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  1. Final one for the day, when Creators use 3rd Party Software like Daz 3D to create ad photos. Look I would like to see this item in world, not using a 3rd party app to create the ad. You don't see actual fashion magazines, or catalogues using programs like that. Especially when it comes to showing off clothes, it's fine they use PS. But it's usually used to add lighting, get rid of glares and artifacts. You literally see the clothes in the real world, in a premade scene.
  2. Off the topic of Gachas. When skin creators airbrush the crap out of their ad photos, so the skin looks nothing like what it does in the ad. Thank god they allow for demoing, but still. There is no need to airbrush in things, that weren't initially on the actual skin. Talk about false advertising.
  3. This is back to the Gacha topic, my biggest thing is. I get that the market is huge for people gambling and chipping away at their money. But what irritates me, is that why do we who don't like Gachas. Not have a choice to either pull or play. I know a few stores and events do it, but I would like to see a lot more stores and events do it.
  4. With the way SL is with computers, you will be waiting a while for them to have a fully 3D reliable client on mobile phone.
  5. Or where the objects in the Gacha are much nicer and better quality, than their mass produced items. Drives me up the wall. Why can't you put that same attention to detail, in your regular items, like you do into your Gachas?
  6. Speaking of which, from a bloggers perspective. When you go to blog something, and either the LM isn't in the folder, or they have an outdated LM. And it takes you about an hour and a half to find the place. Please creators, update your LMs. There has been many times, where I have been to places that well left little for the imagination.
  7. Oh my god, it drives me insane with bloggers. Like there is one, that only posts his sponsors. I don't mind asking, but it's your job to credit everything you are wearing.
  8. Okay, another one of my pet peeves. It's when shape designers charge so much for a shape, when all you did was tweak some sliders, uploaded an ad photo, and then that's it. And please don't get me started with the style card, if you already owned it. Why is it as the consumers responsibility, to compensate you for what you are wearing, your skin and your hair?
  9. It just seems like a way to pinch every linden out of you, when they put your favourite design, colour, pattern or graphic into a fatpack. And that practice, I really don't agree with. There is one store, that I will always buy from. As she puts her plain and design/pattern/graphic into that specific colour. So you will say buy a black shirt, but instead of buying just a plain black shirt. She will put the graphics that go with that black shirt, in the single. And at 250 per single, you are getting that for a steal. That is 2 or more shirts, with one colour. For the price of one.
  10. They have the textures, they can just pop it on the shirt and sell it individually. I totally agree with you.
  11. There are some companies, that I will buy the fatpack. But usually, I will past it up. As I think they could have just taken the extra time, to put the work in and actually release these patterns or whatever as singles.
  12. I honestly just wish they would sell Patterns, designs and graphics as singles. Like to me, I just don't want to be paying 1299 for 40 plus colours, patterns and designs and only wear 1 or 2 what's in the fatpack.
  13. I think my biggest pet peeve, is when someone is a hypocrite. Like I was recently in this discussion with people on Facebook. Where before they were defending the actor who is gonna play Ariel, but then weeks later. They are being sexist, and saying that Scarlett Johansson can't play a trans man, cause she is a woman. Like if you say don't discriminate against someone, based on the colour of their skin. Then don't go and discriminate someone, on the basis of gender. I know some might disagree, but to me it's hypocrisy and discrimination is discrimination.
  14. I get the fact that people love their new Legacy body, but when you need to insult someone, and call them cheap or stingy. Just for keeping the body they enjoy, and basically trying to make us feel bad and like we are missing out on something. Then I have a problem. Sure, the body is best for these people. But it may not be the best for others.
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