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  1. Hey, I’m interested! I don’t think you’d be disappointed in me.
  2. I’m in the same boat! My account was recently on hold for about a month and I was only playing for a little over a month and usually I don’t just come back to things. But second life, I did. I have tried those games, imvu, smallworlds, yoville. And I too have met some amazing people I believe are my friends and a great to me. However I have not a bad experience especially first experience like you have. I have never really been a role player, SL HAS Opened me up a little bit towards it. But I never go to role play sims. Maybe I will in the future, if not far future
  3. Sounds like a blast! Not really my thing CaH and tiny empires. But I’m so glad you enjoy it(: I’m happy we’re happy with our experiences even if they aren’t the same.
  4. Hello yeah! I like you’re attitude, HMU inworld(: let’s make it a good 5 years together(:
  5. Hey, I’m Eletra. I started off on second life 10 days before my 19th birthday 3 months ago. And I have experienced nothing but greatness. I have only had one experience of useasiness and that’s just because this girl was a ***** in the club. I have met friends, joined an mc, gotten a job. I feel second life has treated me well so far. Now or I want to know how it has affected other people and their experiences, good and bad. Share some of your story, how long have you been on? Are you on frequently? And how is your second life experience currently?
  6. Anyone know any stores me and friends can go for 50 L$ Friday, can be any kind of store. Thanks!
  7. I’m a singer, I know a lot about music. I dj irl and provide sound and music irl. I have been in bands. Point being I need to be hired at a live music night or something and get donations for spreading what I enjoy. Anyone got any live music nights and would be happy to hire me?
  8. Hey Holly! I am a DFS farmer too. I don't roleplay much. But would like to learn how to. I have a rather smaller farm as well. But it's been upgraded a bit. HMU inworld if you're interested in just talking to me ?
  9. Sure, Hmu inworld if you want to make a new friend ?
  10. I'm probably not going to risk it lol. I just made this post for friends ?
  11. I might try this cuz I got a warning because I was pirating games lol
  12. Is that a place? Also I have no clue how to play these casino games anyways.
  13. Hey guys, I’m Eletra Mitchell in game and I’m looking for some female friends to maybe go shopping with, go clubbing with or just to talk to. I am a part of Dfs (farming game) and I like to earn lindens via Fishing and gold hunting. I have a mic and would like if you had one too (not required. I like talking about aspects of SL not so much real life unless we become good friends. As I play second life to get away from my real life. I currently work at 2 clubs. I live in a state where I cannot go to casinos so that’s out of the picture. I like people who post on their web feed a
  14. I currently work at a strip club. It’s not really my thing and yes I would like to be a merchant. But I have no idea how to create whatsoever, like I have gimp and tried the templates and stuff but really I think creating is not going to be an option for me. As in reselling I know I need to find things that can be transferable, modified, and copied. But I just don’t know how to get started with the reselling thing. Advertising and trafficking I can do no problems. This is a comment that I will focus on more when I have more knowledge on SL. When I’m more advanced. Thank you for your comment.
  15. Okay thanks. That’s all my questions for now. I have some rl stuff to attend to but I’ll be looking into the wiki and seeing what I can do. Thanks again for your attentiveness and I’ll be messaging you inworld here soon.
  16. Thank you for providing a link to the wiki and being willing to help me during the process. I will be looking at this wiki page and browsing the LSL forums to see if I can get a little taste of what it’s all about and used for. To see what is important. Also do I start by making a basic prim in world and start the scripting process from there? To learn? I know this is probably in the wiki but I’m by no means a builder in SL at all.
  17. Thank you for putting so much work into this post. I am looking to learn scripting because honestly I liked it in high school, and I just like working with that stuff. I also want the experience and the knowledge so it can possibly help me in rl also. I’m young so anything I can put my time to like scripting, animations is not a waste of time. And I am so tired of feeling like I’ve wasted my time. Thanks again. Will be taking up Wulfies offer.
  18. I have written lines of code but not in second life. I had a programming class in high school and made a website in there. Also have made many Minecraft servers before in my early teenage years. If you have any sites I should try and explore that explains SLS please share. I am willing to learn and absorb any amount of information I can. Thank you for your comment any advice is appreciated. I will probably be hitting you up InWorld.
  19. Like I said before I have a lot of time on my hands and will be googling SLS and maybe getting in touch with some scripters for some help and tips if I see it fits. I have had some experience in scripting in things like Minecraft, and creating a website in a high school class once and know that every thing has a different language. As for the singing I’m not sure how to do a backup track. I usually just search “song, artist karaoke” on YouTube and just sing off of that. I have made actual recording before but this was when I was very young. I’m looking into doing it again irl. Again thank
  20. Thank you for mentioning anything. Any kind of advice helps and I’m extremely happy with the advice I’m getting. I have watched videos on dancing and emoting but I realized that’s not my thing. I will be googling more information on different things to see which path I choose. Already went to some venues earlier to start doing open mic and stuffs. Any comment is very much appreciated.
  21. Thank you for expressing this. It’s not much about money I just want to learn. So you’re right I should get it out of my mind and discover it.
  22. Thank you this is of great help, and I appreciate you welcoming me. I'm enjoying my time so far.
  23. Thank you for your input. And I understand things take time. I've invested money to get where I am now. I would love to share my talents. But there's always this "You're too young thing" And I'm not sure how to go about the gigging thing. Do I sing Karaoke? I don't know how to play an instrument. What genre do I sing. What would a music venue like to see from me. Or hear from me in applications. I have all these questions unanswered.
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