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  1. Castillione's Rentals looks for Real estate agents to expand our portfolio of tenants and lands!, established on 2020, with a year, theres around of 30000+sqm already under our logo, with trusted tenants so far, but looking to expand Perks added are: Paid Salary, (TBD, during interview, according to experience, if related to sells or people attention, much better and and a big plus!) Use our offices as your home place, theres a back room prepared for this Percentage of rent per parcel sold and managed Personnel discount on weekly tier if renting any of our lands/ho
  2. Greetings, is there any chance we can inquire over this plot? IM's in world?
  3. Real Estate Of course! *insert shameless plug here* J/K
  4. Greetings All! At our Offices, all plaza houses and shopping spaces rent price drops to 150 prims/150 L$'s week!, a perfect 1prim:1L$ week ratio! If ya considering to rent on a lovely location, next to the road, check us out @ UBER Here! (Outside our offices) Any queries, reach me out! @Natsumi Moonshadow in-world (Rimia Castillione)!, or @sendoTake One Love! Rimia
  5. Greetings! Rimia here! Got for sale a lovely roadside parcel, comfy location @utherland by 89990! Lindens (Negotiable) Reach me inworld by @Natsumi Moonshadow for details! Uber to the land spot!
  6. @Danaozora82 Message me, if able o in world @Natsumi Moonshadow, got a few small spots for use!
  7. Well, im honestly speechless at those metrics....but if its true..., all honesty, Zindra should stick on its own adult paradise as it goes, mainly due the material to be found there, also, mentions to those whom are fainthearted, or just want a overall "clean" experience on their SL, but mixing general and moderate to a extent, is fine, but adult with moderates and generals, woul be crossing a odd line and also, just break their own TOS LL if done that, just IF done.
  8. @KanzulR, Honesty it varies, but 2PM - 8 PM SLT usually Depends on mood is all
  9. Heres the closest i look as today, and yes, full anime avatar =P, and proud of it too hehe
  10. Hello!, Ive reached ya in world, Just in case!
  11. Greetings everyone!, Rimia here with a lovely seaside parcel of 4608 sqm and 1582prims right from the oven yesterday for you! Prices ranging @ Sale L$150000/Rent L$2000Week! (Negotiable) Uber come check it out! Pics Below:
  12. Greetings Everyone! Rimia Here, bringing to your attention our cozy apartment complex at Corsica, Modern Design and great views by the mountain Side if you need a place to live, under a tight wallet, its cozy and convinient, added our great service hosted by Castillione's Rentals, and yours truly as the landowner, can be directly contected if any issues arise! Perks of checking out our complex: Modern Styled building plus receptionist at the lobby! Working elevators by Gentek Ease of use for renting and leasing Secured under CasperOrb w/bot integration
  13. Hoenstly, yes i do, but its just piling dust @KanzulR But here Rimia's Flickr
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