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  1. Second Life viewer doesn't run on Windows 10

    Any chance of a screenshot of whats happening ?
  2. Is "roleplaying" in non-RP areas really that bad?

    Long live the fighters.
  3. Yes. The viewer is exceptionally harsh on transparency.
  4. But they don't make TPV viewers .. furrys OTOH.
  5. Thanks World

    The ring falls like a feather sure .. but is a single finger a load baring structure? Science would know, and by science .. I mean 3D6.
  6. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    The code that handles chat relays your messages about without needing to know what is being said. Actually parsing your words would be silly. Drop rates, caps, gating and variety. Simple interactions result in a tiny reward with a low daily cap. Gate higher rewards behind more complicated content. Scripting a bot to talk all day is trivial, scripting a bot to play the Horizons mini game .. not so much (that would be actually impressive)
  7. Thanks World

    Pouring over the source material was always more fun though .. people seem to take it personally when after 20 minutes creating a character the DM opens a sink hole under them 3 minutes in.
  8. Policing performance in the client is the responsibility of the client, not the server. There is immense variability in client capability and performance that to allow one person to set limits for everyone based upon there personal configuration is idiotic in the extreme. Creating a revolving door and ejecting "bad" avatars based upon an arbitrary and ignorant interpretation of numbers adds significant load to a region, on busy regions such as events this simply makes SL's inherent performance woes even worse. What's faster than checking and ejecting avatar variables when they arrive, not checking.
  9. Doing the will of the long dead seems to be a conservative thing .. even if it's only preaching and lip service.
  10. Is "roleplaying" in non-RP areas really that bad?

    It works both ways. I've seen people get quite hostile to others roleplaying in local in a non RP setting.
  11. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    You don't. But you do make it so registered bots don't earn anything, add a ToS rule about bots that farming GEMS and send in the clowns .. I mean us .. and the ban hammers. A reward unjustly farmed is a solid motivation for us to do the leg work of finding and reporting "cheats"
  12. Is "roleplaying" in non-RP areas really that bad?

    As a rule anything that removes a persons ability to consent to being a part of your roleplay is considered at best, rude. This is generally why roleplay tends to remain in in dedicated roleplay areas.
  13. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    Why would they need to monitor what you said? (you really might want to read this ...
  14. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    You are aware that there is zero direct communication between viewers? That all data is sent via LL servers .. they already know everything.
  15. Should SL have a secondary 100% in game currency ?

    That's .. not how any of this works. But please, feel free to send me all your heavy lag inducing L$.