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  1. Rent a land with lands rights - tropical + forest sitting between mountains- landscaped - 5625 prims / 5000 L$ week. Residents can terraform/landscaped as they wish. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea Escape/63/212/38 We have many lands to rent; Please contact almm1000 or angelsereniti Thank you
  2. Rent a land with lands rights - tropical + forest - landscaped land with 3500 prims / 3000 L$ - last land on the sim. Resident can terraform /landscape as he/she wishes. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yellow River/116/23/25 We have other lands to rent = Tropical or Grass /forest lands. We attempt all efforts to customize lands as per customer requests. Pls contact almm1000 or angelsereniti Thank you.
  3. We are still looking for 'serious & committed' partner who is interested in building business for this partnership/investment. We have had several inquiries in the past. Prior to any investment, financial will be provided for full transparency. Please contact me for further details. Thank you.
  4. The real estate company is seeking a business partner - preferably active. In generally, the business has steady cash flow with high occupancy rate. We hope this person will be active in managing the business and share the on-going revenue and cost after paying initial investment to own the share of the business. Please do contact me if you have any interest in owning share of real estate business. Only serious offers are considered. Thank you and you have wonderful day.
  5. Alan West Real Estate introduces Sandy Beach community sim at Blue mountain. Lands are in homestead and hence clubs are not allowed. It is lovely natural lands across the sim but facing towards water. We have few lands to rent and all terraforming, setting up your own music, media and groups. We continue to provide small theme communities to SL and specialize in landscaping /terraforming real world natural themes. Please visit the sim and let us know your feedback.Have a wonderful day Alan W http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Mountain/223/101/23
  6. Alan West Real Estate presents community @ river lands. We have several lands facing beach and others inside small community. All lands are connected with a road passing by water fall and river. These lands are rented with or without homes and residents can set their own music, media , landscape at their own lands and as well as set their own group. Please stop by the community (LM below) or contact almm1000 or almm555@yahoo.com http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yellow%20River/164/69/24
  7. Alan west Real Estate presents Lands to rent in Luxury beach/mountain sim similar to California Beach. Pls visit and see yourself. We have only 5 homes to rent - resident can set their own music, media, terraform, and set you own group. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea Breaze/151/15/22
  8. Alan West Estate presents Rain Forest sim which brings together nature of rain forest that combines with sandy beaches and walking trails. Explorers can take nature walk in the rain forest, watch beautiful waterfalls in the North, relaxing in beaches to the south. Also explorers can stop by the village in the middle of the sim which reminds them typical village, surrounded by large trees, animals, birds etc. We sincerely hope explorers, Photographers, and bloggers will enjoy scenarios of nature. Thank you for visiting. We rent lands and shops, restaurant and hope to build small nice community who share same interest http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nuernberg%20North/89/162/29
  9. This position still open. Please do apply who have relevant information. We will consider Real estate assistant position for candidates who don't have estate managing experience. It is important to have attitude of commitment to work and learn whether it is virtual or real. Thank you Alan
  10. Alan West Real estate is looking for Real estate Manager for managing small to medium real estate business. We are very much customer centric company and value long term customer relationships. We provide landscaping as needed and customize service as needed per customer requirements. He or she has to be customer friendly, business minded and committed to work. We are looking for Real est Manager who are willing to do following tasks; a) Sim start on the weekends b) Talk to new or existing customers on lands issues c) Place Real estate panel on lands for rent. d) Prepare list of lands to rent and update the list weekly & manage small office e) Advertise the Real estate company where it is appropriate f) Work with Owner on Business strategies Thanks you Alan W
  11. Please not that this position is now open as the selected candidate couldn't join due to RL emergency situation.
  12. Alan West Real Estate and Amaryllis Dream Estate is looking for an individual who can manage a club and events in the Amaryllis Estate Community (24 sims). Primary responsibilities a) Manage weekly schedule (DJs/ Singers)for the club and advertise b) Recruit Djs and singers and manage all activities related to Club c) Bring variety of events to the estate and working with mgmt to arrange all facilities necessary for those events d) Work with owners in discussing various strategies anything related club/events Experience a) Enjoy in speaking to customers / residents b) Professional c) Have very active SL life d) Management experience at various places e) Team player Pls send IM/NC (prefer) to Alan West (Almm1000) Thank you Alan West
  13. Alan West Real Estate / Amaryllis Dream Estate is looking for Manager to manage Amaryllis Dream Estate (20+ connected sims). Primary responsibilities are ; a) Advertise Vacant Homes in the Office b) Follow up with residents/prospective customers and bring any issues to owners c) Manage Estate Club activities - prepare weekly schedule for singers d) (in the future) Support events management We are looking a person with following a) Prefer someone to be online between from SLT 3AM to SLT 2pm (on and off) b) Well organized and willing to work as team c) Experience in real estate Pls contact ASAP (via NC) Alan West (almm1000)
  14. Alan West Real East and Amaryllis Dream Estate is looking for a Manager. We require the individual to be; a) Energetic b) Fast Learner c) Not afraid to try new things The job responsibilities; a) Landscaping lands that going to be rented/sold b) Follow up customers who lands on lands that to be rented b) Accuartly communicating rental information c) Look for ideas to test Thanks Alan West (CEO) Pls send your resume or CV to Almm1000 Thanks Alan West
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