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  1. 4 hours ago, Luka Hexem said:

    It's not like they can just evict them - or can they?

    Of course they can. I imagine they would be given a few months notice via email, and possibly some kind of inworld notification nearer the time, but there's no reason why they wouldn't eventually get the land taken away from them and their items returned, just as if they'd neglected to keep up their payments.

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  2. 39 minutes ago, Syo Emerald said:

    I already struggle with the existing "more open" houses. I can never manage to replicate the walls and doors well enough or cut up those giant rooms to not feel so empty.

    Same. Whenever I get a Trad, I end up adding walls.

  3. 3 hours ago, Cinnamon Mistwood said:

    I was a little surprised at the very clean, almost sterile feel of the landscaping.  I also wondered why only 4 of 8 house designs are shown.

    Time constraints, I'd imagine. I think cloud uplift has been holding things up in general, and was pleasantly surprised to see any kind of reveal this month.

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  4. I was not expecting to like these as much as I do, but they incorporate aspects of everything I like about the other houses. The layout of the Matterhorn feels like a cabin got together with a Hardy and had a baby.

    (An inevitable consequence of mixing different types of housing on the same region, I suppose.)

    I don't know which is my favourite but am leaning Alpenrose because it seems the most bathroom-friendly.

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  5. 13 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

    7 Deadly Skins is one of those. The price for joining their group is now a noticeable 1000 L fee. They may reduce their fee after advent.

    7DS does free group join every few months, otherwise their group would not be so enormous. 😉

    My lucky chair alt is doing an advent challenge where she puts together a new look every day with the Firelight hair and 7DS skin. She's rocking the Virtue outfit today, which is decidedly more classy than the Entice lingerie she started with:


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  6. I picked up this year's tree for L$15 from the Libertine stall at Redeux. I'm using the 'simple' version at 6li but it will probably be three times that once I've finished decorating it.



    The reindeer ornaments are a group gift from Kraftwork, the garland is from a Lagom lucky board, the star is Simply Shelby (I think it may have been a gift at Redeux?), and the other ornaments are a mix of Apple Fall freebies from last year and a L$10 full-perm bauble from MP


    (The basket is a current moss & mink VIP gift, it's probably not staying.)


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  7. Astralia are doing free group join today; 50% off for group before a 40% off sale for everyone tomorrow. Still not cheap, but they do have a deck designed for the houseboats at L$199 and a bunch of neon/tropical stuff that could work well with stilts.

    (I got a L$49 trash can, I think that's enough for the moment.)

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  8. 18 hours ago, Dafadilia Wayfarer said:

     Besides that, no one has the right to harass him about when and if he will release his home or homes. 😲

    Of course they don't. Even those who announce releases on the 'when was the last time' thread have every right to change their mind and hang on to them, or pass them on privately. I wasn't suggesting he deserved to be spammed or whatever he's claiming; I was saying it was possible he might have been, though I agree it seems unlikely.

  9. The majority of abuse reports I've sent (people encroaching on Linden Land, offensive flags, over-enthusiastic orbs) have been acted upon. I generally don't report for out-of-season decor because the owner might not have been able to get inworld to take it down, but snow on the beach? in November? if that was next door to an otherwise perfect plot I'd report it.

  10. On 11/22/2020 at 1:55 PM, RitaCallisto said:

    This is one reason I never really posted houses I got anywhere(save for one). I could keep or abandon freely. Had some pretty darn nice ones once upon a time, too.

    I have the OP blocked so no idea what he's been posting, but if he's been running around boasting about all the amazing houses he's caught then unfortunately I can see that attracting attention from fellow house collectors who are bored waiting for stilts.

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  11. oh, I like what Luna did using the colour as her backdrop. For this week, though, Violet is doing her usual fullbright white schtick:



    She would never normally wear this dress or shoes (only hung on to them because purple) but the crown and hair are pretty standard.

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  12. My main did some of the original challenge on Flickr, almost exclusively in freebies because that was almost exclusively what she wore. Her take on patriarch involved a flexi dress she found in a hunt:


    (why had she not discovered the magic of cropping, I will never know.)

    My lolita alt dresses almost exclusively in purple so the updated version looks like a job for her.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Malayaa said:

    I have been wondering about the two Stilt house options, over land and over water, how that will be implemented on the land page.  The two options could show up as 2 distinct homes on the first land page, or there could be an intermediate page after Stilt Home is selected where you pick the over land or over water sub-type.  Adding this extra level of complexity might require more testing....just musing while waiting for something to happen...

    The former, I think. It's just more straightforward, and people won't have to waste time clicking on 'Stilt Home' only to find on the next screen that their preferred type isn't available.

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  14. Belle Epoque have a 50% sale going on until the 15th; they have a couple of flapper dresses/hats/turbans and the 'Evangeline' dress lends itself to lolification. The Row House does 20's hats which sadly are beyond my flapper alt's budget. Most of her stuff is from MP.

    I don't know when the next Baroqued Gothical event is but that's always good for Lolita stuff. Some of the older Japanese brands like Lo*Momo, G-Field and Ambrosia are still around, and I would check out Sweet Thing, Altair and Casse Lustre (who also have a sale on at the moment) . Oh, and Bowtique on MP is really affordable.



  15. I used the Lilah kitchen last time I had a Winchester. They released the Vics before I could finish decorating but this is how I did it:


    That's a homemade partition wall which I didn't get around to adding coving to, lol. I put a bathroom behind it. There was another homemade add-on through the back door which I used as a lounge; a nice big space with a fireplace and a Christmas tree:


    All very work-in-progress but I'm sure there are professional add-ons doing it properly. I just like building more than I like spending money.

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  16. 16 hours ago, Love Evermore said:

     The more premium accounts LL has, the more they can develop both houses and additional content.

    Actually it doesn't matter how many premium subscriptions you buy, stilt homes aren't coming any quicker. If money were the issue here I am pretty sure it'd be more lucrative to start selling private regions again, rather than expecting people to 'buy' their own sims on Bellisseria by means of multiple alts.

    But they haven't done that, for the same reason that stilt homes aren't coming anytime soon; they need to get cloud uplift done, and that takes as long as it takes.

  17. I got an abandoned houseboat in the north-east when the Pickle was released, stayed there for about three months. It didn't bother me that it wasn't on the Pickle because I liked being near the trads, it felt a bit more realistic. I might take a boat up there later to see who has it now and whether the neighbour with the fullbright tree and giant wooden box on her deck is still there.


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  18. I am still advocating for the next 512 to be dinky thatched cottages, as a semi-replacement for Elderglen. They could serve as a nice transition between woodland and a rural farmhouse setting.

    I'd love an urban setting but it's really hard to achieve that kind of density while still giving people the privacy and security they demand. I think given the choice between an otherwise empty high-rise and a skybox I'd probably opt for the skybox.

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