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  1. Hey everyone, I have been on Second Life for 3 weeks and I'm in love with the damn thing. Although there's one issue. I want to be successful and shoot high. I want to learn and start earning lindens in any way possible I can. Let's start by stating my RL talents and skills. I am a very good singer. I used to sing on stage at charity events just because I loved to do it. And felt confident doing so. I used to do sound and DJ IRL for live events, (Charity work and For an example a huge event in Montana called Rockin the Rivers) I am very skilled in anything music. You see I grew up in a ve
  2. I’ll be checking in 20 minutes. Being driven home atm
  3. I’m looking for a group of people I can hang around with and maybe just talk to, go exploring, nightclubbing. All and everything. I currently work, and that’s all I’ve been doing wouldn’t mind some nice friends to hang out and really get to know what this is all about. im not looking for a relationship I am looking for friends. Male and female. I’m me in world and let’s give it a go.
  4. Leave them alone. Let them have their input on things and wants.
  5. I would totally do the gaming club, but sadly enough I just started so I’m not quite sure you’d hire me.
  6. Hey, I’m Eletra and I’m looking into getting a job with flexible hours because my real like is super complicated. I could possibly be a staff. I have djed. Irl and I’m looking for that as an option. I need a little training though. Thanks! I AM under the 30 day of what people require to work but I believe I’d be a great person to bend(:
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