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  1. Now if only male avatars could look like this.
  2. Oh, I'm sorry .. but this isn't the first time. I shouldn't have to opt out of you plugging threads on the forums via a product in use by a large number of people, regardless of how much or little it may cost. Pretty sure if that's not a ToS violation already, It should be. You want forks, this is how you get forks.
  3. But you're ok sending this message to every single open collar user when then log on ? Everytime. Looks like spam to me.....
  4. Which aren't solutions to actual introverts. Just go make friends! Just start talking to random people for no reason at all and don't stop till you're convinced it's a meaningful friendship! Just be someone else! Easy!
  5. I'm sure everyone running SL on an integrated intel GPU who are now effectively locked out of their belli homes are loving it. Especially those who don't know you can switch particles off (via a 4 button key combo hidden in a secret menu)
  6. These particle effects are a performance nightmare. 19 FPS with them on 49 FPS with them off. Alpha blended particle effects are the single most expensive thing to render in all of SL Ryzen 7, RTX2060 ... it's not my PC.
  7. Seem to have answered your own question. In short, no VR setups are supported for SL. There was an attempt some time back to make a VR viewer but it was abandoned, presumably because SL is a poor fit and unable to hit the required consistent frame rate to mitigate motion sickness (and that whole dedicated no dead VR platform that shall not be named).
  8. Thankfully laptop manufacturers are learning there is a market for high end machines that don't look like they're owned by a 12 year old.
  9. Learn't that one the hard way sitting in a club, working on a script in a hud attachment ^^
  10. Is he beating that horse with a poorly drawn over-sized peanut ?
  11. Exactly .. the closest analogy I can think of is 'Windows Mobile' ... Well that's impressive! ... So how do I ... Not yet. But can I just ... No. Why did I ... !! Glorious potential !! Feature parity ! ... bored now. Bye!
  12. I'd be interested in details, what was sold, what happens to Sansar, Sansar$, Do wookey now own user accounts, content, etc ?
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