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  1. Quite right. Trying to give it up (heights, that is). Filthy habit haha
  2. I've seen that on mine, too, occasionally, but they don't seem to remain. No idea what causes it but they're not on my body now.
  3. Very late reply, sorry - but hopefully it helps someone else; if you're using FS viewer and you deselect/untick 'Atmospheric Shaders' (not 'basic shaders', just atmospheric) in Preferences > Graphics, then it cuts that blinding brightness right out. Of course, the next time you use ultra settings for photography, it'll select itself again and you'll have to deselect when you're finished, but at least there's more than one way around it.
  4. While standing here wondering why I was becoming irritating with having to close a gazillion folders in my inventory, it suddenly dawned upon me that I shouldn't be having to close a gazillion folders. This is what happens when you park your brain in neutral; it takes a while to notice that nargles are monkeying around again and the joke's on you. I know exactly how Luna felt. It's every single folder. And I mean Every. Single. Folder. That could get real old real fast if you've got 200k items in there (I don't). I know relevant folders will open in unison when you search for an item - well duh - but these aren't relevant folders and I wasn't searching for anything; I'd been flitting about the place grabbing LM's and then stood still for 5 minutes to start packaging when I noticed I wasn't getting anywhere rather quickly - because all my time was being eaten up closing folders. That's when my brain woke up and spluttered into 1st gear, but that's as far as it got. Really don't want to do another thing and have to spend the rest of the day closing folders. Would just like to know the cause and how to stop it. Anyone know? Well ofc not - weird stuff like this only ever happens to me. Just ask Whirly - who's probably seen my name attached to this thread had a sudden urge to take a very long vacation...
  5. Someone mentioned Platinum; I like that better than 'Elite' - not that I get all ***** about words, but there's something about 'elite' that kinda gets up your left nostril a bit, y'know? It's a bit like boasting to total strangers how good you are and they're not. Meh. I guess that's just the typical way of the world now really, isn't it? Flaunt, taunt and put down. Le sigh.
  6. Or someone with the nous could run with existing code and angle it towards VR functionality.
  7. Ok thank you - that's good to know - but with the workload the FS team (which probably mostly consists of Whirly, Whirly and Whirly) already have, wouldn't that be pushing the limits of human endurance a wee bit? If FS is open source, then surely someone else - if they're that keen - could build one just for VR groupies perhaps?
  8. Death is for wimps; SL isn't going anywhere. Because I said so.
  9. VR just doesn't blow my skirt up. Personally speaking, I can't imagine a less enjoyable way to be in SL - nausea and puking while wearing a ten tonne monstrosity on my head... but y'know, diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks and all that . In any event, I like my FS just as it is tyvm - so please don't give Whirly any ideas!
  10. Ohh I see - not sure, since I'd never tried it/probably wasn't around then, but I've taken 3 snap shots of the HUD tabs - do they look the same?: https://gyazo.com/807b2121c1a314de8e407f068ba63c07 https://gyazo.com/9327f35d33f0d02036c0d7195016c0bc https://gyazo.com/cf923004011154976031b308af144900
  11. Not sure I understand what you mean, Marianne? You can still wear your Maitreya-only clothes on the Legacy body - you just 'add' whichever (or more) of the three Legacy deformers you need, depending on what clothes you're wearing.
  12. Ok...deep breath...two things first: 1. Don't panic 2. Try waiting a few minutes - could be lag; if still nothing, try relogging. Let us know how you go with that first.
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