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  1. I have been on this weird Neutral/Fall Colour kick lately. The title well, that was inspired by what it's like outside where I live RL. I woke up this morning, with snow on the ground. It was interesting to say the least, as we usually don't start getting snow, until Mid December and Early February. I do like it though, it feels like we are getting our Canadian Winters back. Like I remember as a kid. I hope you guys enjoy
  2. Heck, if your internet is crap you are gonna experience lag too. So if you are playing with really bad internet, and on a toaster, of course you are gonna experience lag.
  3. I don't think that a lot of people also don't understand. That it's more your client side, so if you don't have the greatest memory, CPU or GPU. No matter what body you wear, it will cause lag. I have a beast of a computer, and I don't encounter lag problems. Unless I am in a really crowded place in SL, than I will start to feel it.
  4. It's usually an attachment issue, especially when people wear ears and other stuff of that nature. All those things add up over time.
  5. I was really bad at killing scripts and getting rid of the item entirely, especially if it was the colour I wanted. But this was back in the day, MP was big. But since I can redeliver on MP as well, I guess I can start doing that again. But I find that even then, most of my items are very low on the script count, so there is really no need to go in and delete the scripts.
  6. I usually make sure that all my scripts are kept to a minimum. I don't completely get rid of them. Just make sure that the people I get it from, they have really low script counts and their complexity is fairly low.
  7. But here is the thing, it could also be the attachments you wear. Some attachments do take up a lot in script count. So you gotta factor in that. Try going in with just the body, a simple outfit and hair. See if that makes a difference.
  8. To be quite frank speaking about Nalates earlier post, I don't think many people will change to BOM. They really don't understand that these system layers have been updated, and a lot of skin companies have been creating updates, with system layers in their packages. A lot of people think, we are gonna go back to the days of 512 by 512 and that it will make their avatar not look as pretty. But maybe if they gave it a try, with the skins they have. They would understand, that it has changed a lot since then.
  9. I honestly don't think he would, he talks a big game. But doesn't give me the confidence that he knows what he is doing. I look at him like, he made a graphically pretty viewer, that is it.
  10. His viewer is nice and all, but it is pretty intensive on machines even machines running amazing graphics. His viewer has nice graphics, but not optimized to be a daily driver. I only use it to take pictures, and even then limit the amount of time I take my pictures to an hour and a half to 3 hours tops. As I know it's pretty CPU and GPU intensive.
  11. That's the thing, I don't think everyone will not want to have to convert to SLink. She may have done an amazing job, but lately that is all I see people suggesting for a better optimized body. But the issue is, why do we give up our investments and redo our whole look from the ground up for a new body, that is optimized better?
  12. I honestly try to be considerate as possible with whatever body and head I wear. I will not go to a place dressed up with all my latest accessories, even in my day to day life. I will usually go with the bare minimum. But that is me.
  13. The issue is not primarily the bodies, it's what people wear to events and totally crowded places. Like do you need to do up your avatar to the nines, when you know that the place is gonna be packed? That is the issue, you can be script and complexity conscious with any body and head. You just gotta take into consideration of what you are wearing as well. Don't be going for all those accessories you own, or that companion pet. Just come as you are, with very minimum on.
  14. I don't even go over that kinda complexity for photos either, my hard limit is 100k. But I usually stay between the 30k and 50k mark. I find that I would rather be considerate to others, and still try my best to look as good as possible. Which is quite possible, if you really take your time and look into everything you wear.
  15. I am at 5mb, that is really not that bad. A little over 3, but still that is better than some people who have probably got in the 10s and 20s of mbs.
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