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  1. She is a follower from the Dawnguard DLC.
  2. You look kinda like Serana from Skyrim xD. Great job on the pics btw. ♥
  3. My biggest inspiration for the photo, was around a bike made by Fashiowl Poses. I am on this adventure kick, so this bike added to that collection of adventury things.
  4. I wanted to go with the adventurer look with this pic. I had this whole Indiana Jones thing stuck in my head. Did not do too well, but i hope you enjoy.
  5. Basically it means that you can put on system layers on Mesh Bodies and Heads. So if you still have old system layers, you can use them on your Mesh Body and Head. It is not gonna get rid of mesh bodies, and cool little tidbit of info. These new System Layers got an upgrade, instead of being able to upload 512 pixels for a system layer. You can now upload a whopping 1024 pixels for these new system layers. So you can now have higher quality system skins and other stuff.
  6. This photo was kinda inspired with Fall on it's way, and a wave goodbye to my 20s. Hope you guys enjoy
  7. Before I go, let me give you context into this one. This was actually inspired by a Happy Birthday post, to me of course from my Partner. We have this running gag, that I complain like an old Jewish lady. So me being me, I wanted to make pictures inspired by this idea. I don't look really old. I have my youngish beauty still intact, but I wanted to give the feeling that this picture was from like the old days. I hope you enjoy
  8. I wanted to go for a country/grunge look. I think I did an awesome job
  9. Not trying to be rude. But did anyone else get a headache from having to read all bold text? Not trying to degrade or devalue the OP, but that is just too much bold typeface for one person to handle.
  10. Look of the day folks, kinda was inspired by the 90s. Hope you enjoy.
  11. Today's Look, I kinda was inspired by my outfit, the sim and the pose.
  12. I don't know I am still not paying 5k, as most bodies are half that. Maybe if they make it a bit cheaper, I would consider it.
  13. Again, this is how my avatar looked yesterday. I think i am getting better at the photography thing. I absolutely love this look.
  14. My biggest pet peeve, when it comes to Flickr. Especially as a blogger. Is when groups, either don't put that they have opted out, or when they are taking a break or closed down. There is not a tick box for at least the ones taking a break, to hide the group from adding to it. Heck, if you shut down your group on Flickr, please delete it. Nothing drives me crazy, like having to see, oh this group is closed, this group is taking a break. And the ones that do take a break. Is it really a break, or did you close? Because some of them have been away for over a year.
  15. They are nice bodies, don't get me wrong. But the fact is that the alpha tearing, and the neck fit is like back when mesh heads first came out. You would have a terrible time lining up your neck with your body. My OCD would totally kick in, and I would definitely want to play with that for hours. Then with the alpha tears, I would constantly look at them, and they would irritate the heck out of me. Yeah nice body, but for the price and my OCD. I will stick with my Belleza Freya and Isis.
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