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  1. You know what, Gopi? You don't need to justify why yourself to any of us - but I really like your reason why
  2. It's not about physical theft - there's intellectual property theft too, but I'm genuinely baffled over why anyone would get their knickers in a twist for being prevented from invading someone's privacy. Plan ahead and fly somewhere else; problem solved. It's Second Life - yours to do with as you see fit (provided you're not breaking the ToS). Sour assumptions about why people won't let you invade their privacy seems a little childish, churlish and short-sighted. It's like saying you're a busybody with a desire to do exactly that - and hate being prevented from it. I'm butt naked 95% of the time creating shapes; I neither need nor desire pervs coming in - or camming in - for an eye full of naked (and often very scary looking) pixels while I work. I'm sure there's other creators with their own set of reasons for utilizing whatever security is at their disposal - not that they need to justify themselves to anyone in order to use the tools that are their right to use. Point is that in most cases it has absolutely nothing to do with 'power' over anything or anyone but our own situation and our own privacy, with dozens of valid scenarios as to why.
  3. Ok I'm sleep deprived. Must have mixed you up with someone else. My apologies!
  4. Ouch! No, I wasn't presuming you didn't know how to use it - I'd thought you'd mentioned on another thread that you don't use FS? Anyway, that's all I'd do if I didn't want to hear from someone for whatever reason - just slap up a notification to let them know.
  5. Oh I keep forgetting you don't use Firestorm, do you? So yours possibly doesn't have a DnD privacy notification you can set?
  6. Never fall in love in a virtual world (fingers crossed, I still haven't) Be nice - it (mostly) pays off and costs nothing. Always remember it's a VR, not RL; learn to separate the two and don't make RL demands of VR people.
  7. A yahoo account is no longer required to log into Flickr since SnotFace MugShot SmugMug took over. https://help.flickr.com/en_us/changes-to-login-rkF1q3cIV
  8. @Alyona Su But...but...but....4 whole great big monstrous HOURS without SL???
  9. Adding to what Mollymews said, if you're an entertainer, put details in your profile. Let people know what you do, when you're available and whether or not you receive offline messages.
  10. Correct - you can only hide your status from non-group members by going into the relevant group tab, then un-tick the "show in my profile" box down the bottom.
  11. It's better for people to just be honest, tell the person they're deleting them and explain why. Short term pain, long term gain but I guess few have that kind of intestinal fortitude.
  12. The simple answer is to log into your account page and look on the left hand side - it will show you which of your friends are currently online. If their name is displayed in bold lettering, then they're online. If they're not showing up in your friend's list inworld, then they don't want you knowing they're online, but haven't quite got the nerve to delete you from their friends list.
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