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  1. CoffeeDujour

    Second Life's BDSM community

    Always ask what you can expect to happen afterwards , I've seen "education" places that really only exists to supply a specific role-play with fresh meat.
  2. CoffeeDujour

    Second Life's BDSM community

    I think you ment no hard feelings rather than penalties.
  3. CoffeeDujour

    Second Life's BDSM community

    There are always going to be variability when it comes to people and their experience, expectations vary from community to community. Seeking references might be welcome in some, and felt to be creepy in others. Personally I prefer to get to know someone and make up my own mind. SL is not really any different from off-screen when it comes to standards and expectations, you get good and bad in both. If in doubt, a good belt buckle always carries some weight.
  4. CoffeeDujour

    Group tag cycling code

    That was mine when we were testing the feature .. it's a fairly slow effect thats very limited in duration
  5. CoffeeDujour

    Why is there so much high-poly mesh in SL?

    A lot depends on the type of content. Rezzed items tend to be fine with content made specifically for SL being competitive. Worn items are high poly disaster as that's how they are exported from "that one clothing designer app everyone uses" and the brands who then dump that content into SL don't care and don't have the skills required. Hell, a decent portion of clothing made in "that one clothing designer app everyone uses" isn't even made by the person/brand selling it, they just grab it from the asset store, tweak, and upload. This is especially a problem as "that one clothing designer app everyone uses" leans towards static rendered content.
  6. CoffeeDujour

    Dark Theme for forums please. :)

    Dark reader can have some pretty harsh performance issues depending on site.
  7. CoffeeDujour

    Summing Up Bloodlines

    If you go into a game expecting it to be anything other than a game you're going to have a bad time.
  8. This week joined by Oz, Dan, Vir and Rider Linden. Lots of stuff moving to RTC status seems to be the main takeaway this week. Animesh, Bugsplat, Render and Estate management RC are out. Animesh is the leading candidate for promotion but might be held back a little. EEP is out as a project viewer and working on selected regions. Including some discussion regarding EEP presets permissions. Vir showed up later to talk about performance and how it relates to Animesh, no conclusions yet, but it is being pondered (https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/428428-slowdowns-in-graphics-performance/) Niran has made some non-specific progress with his poser project, which is nice. Video will be added when posted. Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/9lpid6/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_5th_october_2018/?
  9. CoffeeDujour

    Dark Theme for forums please. :)

    Please please please please please please please.
  10. CoffeeDujour

    Summing Up Bloodlines

    It's a pay to play game with an internal micro economy, not some kind of actual money making venture.
  11. No, it requires the game to developed using OptiX, Microsoft DXR or Vulkan.
  12. CoffeeDujour

    Looking for friends that are women. I’m female myself

    Simply using a VPN is no guarantee of protection .. although really I'd be more worried about extra secret payloads gifting ownership of your PC to botnet
  13. CoffeeDujour

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    It was also fixed and uniform on all regions. What if you were building something that didn't need or shouldn't have clouds but still needed to use the surface patch. If you do need a cloud layer then there are better ways (performance issues of stacked alpha blend aside).
  14. CoffeeDujour

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    Isn't "arguing semantics" the first chapter of "Trolling for idiots" .. I'm sure the author is around here someplace....
  15. CoffeeDujour

    If Linden Labs had created Second Life 2.0...

    It's not SL 2.0 in terms of capability .. yet. but it was pretty clearly stated that eventually being able to create SL inside Sansar was a goal. If Sansar ever reaches feature completion then I'm sure the marketing will change to make it more appealing to all but the bravest of us. C# was floated as being added as a language to LSL, but they fired the guy who was working that magic. The big limiting factor is that you will never be able to compile and upload your own bytecode independent of the client to be then executed on the server. In the absence of that, there is little you can't accomplish with LSL. C# would be a change for the sake of it. As for just extending SL .. what do you think LL spend all of there time working on? Animesh is an extension of SL, so is BoM, EEP, EAM and so on. There is also no reason why you cant extend SL yourself, fake the server side and then submit your extensions to LL. Pair programming sucks. "autism out" I would politely decline any xmas gifts from scripters this year if I were you. ? ... I'm glad the're gone. That's because wind-light in SL does not add local particle effects.. have you tired using a script? You have no idea what you're talking about, thanks for clearing that up. Good luck with that project, I look forward to seeing your results. So you're just here to whine about things you wish SL did, but have no concept of how any of this works or why. Gotcha. Totally constructive.