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  1. It's true windows defender took a while to get its act together and was pretty terrible back in the XP / early Win7 days, its been solid for years now.
  2. Microsoft have provided windows defender for free with windows for years now, at this point it's actually really good and likely already installed on your PC. I'd suggest you just uninstall whatever 3rd party AV you have.
  3. That's just how it is. Has no relationship at all to the actual content. The viewer has just decided that based on your apparent focus, locality, nearby people and objects, camera, internet wind speed and local loop tube gradient, that those grey/partially rezzed textures just aren't important right now. As indicated, these could technically be the 'better' content as it is easy to make hacky bad content that jumps the queue. For all the variables, the texture load might as well be plain old dumb luck .. or sods law. I tend to get dragged to shopping events with friends. We often end up waiting by a vendor that has failed to rez for just one person in the group, a few minutes later and we have to pause again for a different vendor and a different person. Most TPV's have a texture refresh option someplace to help jolly things along.
  4. As as aside, On Windows 10 you can install the Linux subsystem to scratch that nix console itch (even run gui stuff if you're up for an adventure), also the built in file backup is at least superficially comparable to time machine.
  5. In an ideal world, the viewer would do a better job of maintaining a consistent texel density and make uploaded texture size irrelevant. There is a software solution to this problem. There is also an expectation that in SL you should be able to shove your camera right up to everything and see hero detail, and the perception that if something isn't loaded at the highest possible resolution then something wrong.
  6. There is a notable lack of guidance with creators of all types being left to discovery by trial and error.
  7. Vendor spots often have limited Li available to the stall holders. Worn clothing has no Li constraints. Without trying the demo there is no way to tell if the model on display is the same upload as you would buy and wear. It's far more likely to be a special upload with very aggressive LOD settings in order to be rezzed on budget. The actual outfit could easily be hundreds of Li rezzed. Which is not how textures in SL works. Images are encoded as progressive jpeg 2000. Every texture loads though a sequence of steps, each with increasing detail further refining the content already downloaded. When you are in a texture heavy environment, like an event, there's a staggering number of textures that need to be fetched, easily far larger than the viewer will even attempt to downloaded simultaneously. The textures that get picked to have the next 'step' downloaded can seem counter intuitive as the viewer does not see the world the same way you do. There is no correlation between how fast a texture loads, in a texture rich environment while your viewers download que is maxed, and the "creators ability to optomise". There is no correlation between quality and a texture remaining grey longer than it's neighbors. I would go as far to say that it can in fact mean the exact opposite of your presumption. In a nutshell, the viewer see's the world based on bounding boxes, bigger bounding boxes imply the thing is bigger on screen and more important. This is not only wrong as often as it's correct, it's also trivial to manipulate (with or without intent). The number of variables between your eyes and a texture/object make it impossible to apply any meaning to the order things load, the speed at which things load, or things that simply don't load. Even when an object or texture persistently, repeatably, fails to load. Such failures often have far more to do with other things in the scene than the item in question. Well made content can easily be the last thing on your screen.
  8. Whoa there .. what broke, when did it break, what is affected and does everyone using an experience really need a do over ?
  9. First up, you never want to give a single application all of your VRAM. The OS needs some, chrome and whatever else you're running will need some. There is almost no practical benefit to having more than 2GB dedicated to SL. With a reasonable draw distance (one that allows you to move smoothly), you will be hard pushed, even in busy locations, to actually use the full 2GB (that has been my experience at least). There is certainly no performance benefit to having surplus VRAM dedicated to SL. The official client caps at 512mb mainly because it causes problems on lower end hardware, especially hardware that lies about how much VRAM it has. Turns out there isn't a single sure fire way to ask and get a dependable answer. I do expect a slightly raised official cap from LL as part of other changes this year. Going beyond 2GB raises a number of other problems with the viewer, and due to the negligible practical use, none of the third party viewers have dedicated developer time to solving those problems.
  10. That's so they can hide in their homes till someone they want to RP with shows up on the map. It's not healthy for the RP.
  11. In practical terms, you will be hard pushed to max out 2GB VRAM under normal use.
  12. Roleplayers tend to move around in small groups. they will have an established interpersonal dynamic, and every character ends up being a different shade of a previous. These set piece groups are not super welcoming of newer people, and new RP places tend to cater to those who know what they are doing. RP places fail because they are impenetrable to new players, and getting established players to mentor (even as part of a story arc) is like pulling teeth. And if someone can be tricked into mentoring or running intro classes, it needs to cover way more than a whistle stop tour of the build, how to emote, and how the combat systems gestures work. Super lucky if someone mentions active times. The established groups go though the same motions as usual, start bickering, drama, regroup slightly differently and all go do this next RP build. Rinse repeat. No constant churn of new players, no one helping people get started, no one at the location when new people visit, location dead.
  13. Isn't this the moment @NiranV Dean adds his 2c and set the project back 6 months ?
  14. SLsex? But we're all innocent here. 😇
  15. I only tend to derender stuff for taking pictures or when I have overlapping builds and just need a blank slate to work on something
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