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  1. Ahhh .. the never ending, yet perfectly sequential line of racist trolls.
  2. Does anyone know a cute bunny avatar that works with Maitreya, asking for a me.
  3. Racist individual acts vs systemic racism. Systemic racism is the problem, as I tried to gently point out, we're not talking about individual or specific racist acts. Which is why we have systemic racism. It's impossible to have a meaningful discussion with the vast majority of white people because they immediately take umbrage over the implication that they may in some way be labeled as racist. Thank you for that example of peek white fragility and white privilege though, filled my bingo card.
  4. When people talk about racism, they aren't talking about mean words, they are talking about the systemic oppression of one group by another. White fragility is the tendency of white people who have never had to deal with racial stress getting upset with terms like white fragility or white privilege and attempting to shut down and constrain the conversation by going on the defensive. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/07/health/white-fragility-robin-diangelo-wellness/index.html https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/culture/a32812084/white-fragility-what-is-it/ https://www.uua.org/sites/live-new.uua.org/files/diangelo-white_fragility_and_the_rules_of_engagement.pdf https://forge.medium.com/what-it-means-to-accept-that-youre-racist-fbeef3839e47 You're wrong, and I get it, that sucks, but unsucking this whole mess is going to be one hell of a slog for white people, because we're the ones with the problem and freak out whenever it's brought up.
  5. People have demonstrated over the years that they will go to exceptional lengths for tiny amounts of L$, and if that means rolling an army of alts, or writing some program to do that for them automatically 24/7, so be it. Back in the day some residents would place money trees on their land (myself included). These would rez small amounts of cash that a new avatar could click on to collect. The amounts of money dropped was tiny (a few L$), only available to accounts under a fixed number of days old, and taught fine camera controls (as the money would rez inside whatever random tree the owner placed). It was intended to pay for image uploads, group formation, some basic accessories. A few people would make an alt when their avatar got too old or have a few accounts just for farming the trees, that was fine. Then came the bots that would rez, insta fly to the tree, collect everything in a split second and vanish (they were easy to identify by moving the tree). And that was back in the day when making a bot for SL was hard.
  6. California has the worlds 5th biggest economy and is larger than the UK and France. It's pushing double the size of Russia. California hasn't been pushed to the brink, it's being plundered by those at the top.
  7. Black Lives Matter isn't an agenda, it's a statement and you either support that statement, or you don't and we have a word for that. Hiding behind opposition to the political views of those who most vocally support that statement, does not provide a safe way to oppose it. I am done with letting that slide, it is quite literally the very least I can do.
  8. Change is brought by the people, not politicians. They are reactionary.
  9. PoC being murdered by the police or suffering at the hands of systemic racism is not a political issue. Black. Lives. Matter. as in literally, the lives of black people, matter. Picking apart the politics of specific organisations that support black lives matter is an unnecessary and irrelevant attempt to attack that simple truth without the appearance of outright racism. Semantics and pedantry wont protect you from that implication on this issue.
  10. People spamming area search shouldn't be allowed to complain about other people negatively impacting region performance. Scripted stuff can't really lag a region, but even if that was the problem, derendering it would do nothing as scripts are entirely server side. If you don't like your neighbors activities, the better course of action is to move. Derendering in third party viewers is not intended as solution to this problem.
  11. Go make a new thread if you want to talk politics. This thread is not that.
  12. Yes, that's the key take away here. It's *REALLY* important everyone knows the person with an anime avatar has a right-wing opinion on statues, who would have ever imagined.
  13. Then I guess the BLM protests in the UK were entirely pointless (they weren't) as you seem pretty sure that's not a problem there (It is).
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