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  1. A full 3D reliable client that meets the extended session times typical of SL users would be a technical miracle. Lumiya did do 3D .. and it would eat all your devices ram and boil the processor .. and then crash. There is no way an app with SL performance requirements will survive Apple's store.
  2. I vaguely remember something from way back when that a shift drag copy is not the same as a fresh object rez, which is not the same as dropping a compiled script from inventory directly into a target object either. I remember doing some tests back when I had a region before I had built anything on it, but I didn't write anything down (that has survived at least) I'm kinda eeeeeeehhhhh ... as it has been many years and even if correct, the memory saving is trivial in the grand scheme of things (stuff like OS reboots or core system updates could shift memory usage by significantly more than the amounts involved here). Happily be proven wrong if that means we get some up to date accurate information about this sort of thing.
  3. (Theoretically) slightly lower script memory use. The shift copy and original will use the same memory for their code and only have separate working / variable space, rather than there being two full copies of everything.
  4. Something that instills a subtle yet pervasive sense of none specific existential dread. The monster under the bed is real, it's listening to you breathe, and it's my friend, not yours.
  5. How to create a perfect lag storm on a busy region that's up against it's cap, like a shopping event. Avatar enters region and it's state is loaded, all scripts get going, the eagle has landed. This is the single most expensive event a region undertakes. Script checker pokes the mono engine and determines the avatar is over some arbitrary limit and ejects them. The avatar is unloaded and packaged up to be sent to another region. This is the second most expensive region event. Another avatar immediately enters step 1. This maximizes the time a region spends in the load/unload phase. Script performance on the region looks horrific .. because the region has no time to run any scripts, it's too busy spinning the revolving door as fast as it can. Toss in some massive spikes in UDP traffic with each entry & exit, a room with 60 people and 300 vendors each showing half a dozen 1024 textures .. everyone's connection will be completely saturated compounding a stressed region with massive client side lag. Nailed it.
  6. Settlers of Second Life .. a fairly rare to find 4 player Catan clone made entirely from prims, scripted in LSO and using a paltry 256 Li
  7. You really don't have to worry about script memory usage. Once upon a time way back when, LL would show off their new shiny servers and tell us all how much ram they had, they haven't done that for years and those old servers are now being used as door stops. (You can buy a cheap PC in walmart with more oompf than the last machines we knew the details for!). However, some like to cite those old numbers as though they are still relevant. We have no idea what the machines in LL's data center look like. We can reasonably assume they aren't running a museum and are significantly better equipped than they were in 2008, not to mention all the infrastructure changes that have happened in that time moving stuff into the cloud. When it comes to Linden homes, keep in mind that each full region doesn't have full resident use (like regular mainland or a private island may), this is primarily to give enough Li headroom for roads and the 'free' houses, it also gives quite a bit more headroom for scripts too. The best tip is when placing multiple copies of the same object (like a chair), don't rez each one by one, shift copy them. Keep the number of animating things down (animating as in the thing itself animates .. like pets / critters), and don't leave stuff out you rarely use (like a greedy table that only see's a game once a blue moon). A couple of breedables are technically fine, but they will attract unwanted attention (deserved or not) from neighbors who like to peek over the fence. I would not recommend removing scripts. I would not recommend watching the script stats like a hawk. The best performance metric is perceptual .. when you interact with the thing, does it do the thing in a satisfactory manner. If not .. well .. this is shared land, your ability to debug script usage is practically zero, and you can't expect a Linden to come out and start inspecting everything, they just don't do that.
  8. The Lab getting all SL's ducks in a line after 16 years of 'near enough' is indeed an ill wind.
  9. My impression is that it's the opposite, they are trying to do too much with too few devs, with too little time and too rigid a schedule. It feels like their development paradigm has become a ball and chain, and now no one dreams about painting the wrenches pink because love can't be written up on a Jira. Migrating the platform to the cloud is a great example. As a project it's a perfect fit, the goals are clear and achievable through a series of orderly steps, in which developers can be interchanged and innovation is reduced to solving a million little problems. SL's infrastructure is tighter and better than ever, there is no question that SL will end up entirely in the cloud and function perfectly. The love machine was the polar opposite. Do what you love doesn't really work when the project is mundane, it ends up a Sisyphean slog plagued by burn out and personality. But it generated all of the deep magic that keeps us coming back. Everything that makes SL unique is from those days, everything since has been transcribing chicken scratches into well formatted legible type. SL is more like a game than we care to appreciate, it feels from the outside that it's being developed like a word-processor. Don't get me wrong, I do not miss the old days where it was a genuine miracle that the service worked at all, when the infrastructure was mostly string and sticky tape, and when the grid crashed so regularly LL openly pretended it was maintenance. Doing something for love is why Bellisseria has surpassed everyone's expectations, and much like the old days, it's delivery is far from ideal.
  10. If someone is use a temp rezzor and it's objects encroach onto your parcel, the ONLY recourse is AR and a support ticket.
  11. Pineapple on a pizza .. a fruit pie .. with cheese on it .. I don't think I want to live on this planet anymore.
  12. Well ... guess what happens if you ask support a case specific Tilia question They direct you the closed Q&A thread and the FAQ.
  13. Pride isn't politics, despite how many people justify their bigotry that way.
  14. Literally anything can be a business expense and you don't have to worry about justification .. just keep your receipts.
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