rotating lights. Any help can get really useful.
  3. Plenty? You said plenty? From 10 place, there is 9 to ONLY HUMAN rule. Plenty? I test it myself! Its... seems like Furries do a world war or start assaulting peoples.... or i dont know... there is no logic behind this! Racism because they ban peoples who like to wear a different look. Furry in SL its a race. You need to understand! Its a race! Like dogs or other creatures. In SL its an existing thing, so they are. Dont bring the example, there is no in real.... its not save anything.
  4. That is what i talking about! AyelaNewLife You have no idea what i write, just pick a SINGLE part from my text and react to that... that is why Quasimodo shaped peoples allowed to play everywhere, but someone who have a tail or different ears are not. You are shown a good example now. And your friends now run and like your post.
  5. ActuallyWaffles Iam sure you just dont want to understand. There is nothing i can say to a person who didnt learn to read. Read again, and understand. We talking about SL, and in sl, like in Anita Blake book, in that world, these are exist races. So, its means, it is racism. Just because you dont understand or dont want, or dont give a *****, IT IS! And its not chance just because your IGNORANCE is higher than a mountain. Or you just blind, or you just dont give a *****.
  6. Ahh.... i saw lost of peoples already trolling or try to drive that to the land of trolls. But, there is more peoples who serious about the topic. And there is others. Others who just pick a small part of the big wall of text what i write down, and assault me about that. Okey. First things first! Q: Iam Furry in real life? A: No! I like them, but iam not! Q: You racist about humans? A: No? Iam not have problem with humans avatars. I didnt have problem about anykind of avatars. My problem is. Why peoples call Furries ugly, disgusting, or pervert? THE HUMAN AVATAR WHAT HAVE A DEATH STAR SIZED ASS OR BOOBS LIKE THE HINDENBURG ITSELF IS NOT DISGUSTING?????????? Q: Furry not even a race! A: Are you serious?? You are my friend its a perfect solution about stupidity or hostile peoples. Lets check what Furry is and what its means. " The furry fandom is a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.[1][2][3] Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, speaking, walking on two legs, and wearing clothes. Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of people who gather on the Internet and at furry conventions.[4] " Furry is human shaped animals what covered in fur, and have human characteristics. Furries have subraces, and major races. Major is Canine, Feline, Insecta... etc etc. Every creature what in that category is in Furry main class. Lycanthropy is in Furry sub category. There is lots of sims where lycans allowed, but furry isnt not. ???? What is the logic behind that? THE SAME CREATURES COME ON! Rakshasa, Lycans, Few of Djinn, Demons, Dragons, Lizardlike Creatures, Lots of insectoids, Nagas and this is just few of Furries. Worgen from WoW, its furry to. Pandarens to. Gods from the Egyptian culture, they are in furry categories to. And there is sims where "managers" say, mythical and legendaries allowed but furry not. Whats wrong with the people? There is realy nobody care about that? There is no need for real reason just pick someone for hate? There is peoples who dont know what is that? There is the Infos: Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity. As of the 2000s, the use of the term "racism" does not easily fall under a single definition.[1] Furries banned from places. Because, they look differently from Humans. Its racism. Who banned nudity, its understandable. Ethical morals are not about to break. If someone banning the good and gore its understandable, because its over 18+. But why they banning Furry? If its naked, how someone said, its about nudity! Not Furry! For God sake! Its racism! Its racism towards a breed of people who like something, and because its SL, they have the chance to be Furry, because that hobby in real life is to expansive. But they cant realy just enjoy it, because there is racist persons who like to harassing, abusing, insult these peoples. Banning them from good places and hate them and generate hatred about them because its not banned! The Linden lab need to ban these hate generators. That is what disgusting!
  7. Its so painful now to see many many peoples just ignore or ban furry kind avis. To many Racist comments hit the furry players in these days, about how they look, they ugly, or disgusting. A want to ask. These peoples, why they think furries are ugly? There is tons of furry avatars what look absolutely cool, or cute and adorable. Cant say the same about human avatars. Most of humans avatars just a walking balloons of boobs or asses, abominations what look like a Frankenstein's creature never look like. And peoples call furry ugly? Lots of beautiful sims out there in the map, what supposed to give relax, chilling and fun to the players, but furry players cant enjoy that how they like to because racist peoples assault them, or the "rightful" owners banned furries. This is not just intolerance towards another peoples, It is a straightforward breach of personal rights that just because someone looks different we have a reason to hate it. Its meaningless all of the times, how this person acts, or not break any rules, just want to relax, or chilling. Its just start to spread the racism in the Fantastic game. I ask you good players of second life. What do you think? You like it if someone just start to harassing you because of your avatars look, or completely reject it? Don't trolling please, its serious, because to much the racist comments in the game now, and to many the racist users now!
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