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  1. Just hanging around the house, but haven't posted in a few days. I'm in a dark red lipstick kind of mood! :3
  2. Stole a snap of me and Carolina while Orwar was busy trying to take a picture himself! x3 Mine won't be as good as his, but here it is anyways.
  3. Waiting for friends from different timezones to log in... Loving my new cocktail dress!
  4. Non selfie, just sharing my friend Carolina looking awesome today!
  5. Me today, hanging out my my skybox. Nothing too fancy.
  6. Me today, piddling around and waiting on my friends to log in.
  7. D'aww! Thanks Orwar! I appreciate you taking this picture for me! <3
  8. I lived in Colorado and Alaska for a while, but am now in the Midwest. I always chuckle at how quickly people start losing it over a little snow or chilly weather.
  9. *Sets your shirt on fire and burns brightly with you as a group* Thanks!
  10. This was fun. We all looked so goofy looking off to the side like that!
  11. If you are looking for family I will say Orwar is good people. I'm not a member of his family, but I did recently make a friend of him. So, there's that. I'd be happy to be your friend, if you'd like to toss me an IM sometime. I am on CST but I keep really random hours, so my actual timezone doesn't seem to make much difference. Most of my SL people on very opposite time tables from me tend to be who fills my friends list.
  12. I'll message you both! Thanks for the replies!
  13. I don't have pictures of my old avi with some of my old school hairs, but I do remember that at owned pretty much everything of Devious Kitties, now known as Ploom, I believe. Anyone else used to love that place?
  14. Every tree is going to have some bad apples. You don't cut down the whole tree, or in this instance burn down the whole orchard because of it. I'm sure you have some legitimate grievances with some of the non-premium community, but i genuinely think this would do more harm than good. My first avatar I started back in 2007, I was never premium, but I poured more money than is healthy into Lindens, and I helped build RP sims and run various RPs. Most of our people would not have been there if only premiums were allowed because as a vampire roleplay sim, it was Adult. Likewise now on my new avi, having returned from a hiatus, I still don't see much advantage to being premium. Still giving back to the economy of the game though without being a troll or really rude to anyone. As much of my RL earnings as I am willing to pour into this digital world, it is better for me, and many like me, to be able to pay what we have available when it's available to us. Just my 2 cents. Again, OP, not taking shots at you here. Just genuinely sharing my perspective.
  15. So, I should start by saying that though this avi is new, I am pretty much SL ancient. My original rezday was back in 2007. I took a long hiatus from SL, returned, blundered around my old inventory....and then realized that everything is mesh now and it was easier to just say "burn it" to my old avi than to try to actually organize and delete all of the super old and not so great looking stuff. Maybe it's just my perspective, but it seemed like it was easier to make friends back on ye olde SL... Anyways, I enjoy books, tv, movies, anime, manga, video games, D&D, Pathfinder, WoD...and I also like things that make me sound like I am 100, such as crocheting, knitting, sewing, gardening, painting, cooking, and herbal teas. I promise I am not actually some batty old lady. I just have an inner old lady instead of an inner child. It can't be helped. Now, I should note that while I don't judge what anyone else gets up to in whatever circumstance (you do you, man. seriously.) I do not do SL sex or relationships. I am happily married RL. I keep odd hours at times, but I am on the CST timezone. So, if all of the above sounds ok to you, drop me a message.
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