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  1. Curious about the bar staff position. Where can we look at applying?
  2. Is there an application or a landmark to get one?
  3. I think it might be helpful to list what kind of stuff you’re hoping to find. Are you sticking with the Victorian style of the house? Do you want a more modern look? Do you have a color scheme in mind? I’d love more information on this. I’ll try to drop a notecard next time I’m in world.
  4. Yeah, with Annabell on this. I have gestures, dances, and 10 years of references but I don't know what crowd a host will bring, usually the DJs have the group lists.
  5. Fashionably late to the party but I'm here too.
  6. I love CAH! Count me in if I'm around.
  7. Yeah some of us are friendly when we aren't half asleep on the keyboard. I'll message you in world and say hey.
  8. Interested in more information as well.
  9. Curious if there’s any type of werewolf sim complete with pack house and ranked members Alpha/Luna, Betas, Gammas, Omegas etc. Been reading a lot of the books lately and wondering what’s out there before I look into possibly making my own. Vampires sims don’t seem to exist outside of bloodlines so wolves are 2nd best and SL makes shifting pretty easy. I’m not looking for combat and HUD types either. I want something that can let my creative writing flow and live in a story/character. Thanks in advance for any info!
  10. I don’t really have a family in SL but I’m down to talk herps anytime. I’m more of a gecko/lizard gal myself and could use some snake knowledge.
  11. Hey I'm cool with that and thanks for being up front. If you need a friend or a shopping buddy I'm around stateside times too.
  12. SLT+2 Doesn't Matter to me. I'm pretty straight, slightly curious in the right scenarios Complicated RL/ Open Poly I can use discord but am not fluent with it I'm an English Major/Creative Writing minor. I can type full sentences Whips and chains excite me too, it's actually in my profile. 100% sub, tried switch once I sucked at it. Coleslaw is gross AF Join the club. My group of friends is hilarious but we're prolly all going to hell. Hey it's legal, whatever Black rocks, Goth girl at heart. Hell yeah girl, got enough drama in my
  13. Please contact me in world or my husband Luther Nestler. We have been doing SL erotic art for a while and can show you some of our work as well as get client reviews to you
  14. Messaging in world, I have some openings and I'll train you.
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