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  1. That's great news - so glad it worked out well for you, Zoya ♥
  2. Ahh I see - that explains it - thank you I shan't even try - bought mainland (or is it 'madlands'?) anyway.
  3. haha - know exactly what you mean! Head banger, much?
  4. I believe that's what Mariann said she has her alt do, too. I don't see banlines myself - FS Viewer allows you to turn them off (World > Show More > Banlines) but yeah, each to their own. I prefer not having stalker dude with his army of alts hanging about while I'm doing my work, so I'm grateful for banlines as I know many victims of his obvious depravity are.
  5. lol Yes, I can imagine. It's not for everyone, I guess; for others, it's the bees knees. Glad they're creating them though
  6. I'm kind of glad now that I didn't queue up for the whole new home/houseboat thing when the first batch was released. Now I'm hearing of people abandoning them and moving on - I've no idea why, though. Perhaps it's the ban on banlines? It certainly put me off wanting to live in the new areas. Give me the old homes in the old sections any day if it means I can keep creepy stalkers out with in-your-face banlines.
  7. It would be great if LL considered this. Land barons might start bellyaching about their profits nose-diving since a good number of tenants would more than likely abandon them in a heartbeat for the freedom of owning their own sim (it's just human nature). But if LL's coffers started bursting at the seams and it drove an increase in the creation of businesses for almost everyone else, then not really seeing a down side. Surely something like that would be a massively attractive prospect for buying a premium membership? I'm also thinking of all those sim owners who had to close their beautiful sims just because land tier became too burdensome (remember the stunningly beautiful Pandora? Even Calas Galadhon had to close a couple of their sims, among others) A reduction like you suggest could well bring many of those sim owners back again, which would further boost SL's economy. Heck, I'd even be willing to give up my stipend for a deal like that provided there were no restrictions on the full region I purchased (except for it's rating) - I'd much rather a full region to house my ever-expanding store (no, business isn't booming - I just keep running out of room - and eventually, prims). Something like that would make the new $149 (AUD) for membership instead of the current $108 much more bearable. I really like your idea, Adam. Except for the land barons, it seems like a win-win for everyone. LL would have to be willing to take the risk, though, but if they were quick to flush $20m on a project almost no one ended up being interested in, then this seems far less like a 'risk' and more like 'money in the bank'. There's no doubt a down side that someone will be quick to point out but for the life of me, I'm just not seeing any.
  8. I'll stick with a VDub Not disagreeing that there needs to be price hikes, just saying there's potentially better ways of milking cows.
  9. Except this isn't Bugatti or Mercedes. This is a platform that's only able to keep running thanks to users spending rl money, many of whom are creators. No users + no creators = no SL. I've always paid my way and don't object to paying my way; I love SL to bits, I believe in SL and wouldn't be here forking out hard earned money hand over fist if I didn't, but I do think there's potentially better ways of going about this issue that perhaps haven't been considered.
  10. I can only think of one group I'm in that would have close to that many members if not more - and she works her butt off keeping us all addicted to her creations.
  11. I don't think anyone disagrees with the necessity for price rises - occasionally - it's a part of life. What I query is the planned implementation of it. I'm in 42 groups but unlike other premium members, I don't need 70 of the blasted things (and I turn off group chat the instant I join anyway); I don't ever - ever - go for premium 'gifts'; I did that just once - and whatever the wretched thing was, it had absolutely no use and had such a ridiculously high L.I. for the tiny size of it, that I deleted it. Never have and never will use premium sandboxes; About the only thing I've found truly useful in my premium membership is the land benefit (even then, I'm only in the 4096 tier bracket), the stipend and the groups. Also, I thought the whole 'going to cloud' thing meant LL were going to save truck-loads of money so they could afford to pass along savings - and that SL's performance was going to improve? Or have I been woefully misinformed? If we're going for the whole 'Shock and Awe Price Hike Campaign', how about this one: Let there be a one month limit on a free account (with no groups allowed), after which they have to pay $5 USD a month for a new 'Basic Account' and then they get the group limit that's currently allocated to them and no stipend? If they want more groups, a stipend and the land bonus, then they'd have to increase their membership bracket. And stipends! Stipends have dropped over the years while prices/taxes/various fees have gone up and we're all asked to tighten our belts, suck it up and make do. And we do. But let's be reasonable. Savings could be made (and this might be unpopular) by making stipends L$500 across the board? No more 'this one gets L$1000 a week because..., that one L$500 a week because..., and this one L$300 a week because.... Level stipends out and make them the same for everyone with a full membership. Because the stipend, the groups and the land bonuses are all I want out of my premium membership. All the other 'benefits', I don't see as benefits at all when I'm not even remotely interested in them and they do absolutely nothing for me. As for the rest, my point being (and I'm repeating myself from other posts here), you can't keep flogging the same animal over and over again and expect it to keep performing so that you can maintain the lifestyle to which you've become accustomed. Eventually, it's either going to kick you in the teeth, run away or just lay down and die - and then no one profits. And if someone could please remind me while we're on the subject - how much profit is an absolute 'necessity' for a person with a family running an online 'business' to live on (profit that is, not just merely covering expenses)? It's a bit like asking "how long's a piece of string?" I know.
  12. https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2557-land-price-reductions-new-premium-perks-and-pricing-changes/
  13. That's simply rewarding those who have that kind of disposable income irl while punishing those who don't.
  14. You raised a very good point Kilolo - one I certainly hadn't considered but which I think is entirely relevant.
  15. While I really applaud what they've done for the community in terms of fresh new housing - and I thought the last lot of price rises were fair enough - this is starting to feel a little bit like being punished for not being wealthy enough irl to afford a full sim, while rewarding those who are.
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