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  1. Just hanging around the house, but haven't posted in a few days. I'm in a dark red lipstick kind of mood! :3
  2. Stole a snap of me and Carolina while Orwar was busy trying to take a picture himself! x3 Mine won't be as good as his, but here it is anyways.
  3. Waiting for friends from different timezones to log in... Loving my new cocktail dress!
  4. Non selfie, just sharing my friend Carolina looking awesome today!
  5. Me today, hanging out my my skybox. Nothing too fancy.
  6. Me today, piddling around and waiting on my friends to log in.
  7. D'aww! Thanks Orwar! I appreciate you taking this picture for me! <3
  8. I lived in Colorado and Alaska for a while, but am now in the Midwest. I always chuckle at how quickly people start losing it over a little snow or chilly weather.
  9. *Sets your shirt on fire and burns brightly with you as a group* Thanks!
  10. This was fun. We all looked so goofy looking off to the side like that!
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