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    24 minutes ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

    Not mass-producing = a much nicer continent that everyone wants to be on. Those that want mass production can always just stick with the old Linden homes. :)

    if the old homes came with 351 prims then i suspect a lot of people would be quite happy with that option...

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  2. knowing the approximate time of release isn't going to help you much when there is a less than 30 second window of availability anyway. i would just wait until the trailers are released, when the window might be more like thirty minutes.

  3. they should also loosen up the covenant on the old homes, if they haven't already, and let people put up skyboxes. more prims would also be useful. i know all mole resources are currently devoted to bellisseria but it surely would not be too difficult to sync up the two covenants (banning ban lines, etc.) to minimise the difference between the two tiers of housing, which might help mitigate some of the sense of unfairness many premium members have about the 1024s not yet being available to everyone.

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  4. even with auto-refresh installed it would be impossible for anyone with a visual impairment like the OP, any kind of motor issue, or even just a laggy connection, to hit the right buttons fast enough to get a place in Bellisseria right now. too many people chasing a tiny number of available homes. also, of course, the more people using auto-refresh the more difficult it becomes for those who don't have the option of installing extensions on their work browser, or their phone. (yes, i bagged my houseboat on a phone, wouldn't even bother attempting that now.)


    Just now, Rolig Loon said:

    Awww... the gods (and goddesses) would be unpleased. Ondine (also spelled Undine) was a nymph, a mythological spirit of the waters.  Now that LL has changed the name of her region, she's homeless.  Who knows what curses she may cast on Bellisseria mariners now?

    There's an Undine ocean sim off the coast of Jeogeot, so the mariners should be safe...

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  6. i don't think the monsters and obstacles are malfunctioning as such; they've just made their bounding boxes much bigger than the objects themselves so it's harder to dodge them. but yeah, it does sometimes look like they're magically sucking you back five metres so they can play those glytch-style animations yet again. it's harder to navigate because there are so many dead ends compared to the old realms, where the sims flowed together really nicely. it feels more like a bunch of disparate sims bolted together than a coherent landscape. maybe that's what they were going for, but it's not as much fun to run around.

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  7. yeah, every time you fall in the lava it takes another five minutes to run back and try again. maybe three if you're lucky and don't have to wait for any obstacles to poof on the way. this is working on the assumption that you've changed your windlight and memorised the route. the stepping stones themselves are no more difficult than the swamp level, but the cave-running is MASSIVELY tedious. it wouldn't be so bad if they at least had a crystal spawner down there to relieve the monotony.

    (oh, and there are still plenty of uncollectable crystals around, but now they are impossible to distinguish from the others. so that's fun.)

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  8. On 10/11/2018 at 2:31 PM, Innula Zenovka said:

    As I understand it, before you can cash out crystals in the new game, you need to complete all the quests.

    maybe some people are lucky and have managed to hit instances where all the quests are actually working? i had to give up when the goggle rezzer on the second quest turned out to be non-functional. luckily i managed to cash out my old crystals before the changeover, so i haven't wasted too much time. i guess changing the windlight and putting flames everywhere didn't put off as many players as they hoped it would, but this should do the trick and save them a whole bunch of L$ :)

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