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  1. I can add to that, when new upcoming events or stores do that too. Or when they have it in their vendor, so when you purchase your item, you unknowningly subscribe to them. I have had it multiple times, even from a so called reputable event. Write now a shoe store has done it to me, and I keep on asking the owner of said store to take me off the list. I have yet to get a reply.
  2. Oh my god that bugs the absolute dickens out of me. Put the dang credits there, and stop being so dang cringy.
  3. When someone creates an ad photo and they don't credit what is part of their outfit that they didn't design. Like I see those shoes, and I want them. Can you not put where you got them. Also bloggers who just credit their sponsors, I want to know where you got everything from.
  4. Oh please do. XD. I am totally joking btw. I think my biggest pet peeve on this topic of men and women and stuff. Can't say the other word, I will get bleeped out. Lol. Is how and I may have said this before. But I say a lot, so I forget. Lol. Is how people in the LGBTQ community over sexualize themselves. And are oversexualized. I feel like the black sheep, as I am not that way and am not hypersexual.
  5. This is why I posted my pet peeve, just to stop this debate that is going in circles. Lol
  6. I have a bunch of pet peeves, to be honest with you. I think we all do, and this forum post is a great way to be able to openly talk about it. Anywhosers, with the pandemic and all. My big pet peeve is when people take like an hour to look around and shop. And I don't mean like they are constantly shopping, I mean they are looking around, touching everything, and just taking their sweet time. Now I don't know about you, but it is a pain to stand outside and wait. It is also a pain to watch someone's grubby paws, without any gloves on touch everything they are looking at. In SL, when an event releases and you go to check it out and it's a themed event and barely anything there is too the damn theme.
  7. Friend wanted to do a photo with me, turned into a pop up blog. I hope you all enjoy ♥
  8. This was inspired by my love of military stuff, and then the rest came together quite naturally. I hope you all enjoy ♥
  9. SL is also getting some positive recognition and press. This is so freakin cool
  10. I am actually gonna check it out. I am pretty excited to see this.
  11. December 24th 2007, 12 years and a bit. I was playing on a windows vista PC, which yeah it was an HP. So it basically ran SL molasses. Lol. Couldn't figure out how to leave mainland. Lol. So after the second day, I was like screw it and 4 years later I came back. Logged on ever since, and yes since that time. I had figured out how to leave mainland. Lol
  12. The only way I am getting a Gacha, is if they offer a Fatpack on top of pulling.
  13. I tend to have my own music going while at an event, that and I don't want to be having to cam through everyone on the event floor dancing. That and the lag, it would be so horrible.
  14. This photo was just an inspired by me wanting me to be classy in a place that made no sense to be class at. I hope you all enjoy ♥
  15. That was my point, they don't need it. That all being said, they need to realize that A there are so many events, and B half the events are crap at marketing. That is why there is low traffic. People need to realize, that events have oversaturated the market. So if you need to have a DJ to promote an event. Should you really be running an event?
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