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  1. Hi I'm looking for good maternity clothing. I prefer mesh and i have a maitreya lara mesh body. Does anyone know any good shops (in world or marketplace) ? Thank you Rosalie xoxo
  2. Hi I'm looking for good maternity clothing. I prefer mesh and i have a maitreya lara mesh body. Does anyone know any good shops (in world or marketplace° ? Thank you Rosalie xoxo
  3. laura124


    Hey hey I'm Rosalie and i was wondering if there are any people who would like to hang out some time? I'm currently pregnant so it would be fun to hang out with fellow women expecting their little wonder. I'm a quite open person and just love a good chat with fun and kind people. Drop me a NC or hit me up when i'm Online Kisses xoxo Rose
  4. HI! I'm Rosalie, early 20's. I'm looking for some friends who share the same interests as I do. Shopping, exploring, decorating etc.... Hit me up in world Love Rose
  5. Hi Yesterday my husband and I got kicked out off our home (without a reason). We had a home set up on this patch of land yet the owner doesn't return our things. She banned us from her land. We were wondering if there is a way to get our things as we would love to have it all back ofcourse Thanks a lot already Rose ♥
  6. Hey y'all I'm Rose and i'm looking for some new friends to hang out with. My husband is off during the day and whenever i'm on i do feel a bit bored at home so i'm looking for a girl or guy who would love to explore, shop, ... Simply to have a good time :) IM me in world Lots of love, Rose ♥
  7. HI i'm currently looking for a job. Modelling, decorating, planning and even certain roleplaying (such as being a doctor in a hospital and such) are things i absolutely love. Whoever hires me will have hired a serious and hard worker who loves her job. Send me an IM in world (laura124)
  8. Hi, my name is Rosalie and i'm Married to Damian Smith. We have 2 lovely prim babies, Lily and Olivia and now we are looking for real avatars who would love coming to join our family as our daughters. if you feel like joining our little family, leave a comment or just im me in Second Life world (laura124) Kisses and hugs, Rosalie Smith
  9. Hi my name is Rosalie but feel free to call me Rose. I'm from Belgium and i'm looking for some friends who preferably are girls to hang out with. I'm married to a wonderful man and we have 2 kids in sl. I'd love making new friends since he only gets on around the evening or late afternoon and i'd love to spend some time with friends during that time i am waiting for him :p I love shopping, exploring or having a simple conversation by the fireplace :p Also couples can reply because it would be fun to have people over in our home from time to time to talk with or to go out :) (we aren't looking for anything sexual though) feel free to send me an IM: laura124 Hugs Rosalie ♥ :heart:
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