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  1. 1 hour ago, Nika Talaj said:

    During a release, the limit on homes  you can claim is imposed by how many browsers of different brands you can refresh simultaneously, not by how many avies you have.

    That's very true; but I wonder whether, say, opening multiple private windows in Firefox would allow you to log in multiple alts simultaneously, all running auto-refresh? Of course, you still have to click through to claim the home, which slows the process down. But if you miss that window and get the 'no longer available' page, you can keep refreshing that page and sooner or later the claim will go through on another house of the same type.

    (I could test this hypothesis using my non-premium alts, but I really can't be bothered.)

  2. 32 minutes ago, Rabid Cheetah said:

     I'm not aware of any other method for giving stuff away other than setting the price to zero.

    You can set up a scripted object to give out items when clicked, but that's obviously more of a faff and adds unnecessarily to server load. Either way, I have no issues with people 'selling' free stuff (I love free stuff!) as long as it's decent quality and in theme. If I saw someone had set up a freebie warehouse full of 2000s-era stuff in their front yard I would 100% AR that as being out of theme, but if they've just got a little table of unwanted gachas they're giving away that seems to me perfectly feasible in a suburban setting (especially if there's a cute sign).

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  3. 2 hours ago, PrudenceAnton said:

    My point is this, there are so many very nice parcel locations in Bellisseria, great locations in fact. Perhaps they are not one of the rare Dream home parcels.  I do admire those who have land them and I feel that they are fortunate and lucky. I've never considered them cheating the system, they just are diligent in their efforts and have figured out the best ways to nab the great spots, with a bit of luck tossed in.

    My point is this. Someone with a single die has a one in six chance of rolling a six. Buy four more dice, and you just increased your chances fivefold. Nine more, and it's tenfold, Congratulations, you increased your odds of rolling a six to around 84%  The way the system's set up, you can just keep buying dice until your RL money runs out. Or you can roll your single die ten times; but obviously the ones who are rolling simultaneously have a better chance of nabbing at release time. And they can roll their ten dice ten times, so... whichever way you slice it, they have an advantage. Nobody would bother buying the extra dice if they didn't.

    However, nobody's allowed to say 'that person's got more dice so they have a better chance of rolling a six' because that makes them 'envious and petty', and anyway if they have a problem with the odds not being in their favour they can always go buy more dice, so how dare they suggest the game might not be perfectly fair, or there might be a fairer way of playing it?

    Hey, I know capitalism isn't getting abolished overnight. I'm just pointing out it exists, you know?

    Fortunately none of this unpleasantness has at any stage prevented me from enjoying my lovely house. As for neighbours, the behaviour of some of the individuals in this thread has made me even more grateful that I have very few. 🙂

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  4. 3 hours ago, Nikki Mathieson said:

    I have had the same experience in the same thread.  I just had one of the awesomes, from that thread, contact me the other day because she knew I was looking for a houseboat.  These forums have definitely been helpful and constructive for many of us and I just skip the parts that seem not for me.

    I think most GoH players want to see their discards go to someone who'll actually use and enjoy them,  and will go out of their way to make that happen. I found myself in the same sim as my first Vic a few weeks ago and it was quite sad to see that nothing had been done with it since I gave it up, apart from the new owner rezzing a plywood block in the hall.

    (Yes, yes, of course, if they want their pet plywood block to have its own mansion that's entirely their own decision, and it's not like it was in a great location or anything. I just liked that house and would have liked someone else to like it too.)

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  5. 1 hour ago, Nika Talaj said:

    Dozens of premium alts??? 

    How many people do you think have dozens, or even 1 dozen, premium alts?  One of the two of us has a misconception about the scale of this issue, usagihara!

    And why are last names suddenly part of this discussion?   Let's not confuse people, you do not need a last name to get a Belli home.

    Oh, it's not that many people with premium alts in the double figures. Three or four, maybe? Except that this then adds up to 30-40 premium accounts, which is... a couple of sims. Throw in everyone who has to have five or more because they need to own a house in every style, and that's a few more. And I do know of people who routinely invest in last names for their premium alts; same as they kit them out in L$5k mesh heads and bodies, which also isn't necessary to get a home. It's just another way of showing off how much money you have. That's an integral part of the game for some, just as it's important for certain people in RL.




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  6. 2 hours ago, Adrianna McArdle said:

    1) We're not talking a ridiculous amount of money or buying a RL mansion.  Max it's what, $99 a year per account? 

    No, that's not the max. I spent more than that on my annual premium and I didn't even buy a last name. Not everyone is in the US and prices vary. Obviously if you're paying from month to month it works out more expensive, and obviously if you're also getting last names for dozens of premium alts we're talking thousands rather than hundreds. Now, that would be a ridiculous amount of money for me to spend on pixel houses, but as I said I don't know everyone else's individual circumstances.

    Believe it or not my concern isn't primarily for myself; it's for people who hear about the new homes, go to the land page and find only old 512s they can't even use for a skybox. They're paying for premium too. They may have been paying for it for many years, but apparently they're less deserving of a new house than some random's eleventeenth alt, because they don't necessarily have a spare couple of days to spend refreshing the land page. It's OK, I get it. I do understand that a lot of people prefer living next to empty houses, because more privacy and less lag, and that they like homes to be in limited supply because it makes them seem more desirable. How boring would GoH be if there were always Bellisserian homes on the land page? So yes, collectors are being helpful in that respect. I still think it's going to result in oversupply in the long term, when GoH gets boring, but we'll see.

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  7. 7 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Given what a Premium account costs, I have a hard time believing that anyone is paying that kind of money just to keep Linden Homes from others.

    Given the defensive vitriol aimed at anyone who dares to criticise the practice, I don't have a hard time believing it at all. People spend silly amounts of money on their hobbies all the time.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Adrianna McArdle said:

    As far as "mega" owners and GoH players, in a way that's kinda the beauty of SL.  We play however we want.  If you want to be a land baron and own an entire region of traditionals, then you go for it.  I don't personally see the attraction (since you can't rent them out), but for some people it's gotta be fun or they wouldn't be doing it.

    I really do think that the fun of it for a minority of people is taking the homes so nobody else can have them. I'm not talking about the GoH players who fish for homes as a sport and throw them back as soon as they've taken a picture of their latest catch. That seems kind of pointless to me, but it doesn't really harm anyone. It's more the ones who have far more houses than anyone can possibly have time to decorate or enjoy, and just hoard them. I mean, yeah, when there's enough homes for everyone, knock yourself out, but in the meantime don't pretend you're not being selfish.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Adrianna McArdle said:

    They spent actual real time in the real world working to earn the money they spent on those pixels.  So I mean we can be sad about not getting houses all we want, but at the same time we also have the opportunity to go earn the money to get a second (or third, fourth, etc) paid account.

    There are two massive assumptions here: one, that all wealth is earned through hard work, and two, that all of us have the opportunity to go and earn more money through said hard work. Nope, and nope. People are born into money, people marry money, people win the lottery, people have disabilities, people have caring responsibilities, people are living through a global pandemic which has led to their industry shutting down.

    I don't pretend to know the individual circumstances of every premium member, but I suspect the percentage without full-time RL jobs is rather higher than the general population. Most people with well-paid RL jobs don't have the time or the inclination to invest in pixels, let alone monitoring the land page 24/7.

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  10. I like the pods for mainland. I do not think they belong in Bellisseria. I'd have no issues with automated trains going up and down the tracks at intervals, but any attempt to introduce other in-theme vehicles is going to contribute to lag.

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  11. 6 hours ago, Mollymews said:

    maybe will not be allowed

    allowing signage opens up for other kinds of signs. Like: "Molly's Furniture Making Service. Est. 1840" "Molly's Garden, Plants and Flowers Service" "Molly's Home Extensions Service" "Molly's Picture Framing and Hanging Service"  and so on

    my understanding is that any kind of signage is OK in an RP context. I've even seen it argued that rental boxes are permissible as long the property is staged as a hotel or rest stop. But advertising your SL business is kind of a grey area and I wouldn't bet on it staying around if your neighbours decided to AR.

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  12. 1 minute ago, Atina0 said:

    what a  lonely life      ,in all my time in Belli   i never had even one unwanted intruder in my home  ,i dont even use security   ,i set all to group acces ,and nothing can go wrong  ,i dont panic if someone acccidently enter my propperty ,hey be honest what can they do to you  ?

    last year my main was sitting on her porch swing in Edgar and this pervert jumped on and started animating them together. he said she 'looked sad'. she stood up and told him to gtfo but couldn't eject him because not the property owner. nevermind, he is now banned from every house i get. DM me if you want his name; he has a bunch of paedo groups so I use the word 'pervert' advisedly.

  13. With the old Linden homes a lot of people just used them as an emergency landing spot if their main home location was down. After all, most long-term premium accounts upgraded so they could buy their own land. People who own full regions mostly aren't interested in living on housing estates in close proximity to others, but if the Lindens are offering them a tier-free bolthole they might as well take it.

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  14. I saw a Christmas house today so evidently they're not overly strict about seasonality. It was quite sad, really -- all lit up outside and a tree visible through one of the windows. It made me wonder whether something had happened to the owner to prevent them coming back.

    (Or maybe they just really like Christmas.)

    I'll get my autumn stuff out around mid-October, probably. Depends what the RL weather does.

  15. well, it acted like a real rental box when I clicked on it, right down to the option to pay for multiple weeks. (obviously I wouldn't have bothered AR'ing it if it was just a decorative prim). I don't find green boxes with hovertext especially realistic compared to a 'to let' sign, but to be fair I haven't been to America for a decade...

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