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  1. I mean there is a huge list of banned games on Twitch, Yandere Simulator and Second Life are on there. And they are on their for good reasons. That being said, you can still use YouTube, as SL is not banned on YouTube.
  2. I am just gonna come out and say it, SL and RL are way too hypersexualized. To the point that it's more of a trend then a movement or even liberating.
  3. I have not heard of regions doing that either in a while. So there must be more, than what she is actually telling.
  4. Well Vampires are not a race, so that wouldn't be racism. But I mean it would be discrimination alright, I mean if someone has a problem with your lifestyle, but I can see why. I get the annoyance, but as someone else said. Just create an alt, and just gift your main the stuff.
  5. The need for hyper realistic skins, or realism in general. If I wanted that, I would just stay off of SL.
  6. I get your sentiments, but we are all not Americans here. Not trying to argue, merely trying to give a bit of incite here.
  7. I love it when people blame the viewer, but not really looking at themselves for the problems.
  8. Can stores stop morphing SL heads on DAZ renders and start just taking the damn photo in SL? The Morph looks like utter crap, and well it is really off putting to see an SL head on a DAZ body.
  9. Also Havok itself can take a real beating. Look at Bethesda, for all their games that ran on Havok. They pushed that engine way beyond it's limits, and well we got 4 great games. That all being said, Havok is a really hardy engine as it stands right now.
  10. Thank you so much. This should help. Now to pull out copies of my furniture and put them in. And anything else it can copy. I mean it would also make the perfect prank too.
  11. Sim campers. Need I say more? These people take up space, and you just want to get in and out, and not have to wait a week to 2 weeks for your turn to get in.
  12. I mean it kind reminds me of one YouTuber, I won't name names as to cause controversy. They just let themselves into homes in the Bellisaria region and people just laugh and are okay with this. But I know I am one to talk about letting RL and SL intertwine, but I have one thing that will never change. If I own the property, it is not your right to just come on and tour around my place like it's yours too. Annoys the crap out of me, and something should be done about that.
  13. Yep and I also remember when everyone and their grandmother didn't own an event. Lol. Now we are totally oversaturated with events, with the same crap at every event, or the quality is lacking most of the time.
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