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  1. Hey everyone! I need to hire somebody who is technically savvy. Your job will be to rez a large screen inside my club and play music videos from YouTube. The job is weekly. One hour, every Thursday. The pay is 2000 lindens. Please reply to me InWorld > maledomwrestler Thank you.
  2. My sports promotion is hiring women and men to participate as heckling, rowdy fans. Your duties will be to simply sit on comfortable seats in a club and watch two wrestling matches per week. The events are scheduled for Wednesdays or Fridays at 3:00pm - 4:00pm. The pay is 2000 lindens per hour. Please reply here or message me Inworld > 'maledomwrestler'.
  3. My promotion is hiring a male play by play announcer for men & women's wrestling matches. You must use voice as the matches are filmed live. I want someone with a bad ass voice, who doesn't mind being vulgar. I'm not hiring somebody to talk over a children's picnic - like I see other Feds do. The pay is 3K per match. Matches last between 15 - 45 minutes each. I will provide the table and chairs and cover your expenses for wardrobe and accessories. Reply here or hit me up Inword 'maledomwrestler'
  4. My new wrestling promotion requires a videographer to record, edit and post bouts and matches on YouTube and X-Videos. The content will be risqué and adult in nature. Brutal and humiliating wrestling moves to be exchanged between men and women. I would appreciate a link to a sample of your work. The pay is 3000 Lindens per hour. I will require your services for about three hours per week. If advanced editing is required, for example to create thumbnails on YouTube, as well as special sound and animation effects - The pay will be increased to 5000 Lindens per hour you film. Please message me here, or Inworld > 'maledomwrestler' resident. Thank you!
  5. This is for private sessions. The male's job is to brutalize and humiliate the female in staged wrestling matches. The women I have available are beautiful and know how to emote. The pay is excellent at 2000 Lindens per hour. If you are a man who enjoys defeating and embarrassing beautiful women wrestlers in the ring, then this job is for you! I am flexible with your schedule. I usually schedule the matches sometime between 8:00am & 3pm SLT.
  6. I am hiring two men and one woman resident to work as personal bodyguards for me. The pay is 1500 Lindens per hour. You must be available during the week, for a couple hours - between 8am & 3:00pm SL Time. You must be experienced with using weapons and defense mechanisms to protect me. As well as attack my offenders, if they confront me. This is Role play, but I want to hire people who are courageous and merciless.
  7. I am hiring an animator to create a wrestling poseball based menu mat. You do not have to create the ring, just the menu for a male and female to wrestle. I can provide you with reference material for each of the moves and submissions. The pay is negotiable. I can pay you thru Paypal or Lindens. Please contact 'maledomwrestler' Inworld to discuss further.
  8. During live wrestling matches, female voice over required to narrate the action of a male vs female wrestling match. The script will be provided in generic format, but you may use your own dialog for creativity, also. Each match lasts one hour. You may contact me Inworld 'maledomwrestler' to discuss more details. The pay is 1500 Lindens per hour.
  9. Hi, my name's Sal. I am hiring a videographer to record wrestling matches for me. The matches are risqué. Adult content, domination of arrogant supermodel females. The pay is negotiable, based on your software tools, quality of product and experience. I can pay you Lindens or real money thru Paypal, whichever is more convenient.
  10. The matches are scheduled for one hour each. The number of matches per week is 2. Your training period will be brief - about one hour. There will be detailed discussions with our promotion regarding costumes, dialog and action scripts.
  11. Hello LxPunk. I am wondering if you have any Hud wrestling platforms, menus or rings for rent or sale? Perhaps you can even develop a poseball or Hud animation or furniture for me? I want my entertainers to be able to utilize WWE type moves.. especially spike piledrivers, cement piledrivers, assisted piledrivers. I will pay you good money for your work!
  12. Hi everyone! My name is Sal. I am developing an SL sports/entertainment promotion. I am hiring men and women who are interested in exclusive intergender matches. The theme will be male dominant, with brutal and humiliating moves performed. Nothing sexual - but clothing, tactics and language will be adult. I will be hiring two men and three women. I want the men to be merciless, sadistic and wrestling experienced. I want the women to be sexy, arrogant and be able to emote well. I pay for all costumes. The pay is $1500 Lindens per hour. Usually each match lasts one hour. Please email me at 'ronancalabria@gmail.com' or message me Inworld > 'maledomwrestler'. Thank you!
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