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  1. If the link is static, couldn't you use a script with llInstantMessage or llRegionSayTo that would PM the link to the relevant avatar?
  2. I just use code fencing like any language. I do copy-paste into the in-world editor, though, because that's the way my brain works. I'm suddenly not sure that it actually functions as an external editor that can compile code in-world.
  3. In the past, I've used Nano with Kuraiko Yoshikawa's LSL syntax highlighter. It works well, although I also script on OpenSim, and it doesn't handle their extensions to LSL. A surprising find for me is that the Joplin app does an acceptable job highlighting and formatting LSL/OSSL code. It's my go-to editor these days. I'm also curious to see what other people are currently using.
  4. As a thought exercise in how to do this, wouldn't it be possible to use something like Maria Korolov's visitor script from HypergridBusiness? She posted one a few years ago that records visitors to a Google Sheet, first removing duplicates who were already recorded. It seems like it should be possible to modify her script to also record when an avatar disappears from a region. Then have Sheets calculate the amount of time they spent there. I'm sure that this is not as easy-peasy as it sounds in my head.
  5. Sandboxes in SL. I also own a series of regions on OSGrid where it’s quiet and I have the entire simulator to work in. So long as I only use LSL, they transfer to SL pretty well.
  6. Would it be possible to accomplish this outside of an Experience but teleporting anyone, not just the owner? I could imagine using a collision_start event to trigger sitting the avatar on a prim, perhaps an invisible prim in the doorway. Then move the prim to the destination using llSetRegionPos() and unsit the avatar. The prim could either return to origin, or it could die and the script rez a new prim in the doorway.
  7. Couldn't one work around the problem Qie identified by setting the fob's script to update the database whenever it changes owners?
  8. Now that you've said this... If I were building this system on an Opensim grid, I'd use a Google Sheet for the database, accessing through URL calls. Each door or door-network is linked to a unique spreadsheet/database that records avatar keys of players who have access to that door. When a legal fob is passed to a new player, it immediately records the player's key in the database. When the player approaches a door, it checks the database and opens if it recognizes the player. Pros: Fobs can be passed around or new ones added to the network (may also be a con) Single-
  9. Couldn't this be mitigated by checking the fob's UUID?
  10. If the issue is just that the script lets the 'copter overshoot the target, wouldn't it also work to add a pause after the key-checking if-statement to slow down the key repeats? It seems like a llSleep() call might be a bad idea in some situations, but a loop that simply counts to a large number would accomplish the same end. Maybe use a for loop or while loop?
  11. It's an external service, but what about using a Google spreadsheet to pass information among the objects? Fixed URL, and so long as the script understands what it's reading, this should give grid-wide persistence to the data.
  12. Just a quick thanks to everyone who's contributed usefully to this thread and to @Ichi Rexen for starting it. My coding experience ended at PL/1 in college (the semester that I decided human languages were easier to master than computer languages ). I (try to) write scripts now just to play around and see what's possible. I admit that I still find LSL somewhat confusing, probably precisely because I learned to program with only 64kb of RAM and always look for a more efficient way to write the code. That said, I tend to look at LSL states as modular constructs, similar to BASIC subrout
  13. At the risk of committing heresy, we still use non-physical vehicles in Opensim. You might check the Outworldz.com website for scripts. Or you might create an avatar on OSGrid (or Kitely or Metropolis or any of the other hypergrid-connected worlds) and go exploring the script libraries.
  14. As Chic has said, we use blamgates to travel in Opensim all the time. It's trivial provided the region administrator has ignored *their* scary "The world will end!" warnings and set the "threat level" high enough. Even teleporting to foreign grids can be done this way. Don't the Stargates here use RLV/RLVa? I've seen them occasionally throw up the map, but IIRC that was because I'd turned off RLV and they fall back to llMapDestination. If you don't mind pointers from the Opensim community, check the script repositories there. Outworldz.com comes to mind, and there are others. A
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