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  1. Running a store was one of the main things I used to do in SL years ago, and I did make a solid second income from it .. but those days are long past, the years pass, other things happen, life, depression. I've never stopped making things in or for SL, but it's only the last few weeks that I've been motivated to put something in a box for others to buy. My last few years of SL stuff hasn't made it past personal use and everyone keeps yelling at me to do the store thing again so .. ya. I'm not going to be cashing out anytime soon, but I just might just get out of the next arcade with a new outfit (if anyone cares to make something for Belleza, pretty please), really it's just super awesome to actually finish something for once and then see it in use, if for nothing else than as a psychological boost. I know right, Patch and co nailed it. My motivation for this isn't to name and shame (the fact we all know who the-stores-who-shall-not-be-named is kinda a testament to their skill at marketing), but to get some clarification either for or against and get some discussion, people in the group seemed to all come out in favor, yet my reading of the rules isn't so permissive, it seemed worth a thread, I opened with a meme on purpose. I do that, sorry. Brick to the face sometimes. I totally agree, SL is back and everything feels on the up. Personally .. "It's ok till the moment it's not ok" is not really good enough, if it gets to that point then it will be too late to accomplish anything meaningful. LL will do what they always do. Sit on the sidelines and hope 'it' goes away, and then just drop the hammer when someone inevitably takes their silence to mean "do literally anything you like, and by anything we mean everything, even that" and it wont affect a couple of opportunistic brands with some gorilla marketing. It's also not like the-stores-who-shall-not-be-named are going to suffer at this point, if anything there is a lesson for all merchants here.
  2. You introduced yourself as such .. should have just taken that as a sign I'd read at least the first 3 paragraphs of your monster rambling post. Well then your research skills are fairly feeble, on my forum profile alone I mention that I work on the Catznip viewer and moderate the second life subreddit (where your blog is actually one of the very few we do the flair for automatically and don't instantly spamtrap, you're welcome I guess). Very recently I made some decking and put up a store, Go me. That's very cynical .. exceptionally cynical in fact. You literally opened your post after the 2 paragraphs of preamble with " As a Blogger " I mean you really did. I didn't get a pony plastic rocket yet, so I guess not .. can you be less angry please? I guess not. EDIT : And what is it with people writing half a rant, posting and then editing in more .. don't do it.
  3. Blocking a group or inventory spam on landing someplace used to be a gotcha when shopping in world.
  4. Absolutely .. but that's not quite the same. It might seem like a subtle and almost trivial distinction to some (and notably in this thread, it's store owners and Flickr posters & now a blogger who seem to have the strongest opinions as to why this distinction is irrelevant), but it is a different thing nonetheless. If it's ok for a show home for housewares to slide under the radar, then by the same liberties you can have a show home for anything. There are lines and they should be defined and adhered to. Keep in mind this discussion is about Bellisseria, essentially a gated residential community, not the wider grid in general where literally anything can and does happen.
  5. The core details have already been done by kitty, we're finishing up some UI and hope to have something people can poke in the not too distant future. Ideally we would like to get this into the Linden viewer then everyone has it. But .... Emoji are essentially just unicode .. and if you can put unicode somewhere then .. that's going to be that. If a friend decides to change their displayname to ❤️🍆 well .. as much as that's not my bag, good for them I guess. Even if they can't have colour emoji, there will be a mono fall back. People are going to use them everywhere, in terrible ways, on purpose and despite what Oz says, this is a HUGE thing to everyone under 35 Everyone over 35 will just have to stare on in stunned disbelief as they realize half the people they know are 😜🦊🍰 It's going to be glorious. 2 weeks.
  6. I qualified that with "if successful" .. from personal experience it's pretty horrible to be on a region with or that borders a popular club, especially one that's running from a 1024sqm parcel in the corner of the region and turning the whole place into treacle .. that's mainlands great curse. Discussion about rules is less about 'not in my back yard' and more about having the discussion, if the rules need to be changed to encompass and encourage things like light commercial activities or social clubs then it has to happen here. Likewise, if there are rules, they need to be, and be seen to be, applied evenly. I thought the initial post with a "change my mind" meme would have at least hinted at that... Who knows, we might get some guidelines and tweaks from LL, we might get better and more capable social spaces, or even land as part of the continent set up specifically for such things. The only part of this whole adventure that been clear from the start is that LL had no idea what was going to happen when they pushed the button. If we're busying making workarounds (like the new independent events website for Bellisseria, because event posting is a no) and technical justifications for things people clearly want then maybe that could be used to guide actual output from LL while they both seem to be getting it right and paying attention.
  7. I'm glad I was able to coax your first post on forums since 2014, great to have you here and all that .. but please, don't edit your post after someone has replied.
  8. There is more than one show home and other creators who may want / be planning to do similar in the future. Clarity on the rules now is in everyone's interests. As I stated early on, I think the reaction would be little different if a show home opened up next door to you and was stocked to the gills with one brands hardcore naughty toys attracting a steady stream of "window shoppers" .. because the rules do state "Residents may decorate the interior of their house to their liking". Three people including yourself in a group of 700 does not the majority make. Also, as Blush and you are also store owners, I would think you want to know the rules before potentially wasting a significant amount of time on a project relating to your business? I know I would. The joys of upsetting someone so much they felt the need to start a brigade .. as though a question about Linden rules could be "won" on the forums.
  9. I think a clarification of the rules surround commercial (and specifically advertising) activity on Bellisseria is in order, does the Linden Homes KB article's prohibition apply as stated, or does the omission of that line from the land covenant mean it is implicitly allowed? Ping @Patch Linden @Jeremy Linden
  10. Naming names on the forum isn't allowed, it's public knowledge which homes are Branded show homes and they are listed as such in the note-cards being passed around by groups and signs. The document I linked to is not a covenant, it is the base rule set for all Linden Homes. Anything specified in the lands covenant supersedes , not out right replaces the original document.
  11. There is no indication that the policy is out of date and I'm sure if it was, then it would be updated. LL are pretty good with that sort of thing. I am not implying anything, the rules as published are clear. Intent matters. There is nothing to stop anyone making their home public. However, the owner of Brand X creating a home, sign posting it encouraging visitors to "Brand X Show Home" where they might see all of Brand X's inventory in context of their own new home is an entirely different thing. This is absolutely marketing, and as such commercial activity. If someone moved in to you next door IRL and invited you over to see their house, it would matter if the owner was an individual or IKEA. Even if you were unable to buy any of the things you saw at that location.
  12. A lot of folk just land on a region, cam about a bit .. is this what they are looking for (if they even know) ? Nope? Next search result. Bots tend to be fairly easy to spot, for one they are almost always flying.
  13. Dating in SL can totally work. All the caveats of any long distance relationship apply. Wish you the very best of luck.
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