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  1. I usually wear collars and chokers to hide mine. And then it goes away and doesn't bug the heck out of me.
  2. Today's inspiration, is literally me putting myself into total isolation to come up with a plan that would work best for me, and have me ultimately succeed. I truly hope you enjoy ♥
  3. I know I am a wee bit late here. I totally do apologize. I just had a lot on my plate over the holidays, and didn't get this up until tonight. I hope you all enjoy
  4. I do miss PocketShop and PocketGacha. I loved the HUD shopping.
  5. That is what I am getting at. What is so special about going to these "events"? I get nothing special to witness or experience from them. Just a shopping thingy, like every other shopping thingy.
  6. With the events comment, the fact that they are all practically the same. Booths, very little creativity and uniqueness. I would like to see someone create a real experience when I go shopping, immerse me in the world that they created. Nope, we get booths. That and there are too many events in general. Can you say oversaturated much?
  7. I thought last year was their 16th. So this year would be their 17th.
  8. Well to change your name where I live RL, is $137. So it isn't that high. That all being said, once I legally change my name after my surgeries for transitioning, I will have to pay that amount.
  9. Commercial areas. Especially since Premium plus is out, giving store owners the ability to have store fronts in Bellissaria to have stores there Oh and Cabins where the trailers are, make it really feel like a campgrounds.
  10. One of them should totally be a modern theme.
  11. With all the Stuff I have been going through. I've think I've gone nuts, this was actually inspired because of that, I swear that I am going crazy and losing my mind sometimes. I truly hope you enjoy ♥
  12. To be honest with you, my SL family, who is like an RL family to me and the people I am with. Without them, I don't think I would be who I am today. I am so grateful to have them all in my life. They are the most amazing people, and I love everyone of them.
  13. If I had my son, no. He is 6 almost 7, I would let him explore once he was 16. Which I think that is the age that you can start, but even then. I would monitor him and what he does. I am sorry, if I sound like I would be a horrible parent. But I don't even think anyone under the age of 18 should be playing.
  14. Muppets Christmas Carol That and all the Rankin Bass Christmas movies oh and The Santa Clause with Tim Allen
  15. I was using 1000s as an example. I really don't know the actual number of reviews were actually constructive. But my whole point, is that someone can only take so many Ahole reviews that do not provide any insight or how they can improve, without getting annoyed and having to take something down.
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