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  1. Perhaps try picking any option in the drop down menu and then leave a note to apologize if it's the wrong one before explaining the problem? Have had to do that once or twice myself when none of the options fit.
  2. Yes prices 'have to' increase because corporate mentality demands higher profit margins every year; it's how it's done that's a bit on the nose. At least spread the burden evenly.
  3. Not disagreeing with you. It's just a bad business model.
  4. I'm going to guess that it was meant to be a forward thinking move for a time when they'd need another cash cow, but I think they overestimated how many would have more dollars than sense and fall for it after the price and restrictions were revealed. But it's ok, I'm sure that in another 6 months to a year they'll be announcing yet another price hike or two with some of the most creative justifications we could ever imagine.
  5. See all that right there looks exactly like Japanese to me. This is why I should never be let loose around technical stuff. Not even the easy stuff.
  6. I rather thought there had to be some skill and know-how involved. Taking all that into account, the prices aren't really that steep after all.
  7. Still needs talent to put it all together so it comes out looking half decent, doesn't it? Or can it be done in 5 minutes?
  8. Prices seem a bit steep, yes, but they aren't exactly made in 5 minutes. What price would you put on your time if you made a bento head and/or body?
  9. @Skell Dagger Yes, you're right of course, but can't the long-winded stuff come after they've got a quick 'how to'?
  10. @Skell Dagger You're quite right, I did what I hate others doing and missed that. Do we really need to understand the ins and outs of BOM in order to wear it and go about our business? It's like people giving you a history less on the town you live in when you only asked for directions on how to get from Main St to End St. That's exactly what caused so much confusion for me when I was new to SL. Wordy people. Frustrated professors. My idiot's guide to BOM skins - shoot me for wanting to get to the point and avoid unnecessary confusion: 1. Remove your full body alpha 2. Wear an eyes only alpha layer (don't know if she still has them but ADORED was generously giving away a free alpha pack at her main store a month or so ago). 3. Add your head's Omega system kit to your screen. 4. Add your body's Omega system kit to your screen. 5. Add the Baked on Mesh Omega hud to your screen. 6. Right click and add the funny little beige man icon that's in your skin package. 7. Click the 'Baked on Mesh' omega hud. 8. You're done. Sometimes I think we get so carried away with words, we make simple things seem prohibitively complicated when they're not.
  11. Are you kidding, chickadee??? Oh please please please get a BOM skin and wear it? Have a feeling you'll feel more liberated than the bra burning sixties (not that I was there...:P ) I seriously can't get enough of them. No appliers - yayifications!
  12. Thank you for that detailed comparison. It's why I don't wear Legacy to concerts - I just feel like I'm being part of the lag problem for performers.
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