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  1. Hoenstly, yes i do, but its just piling dust @KanzulR But here Rimia's Flickr
  2. Honestly, the Kupra is the perfect body, least fer the kind of avatar was goin' for! Got it on launch at first was a bit underwhelming on the creators to get clothes of quality, but glad that the scene is growing, and a lovely amount of cool creators to support it, im in love! Also, using it with a m4 venus head and a bom skin, feels and looks wonderful, (least on my end)
  3. Greetings yall, first timer round here..till now, however here goes.. Name's Rimia, proud mother of two daughters on SL, like to explore, sail, drive, fly, kind of a jack of all trades sort of person, and enjoys to experimient all that SL has to offer at some point, fer reasearch that is...then again, mostly enjoy trasnport and hopefully share that potential with others as best i can, and incentive people to explore the contients Hope to see yall out there at some point, might be cold at first, but thats the usual shyness at first encounter Much luv Rimia!
  4. Greetings! Please let me introduce myself, Name's Rimia, Owner of Castillione's Rentals, to tell you that on our soon to be opening of our plaza We inform you that our Stores are at a convinient price of 150/Prims on 250 L$ week, thats right! It is located near our headquarters at Castillione's Plaza on Satori's Route 8C! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanchez/75/30/0 ALso, Kiryu's apartments fer rent! at convinient price of 75L$/50 prims on a mountain side apartment complex, next to the road! at corsica! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Highcastle/40/116/0
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