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  1. The ability to lie to your face and realistically expect to get away with it, is for all intents and purposes a politicians one job.
  2. We have passed the 4 month mark. Happy uncertainty everyone !
  3. If you're just looking to own one body, I would recommend a maitreya, it's kinda the defacto standard, has good BoM support, works well and has the best 3rd party support. It's been around a while now so majority of clothing vendors have fitting down to a fine art.
  4. From most to least likely ... Not open when you called. Technical problems (yours or theirs). Crazy busy. Didn't think you were a very interesting person. Got corrupted when the staff were digitized and uploaded. I'm betting on 1, with a low chance of 2.
  5. That was their excuse at the time, I'm sure if asked again they would come up with something else.
  6. Twitch and SL will never happen. We (Catznip) tried years ago, added all the required code to stream from the viewer direct to Twitch, applied for an api key .. and got told no because they could not be sure of ownership of everything that might appear on the stream.
  7. Add people and don't worry about it. There is a reluctance these days, maybe we're all just getting older, maybe the people who treat friends as a quick hookup list have put us all off.
  8. Free accounts in SL are a GOOD THING. SL depends on free accounts. Free accounts are our friends, lock out our friends and you lock us all out. It's about time LL removed all account status information from public view, it's no ones business who buys a sub and who doesn't. No one should feel the need to justify their participation in SL in terms of how much money they spend here. If you don't feel you're getting value from a premium subscription, direct your attention to LL rather than others who seem to be doing just fine without one. A better prem package would benefit e
  9. Tim Sweeny is a big proponent of the metaverse as a concept, and he's hot potatoes right now. Second Life wont get that kind of media attention unless something spectacular happens, not surprised we didn't even get mentioned as a footnote.
  10. Virus containing particles tend to be encapsulated in water rather than oil (like smoke). These behave very differently. Your experiences with one do not translate to the other. The behavior of atmospheric microscopic particles is an exceptionally complicated field of study, often reduced to broad statistical analysis, practical observation or computer simulation being borderline impossible. Complex local conditions (of which you can't be aware) include a fair range of conditions in which viral particles may remain airborne and viable indefinitely. The only mitigation is a broad
  11. Putting Paypal and Tilia in the same sentence is ludicrous. That's like comparing your kids lemonade stand to coco-cola. Oh .. and it's raining out, your kid's sopping wet and miserable, you live 300 miles away from anyone, already bought 2 cups of mostly rainwater yourself and suspect this whole fiasco is just a ploy to guilt trip a bigger allowance.
  12. If this is a confirmed LBO. That would be bad. Someone takes out a stupid big loan, buys LL with it, signs the debt over to LL, and if they can carry it and make a profit, flip the whole mess in a few years for mega profits ... with little risk to investor if it all fails. The risk to the target company is high. Likely be layoffs and huge efforts to streamline & profit take so it can remain profitable, pay everyone and service it's new debt. Notable casualties include Radio Shack, Payless Shoes, Toys R Us, Sears, K-Mart and much of the US's independent / print media. While i
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