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  1. I am getting these emails, saying there is maintenance going on. Having to do with upgrading the host. Is SL moving to the cloud now?
  2. halebore Aeon

    What is Linden Labs policy towards incest

    Incest cannot exist in a virtual world, such as second life. For one, most families in SL are not related by blood, and if a person does wind up dating an ex-family member. Then that is perfectly fine. Like unless you are dating an actual blood relative in RL, within your immediate family, that is incest. Not a Brother and Sister in SL, that by definition is not incest.
  3. halebore Aeon

    Progeny, griefer attacks

    I think at the end of the day, many people are just getting sick and tired of being dragged into databases, without their prior consent. Hell, I was in both vampire RPs, and I wouldn't do any of that stuff, like biting and stuff. Especially with Progeny, I felt Immoral and wrong for doing something like that, without others consent. Yeah, I "Died" but I felt that my morals and my ethics were kept intact. But here is the deal, I have been in it. They tend to have this better than thou attitude. Which kinda annoys me. They clearly don't care, and would rather please their masters, and get their fake blood. But there was this one thing I remember, them calling these places "Doved" Sims. Essentially if they were to bite anyone, they would get sick and "Die". If we could figure out how to recreate that, then we can ultimately create deterrents. Even if it were to deter, the other RP systems like that. That would definitely be a bonus.
  4. halebore Aeon

    Progeny, griefer attacks

    Okay, it's an idea. At least you know that you did it and that it wasn't one of the vampires, that made you a "shade". Just trying to knock ideas out there, I know it has it's flaws. But it's better than anything for right now.
  5. halebore Aeon

    Progeny, griefer attacks

    I think a lot of peoples grievances, is the same as being put into a subscription system, without knowledge or consent. I for one don't like my name being put into an external database, it won't ruin my SL. But I think out of common courtesy, that they have a roleplaying sim, that when you enter this place, that you are pretty much consenting to this. But this is the problem here, with Progeny for example. Since you don't know you are being bitten, and they can even come in non-scripted areas and bite. It kinda makes the whole grid consenting to be put on the database. But here is an idea, if you want to opt out. You can easily just go to the sim of the creator, and just like a subscriber machine. They can essentially unsubscribe, and at the same time, maybe have a way to put them in a list of people, to leave them alone.
  6. halebore Aeon

    Progeny, griefer attacks

    I can say it is really annoying, to be put into a database without consent or knowledge of being in there. And the owners of said systems, will not let you opt out. It has nothing to do with intellectual property. It has everything to do with decency and respect, I wouldn't go and drop someone into a subscriber without their consent. So what gives them that authority to do so? And why can't they allow for an opt-out option?
  7. halebore Aeon

    Progeny, griefer attacks

    I am frustrated too, it does get annoying that they do that. But I am not gonna take someone else's work and distribute it freely to everyone. That is against TOS if I remember correctly. Unless you got the expressed consent from the creators themselves, which I highly doubt that. Look we get why you are doing it, but you need to also understand, you need to report these people if they do this kinda stuff to you.
  8. halebore Aeon

    Progeny, griefer attacks

    Actually, those HUDS, work in non-scripted areas as well. They called it, a non-invasive script. It basically works like some Griefing HUDS, they use scripts that override that specific permission. So if you were to go to a no script entry area, you could still, in fact, be bitten. Not that it makes it any better, just wanted to inform you.
  9. So Does that mean they will be released, once you are able to Iron out all the problems.?
  10. With EEP, does this mean that SL will be getting a total lighting overhaul? Including Shaders, God Rays, etc.
  11. halebore Aeon

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    I still would love to see a search function, added to our purchase history
  12. halebore Aeon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    No problem anytime, always glad to help.
  13. halebore Aeon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Look up Foxcity on YouTube, I will actually give you their link. It taught me how to get better at lighting. I really hope this helps with your quest. ♥
  14. halebore Aeon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I did an awesome job, I think.
  15. halebore Aeon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I was playing around with lighting today, as I am gonna sit down and take a bit to learn about taking the perfect picture in SL, and well this happened.