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  1. Hey I found the perfect banana. Actually it found me. A beautiful girl made it, I absolutely love her. If you see this, my little tech banana girl - thank u ✨❤️❤️
  2. Do you think it’s soo cute how a full on picnic with dishes and snacks appears when you sit on community picnic spots? ❤️
  3. It would be great to have some type of community art parties / talent shows etc. even just a cool bulletin board with social media type features in the common areas would be fun. Also, live bands on roof tops . Too much? Ya probably. I would love a way to play my guitar with others nearby In the game though.
  4. How very productive you are with the only two conclusions you came to about me being insults... but yes, I confess I am totally clueless. I thought it was a small task. That link though - is awesome, even with the condescending and combative tone I find your reply very useful. Thank you.
  5. Yes just a banana. A plain, actually ready to eat (in the game) banana. SOMEONE has to know how to create one. 500L to the first person to make me a banana that I can hold and take a bite of , on game. I would pay 1-2 thousand lindens for a banana with some cute (naughty) animations (while eating it). Let’s see. Banaana anannannannan
  6. ✨✨❤️✨✨ Worth it. Absolutely. ✨✨❤️✨✨
  7. I seriously thought they were all the same guy. Lmao 😂 we need a boot camp for girls to learn this stuff. Boot up camp I guess .
  8. Could you break it up into pieces? I want smaller piece. Can spend 20k only.
  9. I come from a German / Irish background so in my family we are pale. I was in the Department of Motor Vehicles with my mother once, and I was playing with a Little African American boy in the line. I was 3 or 4. Years old. The moms in line were watching us and listening to our chatter. He asked me if I wanted to run to the end of the building and back. I told him he should ask his mama first. Then I turned to the moms, a line of about 10 people where only one woman was African American woman. I closely inspected them all and finally looked back at him and said “Which one is your mama?” 🦋🦋😻😻🦋🦋 Gotta love the innocence of a truly color blind child . I saw no difference. The moms all giggled. I didn’t know why.
  10. Good point about attracting them based on the sexy maid thing. Maybe that’s the thing. Hmm. If I gave the impression that I don’t WANT the interactions - that was purely by accident. I am learning the boundaries as I go - and it turns out to be a bad idea to go blindly into any adult situation because if the boundaries have not yet been discovered, there’s a highly likely chance that it will end up with something more sinister than expected. One thing I noticed about your reply is how you see it from multiple views. That’s impressive. I almost can see your camera angle as it swivels round. Hilarious and sensible advice. Thanks. ❤️
  11. The difference in actions and behaviors when looking at men and women used to be very obvious. It used to be a deeply rooted instinctual game of cat-n-mouse. Or man-n-woman. As someone pointed out the instinctual grit is not as strong as 150 years ago when the most common reasons for having a sexual routine were connected to making babies. Technology and more time added to our estimated shelf lives makes a pretty strange combination and sends our species a genetic-mixed-message that says something (in the advanced language of our code) that essentially says something sexy and awkward - In the same breath. Like this: “***** me! No wait! Ok, go ahead and ***** me. Wait! wait. I am not ready. Ok ok ok go.” 🤭😂 And mankind still continues reproducing- only ... now it’s not as certain- and we have a lot of these mixed messages in our new generations . ❤️Our bodies like the pleasure. 🤖Our minds don’t connect sex as much to reproduction as we used and this is making a shift happen. For sure. Beep bop bleep bloop edited to express my shame for not knowing the naughty word rules . My bad. . 🙀
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