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  1. if I wanted a skybox id get other land , I want my home furnished as well as pos
  2. well one I abandoned is still not taken , must be closer to over an hour empty
  3. hope they'll not be long with the new houses , I felt in the middle of the sea on that one , I want closer to land
  4. well its still a boathouse called linden home . its been ages since I left it
  5. just abandoned my boathouse . very strange looks like no ones taken it and it has not shown up on the linden house selector yet hmmm. I let it go 20 mins ago . And theres not one Greyson to be had , theyre always there
  6. I laugh those kittycats were mine with the hover text , really sorry about that just using up inworld food before they go into my cattery ( normaly id only have 2 word kittys) do agree about that pink tree next door , laughing again. I left my house to see if I could get a boat house so now its a coffee shop and I'm homeless . what a crazy week
  7. abandoned my traditional home two days ago , saw there were no more available , now see my old homes a coffee shop , how weird is that ! anyhow been premium for months really sick I cant get a house boat or indeed any house now
  8. noone asked if we can change only a first name even if we have a surname already ?
  9. will we be able to change just our first name , if we already have a surname ? and im premium is see no furnished option in sl homes options yet, maybe just for brand new people
  10. Had not really thought of that , couldnt buy a name if i had a previous sl bann , my id would show up to linden labs but yes i can see how not being able to tell if a person is the same one you met before and had trouble with , stalkers win both ways though . wither your traceable or not
  11. im looking forwards very much to the new name change option . dont mind really at all paying to do so but must say the idea of people still being able to trace me with my old name i find crazy , if i wanted these people to trace me id inform them of my new name change . can you explain just why new new name cant be the fresh start id be purchasing
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