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  1. CoffeeDujour

    Neighbor Bully

    Oh damn ... that is one gorgeous build. The walls really help make it feel like a "slice of bliss"
  2. CoffeeDujour

    Firestorm misrendering textures nearly constantly

    Check if the latest Linden viewer has the same issues.
  3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lumiyaviewer.lumiya&hl=en_US The play store is far more forgiving when it comes to acceptable apps vs Apple's store.
  4. Inara got confirmation https://modemworld.me/2019/01/10/linden-lab-confirm-second-life-ios-client-in-the-making/
  5. I'm sure they have been given a solid legal interpretation of the rules as they do or do not technically apply to the LL offering, probably by someone who doesn't use the platform personally and would be embarrassed by / didn't think to type smutty words into search. Someone will, and they will write about how easy it was and how the adult filters were meaningless, and that will be that. In all likelyhood they will start this journalistic assignment simultaneously knowing the outcome and have not used Second Life before ....
  6. This is DOA. Jail-breaking is barely feasible on iOS platforms capable of even contemplating SL and not a practical route to market for any serious application, so it's app store or bust. Apple will drop the nukes just as soon as the press wake up to Second --that place to have weird digital nookie-- Life being on iOS. At best we will get investigative journalism about SL's rich and thriving escort & fetish scenes, more likely we will get some lazy pictures of naked avatars on an iPad. It wont matter. Tumblr couldn't survive it .. Twitter could easily be next. Locking the client to PG land ... wont do a damn thing. IM chat isn't going to be limited to PG content. Skyboxes aren't going to be limited to PG content, if anything PG content just makes it more likely that the inevitable trash-fire screenshots will have naked avatars next to someones 100% innocent PG child avatar play area. Even text only isn't surefire safe. The App Store has rules. Apple enforces them. https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/#user-generated-content The last part about adult content being opt in is not enough to stave off a ban. It's not like the press haven't faked SL illicit activity before for shock value. "Little Timmy downloaded this virtual world, we thought it was like minecraft but with better graphics, and now he says he's a _______ sex ______ and wants to shop at hot-topic" Will it be impossible to solicit a virtual escort on the PG client with out enabling adult content ? Will it be impossible to rez or view adult objects without enabling adult content ? Objects are not maturity rated, it could be a car, or a 30ft glowing _______. https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/#hardware-compatibility My iPad now doubles as a space heater / grilled cheese sammich maker. https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/#payments About those gachas .... technically they aren't provided by LL, ho hum ...
  7. This has nothing to do with Second Life.
  8. CoffeeDujour

    Things about RLV you may not know.

    From a developers perspective, cheating out of or around RLVa restrictions is par for the course. There have always been creative ways to get around specific restriction combos. That in many ways is the point and why the list of specific restrictions is so long. It would be much easier for us to add a command like @do-everything=NO and call it a day This is all par for the course with D/s relationships in SL, control is never absolute and a little mischief adds an important dynamic to any relationship. The ability to impose scary RLV is often seen and used as a way to impose or qualify trust, when really it should be about communication and expectation. Sadly, a lot of RLV play in SL is ALL OR NOTHING. If someone applies all the locks and leave their play partner with no reason to log in aside from stare at the screen and await attention, then it really shouldn't be a surprise when that results in "cheating". An important and often missed point is that being locked up is for the most part a whole lot more fun than enduring the locks. Assumptions like "they still have IM and can chat" should not be taken as a given as they really might not have or care to spend their time at a dominants mercy forced to choose between boredom / talking to other people. If a locked-up playmate switches to lumiya / radegast then maybe don't take that as a lack of submissive fortitude on their part. For the most fun, we recommend you lock hard and often, the tighter the restrictions the shorter they all stay, and under no circumstances leave the same combinations/everything in place for ever. Oh .. and RLVa has never just been about the kink, there are many commands that have only limited utility in an adult naughty fun setting. Want to script the camera with full control to repeat the same motion over and over, say for .... film making, we got that !
  9. CoffeeDujour

    Things about RLV you may not know.

    This really isn't the place to report bugs in firestorm - try https://jira.phoenixviewer.com - although for the sake of everyones sanity please keep your reports technical, concise, and limit yourself to one issue per report. .. What Lumiya does is entirely up to Lumiya, as they aren't an open source project they really shouldn't be using any of the same code.
  10. They should be marked as bots on their account page so they don't get counted, once upon a time LL used to care about stuff like this.
  11. CoffeeDujour

    Living as a female in Second Life - my experiences

    It only goes wonky when the person playing cross gender doesn't identify with that gender and treats SL as an RL dating opportunity, seeks out a gay/lesbian SL relationship and hopes the other person is actually straight and will be entirely accepting of the big reveal. Bait and switch is not a solid basis for any relationship. Although hilarity does ensue when two 5000% straight guys both play lesbians figuring they are the only one .. especially when at least one of them has created their very own 'verified female' group. I hate to sound sexist, but I've yet to meet a single person who identified as female off screen playing as a SL guy to date gay guys in the hope they are secretly into RL girls.
  12. CoffeeDujour

    Second Life's BDSM community

    Always ask what you can expect to happen afterwards , I've seen "education" places that really only exists to supply a specific role-play with fresh meat.
  13. CoffeeDujour

    Second Life's BDSM community

    I think you ment no hard feelings rather than penalties.
  14. CoffeeDujour

    Second Life's BDSM community

    There are always going to be variability when it comes to people and their experience, expectations vary from community to community. Seeking references might be welcome in some, and felt to be creepy in others. Personally I prefer to get to know someone and make up my own mind. SL is not really any different from off-screen when it comes to standards and expectations, you get good and bad in both. If in doubt, a good belt buckle always carries some weight.