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  1. I have a friend who cant figure out how to do it herself. If she gives me permissions to edit her objects can I move her eyes? Is that possible?
  2. I know this is a late question to this thread, but does this apply to when we are "in world"? If I'm looking at someone's profile in world, will they know or is this only on the forums?
  3. Is there a limit? I see some have long profiles and was wondering.
  4. I think you're cute. You avi's face looks like mine... giggles...I cant help you though. I would love to find a man to start a family with, or at least people who have my same interests. So I understand your pain...or not pain, but your situation. Hugs
  5. Tari, yes tysm for that link and the info that theres a group, because theres all these features that i dont know how to use. Really appreciate it.
  6. thanks for the answers. I joined in 2008 and never played. I just got back and if you read my other questions, you'll see im a noob. I just got firesttorm because everyone said it was better. :-) just wanted to say i had money in my acct because i didnt want it to seem like i was looking for people with money to give me. just wanted to know what this means.
  7. does anyone know what the little dollar signs mean when you look at people nearby? what is thte difference between 1 dollar sign and more or less. Are there 3 dollar signs? I have 2,000L in my account. What would it say for me?
  8. If the user is not online to receiive it immediately.
  9. I really like my AO but my eyes roll at certain times with it. I have a mesh body and Fate eyes. I think they are mesh eyes. The eyes are really nice when they arent doing that. Is there anything I can do? Would other eyes not do the same thing? oh and they also do that on some poseball animations.
  10. Thank you guys sooo much. If I turn off my AO, it worked great!
  11. I bought 2 poses from the marketplace and I get a little window that says play locally or in world. I choose in world and my avatar stays in the pose for about a minute and then she gets up. I chose the other one to play locally and she does the same thing. How can I make her stay in the pose longer? I read an SL tutorial about gestures but I couldnt understand where to put a pose that was already made and edit it.
  12. I know basic stuff about my inventory, like I see stuff that I buy from the marketplace goes to my received folder. Stuff that I buy inworld or receive from others goes to recent for a little while, but then it moves somewhere else by itself. I have a hard time scrolling through and located the clothing. Also, why do some purchases from stores get split up, and then Im really unsure of where to look. I apparently got freebie clothes with my TMP body but I cant find them. Sometimes the items with HUDS go to a different place...like the HUD is in one spot and the item is no where near it. The s
  13. I dont know how to troubleshoot it. My face is still the same. But I had two sets of hands on and I was able to detach one pair of them, but my bare feet are seriously blocky unlike before. I wasnt having this problem last week when I was trying on mesh bodies, but this happened and I'm so frustrated now. My demo mesh bodies look like they are showing 2 skins even when my inventory shows Im wearing the alpha layer. The skin with demo mesh body on is splotchy. I dont know what to do next. My original avatar I chose was Kimberly. I think she is a classic avatar, but then I added a skin and shape
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