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  1. ...it depends. One avi for me is me, as in RL. This is the real me, I socialize as myself, and quite happily reveal age, gender, and rough geographical location, and my interests both in SL and RL - they are very similar. I have no romantic aspirations in SL, so no probs there. Friends are friends. My alt however has a highly developed back story, originally developed for RP and it never comes out of RP. Although again I have no romantic aspirations for the avi, I find the friendships that it develops are quite different. I find more total Immersion with the second avi. The problems come when people start asking for RL contact, which I am happy with for my first avi (is me) but not the second - for that avi, it only exists in SL. Many 'friends' of the alt don't like this after a while. SL is different for everyone, and each to their own, but I have never been in SL for RL overlap. It is a creative medium for me, and an 'escape' I prefer over TV, but not over RL socializing If I were to embark on a SL romantic relationship I would be upfront about who I really was, or just tell them that it is SL only, and that this aspect of SL is just a bit of fun, and will never develop beyond SL. Nice thing is, both avis agree this is the right thing to do.😀 It is notable here that the friends of the second avi who don't push for RL info remain good friends. Possibly playing the same 'game'. Just the way I run my SL life, no judgements on how others do it.
  2. Try Outworldz. They have a lot of current urls
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