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  1. I went through that, on multiple occasions. Usually with Events, and a few schools in SL. My biggest annoyance was that I tried going in group, I won't name the place. But I asked 3 or 4 times, to get out over 5 or 6 months. I got a tonne of LMs to what was supposed to be the unsubscriber, only for it to turn out to be someone's land. After a bit, they accused me of harassment, and ejected and banned me from the group. The owner messaged me, and it seems like the only way they will take you out, is if you get banned. I got a couple of small events, and I TPed to that place once, took myself off. Mysteriously, I got back on the subscriber list. So after going back to the place and doing it again. It actually stopped. The third annoying time, was with another event. I had never been to it and never had intended to. But I decided to go, to find the terminal to unsubscribe. There was none, and again, I had to talk to the owner. He was alright and took me off. And I haven't had problems since then. Another big one that bugs me, is when events Spam you with group invites. So you will get 3 boxes on your screen, asking if you want to join. Try to block the thing, and it keeps on popping up. Why can't they place kiosks at these events, with both a subscribe and join option? I dislike being bombarded with all that.
  2. But when you read forum post after forum post, that is all the same. You tend to just get really annoyed with it in the first place. This phenomenon will, unfortunately, keep on happening until everyone's is satisfied. It really gets rather annoying, seeing it here and on FB. Oh, I didn't get a home, so I am gonna just cancel my premium membership. Oh, I didn't get a home, so newer people must be the first ones on the roster. Oh, I didn't get a home, so let's create a new system that seems fair for what I want. Oh, it's first come first serve, that is totally unfair. Oh, I think they should have just disrupted service, and ultimately placed homes for every premium member. Do you see where I'm coming from? After so many posts about it, and this entitled and spoiled and ungrateful behaviour, you just become desensitized to it and just give blunt and honest and very generic responses. People just need to be patient and wait for their turn. It's not the end of the world if they didn't get a Linden Home that day.
  3. I read the whole thing, you are clearly mad that you didn't get a home. When it was stated here in the forums, that houseboats were limited to 709 of them. You were given an ample amount of time, to be warned and to be ready to grab a home. As I said before, it is first come first serve. That isn't gonna change, nor are people making posts, in the forums that it's unfair that they didn't get a home, isn't gonna change it either. As I also said before, you just have to be patient. Stuff like this takes time. But this is like the umpteenth post on the forums, that basically goes. I'm just gonna get cancel premium since I didn't get my Linden Home right away. To me that is whining, and thinking that they should have gotten one of those homes, before anyone else. Look do what the rest of us have to, keep on refreshing the page. A house of your dreams will pop up. Anyways, I have spoke too long. Happy Hunting. 😀
  4. In the Forums, Patch said they were releasing 709 homes. I don't know why people are really complaining about it, it's first come first serve. Can you not wait until the next batch of homes release? Or we just gonna have people constantly whining, that it's not fair that I didn't go onto the Linden house selector fast enough. Have some patience please, it's not the end of the world that you didn't get a Linden Home.
  5. I'm not telling people how to spend their money. I really don't care if you want to buy the new TMP body, I am just looking at the body in its current state. Little support, and wants to mimic the shape of other bodies. Where in there does it say, this is worth 5k? Yeah, it may have nice textures, and it may be able to fit your clothes, that were specifically made for other bodies. But where in there does it say, I'm worth 5k? Had they put out the devkits early, and there were tonnes of support, clothes, appliers etc. Yeah, I could see why people would want to buy. And I would have given it another shot. But like last time, upon release and a few weeks in. There is very little support, and we have no idea if it will be Omega compatible or not.
  6. My whole thing with the deformers. Why buy the body, when you already have the body/bodies that fit that specific outfit? To me, buying a body, just cause it's pretty and for a deformer. That seems like a total waste of money.
  7. But that is what they are doing, they are literally getting all members into a home as we speak. But at the same time, implementing new options. I like that they are actually doing that, I think that choice should have been there from the start. Are they not allowed to do both? You do realize, they are also trying to implement eep, BoM, get SL to the Cloud, all while getting our new homes ready?
  8. But your whole thing was about skyboxes and having choices. I am totally fine with choice, but I came back to a counter and a really logical reason as to how it would be pointless to have a new continent, if everyone had a skybox. If being the keyword, it's not an absolute, but a possibility. The possibility, is that everyone "MAY" wany skyboxes. Not everyone does want skyboxes on their plot.
  9. I totally understand where you are coming from. But my whole thing, what would be the point in creating a new continent, landscaping it, creating and putting down new houses. If everyone wanted a skybox on their plot. Do you see where I am coming from? There would really be no need for a house or a houseboat or even the new continent. You might as well just use your allotment on mainland. Sure choices are great and all, but again. What would be the point on working on something like this, just to have every premium member to rez a skybox?
  10. But they didn't pay for this parcel, they got the house for free. Yeah I would understand if you had paid for a parcel on mainland. But you are literally getting a house for free. That to me looks really damn nice, and much better than the old Linden Homes.
  11. It's called their Linden Home, they don't have to furnish it if they want. Your logic is very flawed for one reason if we get rid of those homes, then not everyone who has premium or these people will have a home. You have to understand, some of these people scooped up a home, possibly filling it up at a later date. They may be busy doing RL stuff, family Emergency, work, etc. So to expect someone to decorate right away is preposterous. Look your idea is great, it's just flawed. Skyboxes would totally ruin the look of the community if you could switch to that. No one wants to see shadows over plots, or even the community itself.
  12. It shouldn't unless you installed that patch from VEA.
  13. Is it MP4 encoded, that was actually disallowed a while back. Due to legal reasons.
  14. You can also hit F5 too, that will refresh the page as well.
  15. From seeing pictures on Forums and on Facebook. I have to say, the whole place looks absolutely magnificent. I actually enjoy that the Moles and Lindens are taking their time and putting tonnes of effort into this new continent.
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