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  1. No. They really aren't. A mobile processor and gpu can't hold a candle to even a basic desktop/laptop. A single SL avatar can easily have more complexity than an entire mobile game scene. A full fat SL 3D experience (as in one using multiple avatars) is never going to run acceptably. To make matters worse, running a mobile device hard and hot will have a significant impact on immediate and long term battery life. Plugging it in will make it worse as the battery in most devices acts as a buffer, so cooking it and charging it at the same time, right next to a CPU at full tilt for hours on end is going to be way out of spec (this is why Apple's store rules prohibit apps that excessively push the device or battery).
  2. Logged in right now ... I'm not doing anything or talking to anyone, but I am logged in !
  3. SL is a hodge podge of ideas lashed together with string, most of the stuff that makes SL unique is also stuff that in some way undermines how the platform handles. Everything you can do in SL that you can't do in Sansar is deliberate and has very solid technical justifications based on the time spent running and developing SL. Sansar *IS* that better engine.
  4. Swatting & ddos attacks directed towards competitive streamers was largely facilitated by ip addresses being publicly linked to accounts (via skype etc), but realistically that's not something SL users have to worry about.
  5. Unless the shergood map is updated by bot, it's out of date and worthless.
  6. The point here is that the big guys are moving towards SL's niche. This is both an opportunity and a threat for Linden Lab management. Tim gets to leverage a user base with millions of active accounts. He could add latin crosswords to Fortnite and it would be considered a genius inspired runaway success by the tech scribblers. It in no way means 'the big guys' are moving into SL's niche and the very suggestion implies you're as out of touch with Fortnite as the Forbes writer. Fortnite recently took the whole game away and left users with a black screen. For two days. 400,000 people sat on Twitch and watched literally nothing, FOR FUN. https://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/606898-fortnite-black-screen-whats-going-on-with-fortnite Meanwhile SL had little over a tenth of that online, nobody streaming to tens of people (let alone hundreds or hundreds of thousands), and 12 people on Sansar. Our grid goes down for an hour and we're breaking out the chicken little conspiracy theories. Heck, It's a very safe bet that there are more people logged into Fortnite right now and fast asleep than are active during peak SL hours. I have no idea what you imagine LL could be doing to leverage teen/streamer culture for a radically different platform to boost Second Life .. maybe get some official in SL merch a-la Hello Kitty? The worlds jankiest Battle Royal for Lindy homes? They would make more money calling this mess done and selling Fortnite branded toilet paper (and I'm betting you have no clue why or how that would actually be a thing ....)
  7. Second Life being mentioned in the same paragraph as that juggernaut is the only take away of any value here, using Fortnite as a stick to poke LL with is dumb to several orders of magnitude. Heck, put all the virtual worlds together and the decimal point is still in the wrong place.
  8. Doesn't need to be a user created content marketplace. A curated outlet limited to companies paying for access is sufficient, it doesn't even need to directly generate revenue.
  9. Your IP address might well be useless for getting an accurate physical location, but that's just one of many possible malicious uses. Generally speaking it's not something people should worry about, but at the same time posting it on a forum isn't a great idea.
  10. Sounding like some kind of obsessive phobia you have there, might wanna get it looked at.
  11. Tim Sweeney has been beating this drum for years now, Fortnite just happens to be the vehicle Epic have with any traction, even if it's a terrible fit. It's still better than attempting to create a whole new platform from scratch with an entirely new and separate userbase.
  12. LL are in a very different position with a very different virtual ecosystem and a lot of the superficial differences are not possible. Fortnite is not and can never be a metaverse, it's a storefront that provides set piece amusements on the side. There is no way for example, for LL to add game like dress up or decorating mechanics as SL toolset is not designed with that in mind. What works in one situation just wont work in every situation and attempting to implement such a system would add burdensome constraints to content creators and consumers. While these constrains are in and of themselves acceptable in spaces like Fortnite, they just wouldn't be for SL users (akin to an over night removal or all prim handling and content). Engineering changes to the SL platform are also unlikely to ever happen. We're never going to have seamless region crossings (or all the other things), and even if such items could be added, it wouldn't do anything to attract new users. The teen gaming crowd are not sitting around desperately hoping for a slightly better Second Life, and Epic are not trying to attract an older or wider audience. Forbes only cares because the Fortnite franchise as a whole currently has value. Give it a year and the tech inclined press will have moved on to whatever the next big thing is (while still spouting nonesense about how 5G blockchains will be the one thing that makes VR a success).
  13. Always private regions for the paranoid.
  14. I believe you will see their new name .. it's a name change not new account .. locally stored chat logs or records wont match up though
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