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  1. This one was totally inspired by Natasha Romanov(The Black Widow) and I wanted to show it off in my blog.
  2. When creators or even event managers forget something in their ad. I have been nice enough to let them know. But hey this is a gift. When you get there you have to be a part of the group and it costs a fee to join. Why don't you put in your ad that it's a group gift and that it costs this much to join the group. Also say that it's a group gift. By calling it a gift without specifying that you need to be a part of a group is tad annoying. I see this a lot on FB. That and when gifts cost money to get. So instead of receiving said gift for free. You are basically making a discounted purchase on t
  3. I gotta be honest with you guys, this outfit and look took me two weeks to put together. My Inspiration, was a zombie soldier from way back when. And I think I hit my mark on the dot.
  4. They mean Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoins and that stuff. Lindens are not considered a legal currency. As you can only use them in SL. Unlike Bitcoin, where you can use it anywhere that accepts Bitcoin.
  5. No the IRS wants to know how much money you make if you are a creator. Plain and simple as that, they don't care if you upload money or sell a measly 100 Lindens to your paypapl. But if you treat your store in world like an actual business and are selling Ls on a month to month basis. They want to know, for tax purposes. Its part of US law. LL has to follow the law.
  6. This post was inspired by my outfit and the backdrop and the rain. I hope you guys all enjoy.
  7. Today's Inspo is actually hard to say, I saw the coat and the sneakers and was like this would look cute. Let me blog it. I hope you all enjoy ♥
  8. Yes and when SL is fully integrated or migrated on the cloud things will be back to normal. They explained this during last years SL17B or at a lab gab.
  9. And even then they said they would have SL integrated fully into the cloud sometime in Feb or March of next year.
  10. Didn't they say that until they have fully moved to the cloud they are stopping the sales of new regions? I think that is what Ebbe said, but I am not too sure.
  11. It took me forever to get the inspo to post this, cause honestly I was in this rut and have been since the latter part of last year as well. But I finally got the inspo to post this. I hope you all enjoy ♥
  12. People who don't put out demos for accessories and stuff. Especially skins and ears, I know a few people who don't do it. I really like the product, but I am not gonna take a gamble on how well it fits my look or body, if there is no demo to test it out.
  13. I was raised to be kind and help, so I think that if I were to see someone who just came on or was having a difficult time trying to put together their avatar and they ask. I will help. Does that mean that automatically we are friends, no. I am just doing a good deed and moving on with my day. But yes humans do have preferences and will choose who they talk to based on certain standards of their own. That is not snobbery, that is just a human being a human. I don't have to be someone's friend or partner if I don't want to. So this post is kinda redundant in the first place.
  14. But there is a big difference between body shaming someone's actual body. To what it equates to in SL. Basically in a place we can be whatever we want, we have invested a tonne of time effort and money into a virtual representation of ones self. To me that is not body shaming, that is just being cynical towards others.
  15. Yeah you are telling me, most of the assets at the sim aren't loading in so all I see is the land and nothing else. When I try to teleport out, I just wind up crashing.
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