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  1. It's fun seeing everyone's starting points on SL : ) I looked around on my first account and found some old photos, but I also found an outfit I wanted to take a photo of because of how old and... prim-y it is. enjoy. (im the one on the right in the second photo)
  2. Aaah thank you!! So sorry, I missed that part!! I'm usually good at not missing any descriptions of things but this one slipped my eyes thanks again for bringing it to my attention!!
  3. Not vain (i wish!) but figuring out SL photography and avi making , again
  4. Waaah this is such a cool concept I love it!! All of these avis are so great and your renditions of them are also Sometimes I'll go around populated areas, find an avi I like, and draw it just for me.. But I never thought of drawing my own!! what a fantastic idea !!! Edit: also, where did you get that mesh head in your most recent human avi ??
  5. Heyo, this doesn't seem like a super active thread but I'll introduce myself anyway... I'm Alice, and I enjoy taking photos in SL when I come back from my years-long hiatuses... I don't edit any of them just because I'm not great with photo-editing skills (even though I am a graphic designer... shh) but uh.. yeah! I love exploring sims and hope to keep getting better at taking SL photos : ) My Flickr
  6. I think some less shiny/more red or dull eyes would help with the age appearance. I'm loving the progress though!!
  7. Trying out some new things after a long hiatus
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