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  1. Why should I pay for a demo?

    Sheesh .. put some L$ on your account ahead of time. Never buy them as you spend them, that is terrible value.
  2. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    Kitty has been working on this for the next Catznip .. we have a reasonable speed increase for impostors and they animate at a slightly higher update rate than previously and a silhouette mode that offers a substantial boost and takes effect as early in the render-pipeline as possible.. both of which are affected by personal exceptions, such as rendering people nearby or friends. (also a couple of other options, but will have to wait for the release).
  3. Racism

    This is what happens when people don't speak English as a first language. Subtle differences in sentence structure, meaning, inflection combined with verbosity set a tone that the OP is unaware of and does not intend. This does not invalidate the OP's account.
  4. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    Eyerolls .... people have been spewing this rubbish since SL was first launched. Teh viewer has crumbly render engine .. why you no use <insert game engine name here> ... completely oblivious as to why that is impossible and if you managed to make it work .. it would almost certainly perform worse OR fundamentally break Second Life in the process. Please. If you think it can be done, get the source, get the free unreal SDK and try and smush them together. Hell, try unity while you're at it .. or Godot if you want a fully open source solution.
  5. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    The viewer should ... NO. STHAP. WHY is the viewer slow when you TP to a new location. There are hundreds of MB to download and process. Downloading and processing is not free, has to be done, there is no shortcut. Hacking the client o try and smooth this process out only serves to extend the amount of time it takes to process the required data. This is exactly how we ended up with draw-distance stepping.. and if you know anything about how the client and service works, you will understand why that is objectively a terrible idea for both the client AND the region AND everyone on it. The best solution is ... LONGER TELEPORT SCREENS. Switching off rendering the world all-together for 30 seconds following a TP will have a dramatic impact on the actual time it takes to get content processed and on screen.
  6. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    This thread risks leading off into the blind leading the blind territory. It's very easy to armchair the viewer doing it wrong with no concept of how the viewer works, or more importantly, why it works the way it does. SL's performance woes are deeply rooted in it biggest strengths. You can have a well performing static world or a terribly performing dynamic one, not both. Likewise its super easy to blame content creators. We ALL knew how terrible onion skinned mesh bodies, heads and over detailed rigged clothing was right from day one, and we all buy more and more of it every single day, eyes wide open. We also demand a contiguous world, dynamic object creation, prims, alpha on everything and models so detailed they are well beyond anything any other realtime platform even attempts to throw around .. AND it all has to be rendered in the same manner as a triple A game. No single measurement in isolation any objective value. Be it vram use or triangle counts. On the subject of Ktris per frame .. the raw triangle count is only half the story. How those triangles are rendered and lit accounts for a decent hit, how we get those triangles onto our screens in the first place accounts for even more. The same scene. Look at the frame rate and the ktris count. All I changed was the object detail slider. 3060 ->1850 Ktris per frame ... and 5 fps. That's a 10% speed increase for a dropping 1/3rd of the triangles. Is it my VRAM .. NOPE. Is it the triangle count .. NOPE. It's my GPU sitting idle 50% of the time. SL has eaten all the CPU it can use and the graphics card is sat twiddling it's thumbs.Why? Because SL is a dynamic environment and the CPU has to hold the GPU's hand. Constantly. Every frame .. and to change this would require SL be broken in such fundamental ways that it wouldn't be Second Life anymore. If I enable shadows the triangle count doubles to 6000, GPU usage jumps to 75% and my frame rate drops to 40. My GPU is still idle for this scene. Can we do better .. for sure. More people looking at the readily available open source viewer code is how we do it.
  7. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    That would probably result in action too
  8. How can Linden Lab encourage better content?

    Most models are created and uploaded much larger (scale) than presented in world, mainly due to the default working scale of 3rd part tools. A message in the uploader would be irrelevant. That said, the bulk of performance issues caused by mesh is entirely down to avatars. It's your mesh head, butt and shoes. Mainly shoes. Unless if you're into kink, then it's your cuffs. This just has me speechless . CYLINDERS. F-ING CYLINDERS.
  9. Do you talk to your friends?

    You never really know from a first impression which friends are going to pan out. Better to add everyone and then weed out those you just never interact with.
  10. Racism

    The NCI's outward purpose is not to act as gatekeeper keeping "undesirables" from progressing in SL ... which is something they totally do and have always done. Sadly this attitude is held by many involved in helping new residents, deciding who to help, who to neglect, who to call troll and griefer. This BS is part of the reason ALL Linden managed player to player assistance got canned.
  11. Racism

    I hope you reported this one too.
  12. Store Owner - Alt or Main?

    Having run stores on both mains and alts, I would say run it on your main. Running on an alt leaves you too separated from the store, it makes it easier to be doing anything else other than working to build your business if you're having a mediocre day .. "not in the mood to work on the store so will use my disconnected account" is way less productive than .. "not up for much today, but helped some customers, fiddled with some ideas." SL is a social place, so mixing friends with business helps to keep it from being a soulless grind, being in contact with your customers directly in world is a huge source of information and inspiration, it also helps with resolving problems. Meeting new people directly and being exposed to their SL is invaluable. Splitting your creative inventory from your main also has drawbacks, makes spontaneous creativity harder and removes lot of SL's capability for rapid prototyping. Don't keep your creative assets mixed in with your regular inventory, make a folder for your business and keep it tightly organised. One folder with a whole tree in for work, and the rest for play. Don't worry about the numbers of items till you get to 100K, take a little pride in the fact that your own stuff ends up taking up more space than everyone else's. If you're worried about spending your income, send that to your alt.
  13. Is it me or the event category is basically a dump?

    I'm more interested in making events a thing .. not just here but in the viewer too. Events need to be useful for people looking for events, and looking for events is something people should want to do. Right now it's like googling viagra.
  14. Is it me or the event category is basically a dump?

    If the region is limited to X events fractionally divided up by land mass, sure you could have an even t on a 16sqm, but it would tick round so infrequently so as to make it pointless.