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  1. I just set mine with a pic sized 1662 X 1188 It was also a jpg file sized 224 KB At what point are you getting the "don't work" part? My process was Click my name at the very top right and select Profile Click the image icon next to my current profile picture Drag and drop file to the box, let it upload, then click Continue Move the scale (optional) and then click Save. Is this what you are doing, too?
  2. Mine came from an old Damn Yankees song -- not like there are any NEW Damn Yankees songs. Dressed to kill and lookin' dynomite, with her high-laced stockings and her sweater so tight. I asked her her name, she said her name was "Maybe."
  3. I know, my ears and hair don't match but I'll work on t after my eyes relax. (P.S. -- I am Rhonda's alt, even tho I am older than. And she hates it when i reminder that I am older.)
  4. Don't listen to her! She's my alt! I can prove it because my resday is before hers. Wait .. If I disclose my alt without her consent, is that against TOS?
  5. Oh yes. That is one of the reasons I think Fine Beauty is one of the best alternative bodies. Also, even tho Maitreya can be made smaller, with TFB it was designed to be that way from the start. The head I am using in the photos is one of the new LeLutka heads while the one for my forum avatar is pre-bento Catwa.. If you haven't seen the new LeLutka heads, along with the updated animations for all their bento heads, you might want to pick up some demos.
  6. Here's a quick look at a skinny Maitreya. The first pick is wearing XXS standard size dress. The second is wearing appliers to see how thin she really is. Too thin for me but I think some people like it that way.
  7. TFB was my first choice. However finding clothes that fit was a problem. This is my Maitreya body but still with the Tonic boobs slider. I have brought them down to a B cup since but I am not able to get a new screen shot yet. I would say I will later but no one ever does ... so Maybie I will Anyway, at 5' 6" prim height I would say I am petite and I could go thinner yet.
  8. I bought one of the new LeLutka heads. This is May. Hair is a group gift from Magika called Please. Undone kimono is from Gabriel. Koshikimono.
  9. FWIW, I spent that much last month on random gifts to people that I don't even know. All I expected was for some one to say thanks, that was nice. I suspect it is not about the money; ashlynkilane but your heart that you gave her. Love is unique. You can give it all away and never have any less to give. However the only way to get love is to be given it by someone else. You can not take it, demand it or steal it. You gave her a precious gift that money can not buy and she wasted it. Don't let it harden your heart. You still have love to give and it is still as valuable and priceless as ever. Do not let her deny the next person in your life the love that they deserve. There will be another person who needs it; I swear. Be ready when you find them and do not let this last person hurt you or them any more.
  10. 1. You will have to pay for the land the club sits on. You do not need to be premium, if that is what you mean by free-to-play, since you can rent land from other people. 2. It is possible in exactly the same way it is possible to move to Nashville and be a country star. How do you plan to make money at your club? What will you sell? How will you promote it? What do plan to do that is better or different than the thousands of other clubs in SL? I don't want to harsh your dreams but it is no exaggeration to say there have been a million dreams lost in SL clubs already. If you want to make a club with zero capitol I would say that also equals your chance of success.
  11. I have, but not for SL. I once did research on several different applications to determine the best one for doing transcripts. As far as the ability to recognize words and be trained to specific speakers, it is just as good as most. I have my suspicions that many of the "free" and cheap packages just use WSR with their own interface. Dragon's Naturally Speaking was slightly better than the others and has a ton of other little bells and whistles but it also gets rather too intrusive to me. "how well does it work?" I hate to be negative since I just offered it as an option but in all honesty, all these tool are less them optimal. IIRC they all gave errors in about 6-8% of the words even after training. How many times have you laughed at what Siri thinks you said? Expand that from a local database lookup of a few keywords to a full language, homonyms and working with hundreds or even thousands of words at a time. Human typists are still the best way to go, in my opinion. But if you need an alternative to typing, it's OK. For transcripts it will have to be corrected by hand later which does not save you any time but for short conversions in SL with humans accustomed to reading through typos it should work.
  12. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maitreya Isle/131/136/23 The sim is rated Moderate so be sure you to set your preferences to enable mature content. Go through the doors (either side but left is best) and go to the back wall. There you will see a service desk. There is a sign on both ends of that counter that say "Redelivery Terminal." I'll send you a LM in world too. While you are in the store, on the wall between the service counter and the Lara body display are two small signs. Click the lower of the two to join the Friends of Maitreya Lara group. It is an invaluable resource to find help with using this body including how to get other creator's products (like skins, heads, alternate hands or feet, etc) to work with Maitreya.
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