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  1. you can have the greatest system know to mankind and still have the SL client kneeling to death. The very simple reason is : custom models and content and also the outdated engine.
  2. 1. groups that are spamming my notification inbox to high hell. If anything it makes me wanna not bother with most groups, esp the ones related to nightclubs and whatsnot that are especially guilty of spamming left and right 2. whenever i enter a crowded grid and literally 90 percent of people are just parking/afk-ing. Dont get me wrong, people can do whatever the hell they please, i just find it quite nonsensical to have your avatar idling at one place, not even like dancing or anything all day long but hey, to each their own *shrug* 3. peeps who go crazy extents to play the apologists for the premium subscription and go butthurt when you arent literally sacrificing your firstborn on the altair of LL
  3. I think of it but i cannot afford it i occasionally top up Linden Dollars so thats that
  4. fixing up client performance to begin with, making the interface more user friendly, having sales on linden cash top up bought directly from LL and whatsnot also giving discounts on yearly premium subscriptions Im occasionally topping up Linden dollars every now and then
  5. they can be as agressive as they want to, they aint gonna get me to pay up more if they do so however
  6. Theres nothing wrong with that in my book, as long as you are being transparent about your RL identity aka you dont use female avatars to catfish others and such.
  7. fair point, will do So far trying to familiarise myself with the basics to begin with before moving to more advanced stuff ^^ still couldnt figure out how to put a collar on my furry avatar so that it doesnt blends in with its fur
  8. Dont worry im not but thank you for your concerns and that you pulled off some ridiculous conclusions out of that one statement of mine. Anyway im gonna cry myself to sleep because Im so selfish apparently suit yourself, miss Moral Police
  9. i think people at SL are well aware that making the service paywall gated just to use would decrease the population by large amounts and they would shoot themselves in the foot compared to other virtual worlds. Ever wondered why so many monthly fee mmo-s went f2p? Little hint: its not because the subscription model was so succesful. Bottomline is: they can do whatever they want, i dont think that my opinion will really have any effect on that, just stating the cold hard facts that in 2019, you are kinda kidding yourself if you think that just because back in the days, people happily paid a monthly fee just to enter second life means that nowadays they could pull off such businesss model change and still be in profits. And im not talking from the perspective of veteran users/ people who are already invested into their accounts but from the pov of new users/newcomers.
  10. I dont owe LL employees a paycheck last time I checked. They can do whatever they want but that doesnt mean me and many others will stay if they forcefully try and pull the rug out of our feet. Also last time i checked, SL basic usage is free to play so please excuse me that im not feeling selfish for using the free portion of a service that is offered to me by the company. If people have plenty of money to throw away, good for them, but lets not dvelve into each others wallet.
  11. i still use the default viewer because im getting the desire to scream uncontrollably when in third party viewers basic stuff such as the walking isnt by default bind to wasd and other stuff
  12. what i know for sure is that im not gonna pay a monthly fee just to use the service not to say i wont top up linden dollars every now and then but the moment they expect mee to pay constantly, then it will be the point when i will leave and not come back.
  13. i would integrate the optimisations of Sansar with SL and would shutdown Sansar altogether. Lets be honest: almost nobody but Linden Labs cares about that pet project of theirs, its not popular.
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