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  1. the client is already a lagfest in most places esp with complex avatars, do we really want even more lag and added bonus input delays?
  2. honestly they should rather scrap Sansar altogether and bring that engine into SL because for whatever reason Sansar isnt as much of a lagcity than SL then again it was probably because Sansar for the most part is a ghost town
  3. if IMVU managed to make a 3D mobile client, there is no excuse for LL not to make one as well heck, i would be happy with a basic chat interface as well, it doesnt needs to be full blown 3D either
  4. what company are we talking about exactly? McDonalds? a company you founded in your mom's basement while playing ***** a duty and munching on doritos? Because I smell some bullllshiiiiiiit bragging about sthg that doesnt exist. With this attitude you have, I can clearly say you have no company whatsoever and you just wanted to use big words over the internet to feel like a big boy. How do I know it? because actually succesful established people dont feel the need to brag and act all high and mighty. Then again please prove us wrong and show us the company you supposedly have and no excuse whatsoever as to why you cannot. You wanted to play the smart guy over the forums, now roll with it or take the hit like a man. Right now, I think you are as much of a company owner as I am Santa Claus.
  5. because apparently Sansar (which barely has any users but whatever) is more important than their mainline product
  6. i dont mind graphics but oh god the lag issues are borderline unbearable sometimes
  7. Oh believe me theres still plenty of things they could do with SL if only they kept their focus on it instead of deviating into hopeless projects that dont go anywhere yeah someday maybe in 2020+ when the technology will finally come to a normal pricepoint whoever at the company had this brilliant idea, i hope that person is fired since long. Like, what was the thought process behind this even? "Oh we have this virtual life platform that has been going strong since 12 years now, I wonder what else we should work on next, perhaps updating the engine to something more stable/optimising things? Nah, screw that, lets make a completely new product that is essentially competing with our old one, Im sure folks will totally love it and that it will totally rake in millions of dollars!"
  8. out of sheer curiosity i decided to download Sansar on steam and see whats up I looked up the worlds, and I kid you not, I was able to find maybe ONE or two people beside me in all the active worlds. That is not a good sign, even if Sansar is still in its early debut. To list one positive thing though: the overall "gameplay/ virtual grid experience feels much more smoother compared to SL (though i didnt had the occasion to test how well it holds in crowded areas for the very obvious reason that it was a literal ghosttown (and peeking at steamcharts data, there was roughly 9 people playing 24 minutes ago) Now I assume both the Steam and standalone version share the same servers which reinforces the simple fact that there is hardly any interest in Sansar, especially because it roughly tries to mimicate an already existing virtual world called SECOND LIFE. I mean dear LL, what exactly is your game plan with this? If you wanna bring VR users to the mix, thats fine. But wouldnt it be easier to have it concentrate on ONE platform and rework the SL engine with the one you have in Sansar, make a second life 2.0 update? Im no economical marketer so im not gonna pretend I know any better than the finance people at Linden Labs but as a SL citizen, i just cant help but shake my head, because it feels like so much cash wasted into a pet project that evidently is nowhere near as popular as they probably hoped it would be. Right now, Sansar feels like its going nowhere and I rather have them invest time and money into SL. I think I can say it without much doubt in my head that most of us never wanted LL to start making ANOTHER virtual world project when their main one is still in dire need of optimisation and fixing so that it could finally run better than a bowl of potato. Its time to be honest with ourselves: Sansar has failed There was never a point when this was needed to anyone
  9. I just wish LL would focus on fixing SL, because the **** engine still runs like a trainwreck regardless of your system or internet connection. Please, just dont beat a dead horse, you still have people throwing money at you through ingame Linden Cash purchases and SL premium membership.
  10. i really wish unpacking stuff would be a biit easier and not as much of a pain in the arse like is it currently
  11. I consider adult places to be those where there is actual explicit sexual content displayed/ naked avatars etc Then again thats just me and honestly I dont think there isnt as much of a noticeable difference between M and A rated places in a hindsight, other than A paces to be pretty much free for all 18+ content
  12. I think the thing with SL, what most people dont seem to understand : SL is essentially a sandbox, where if you can dream it, you can most certainly replicate it in the Grid. The tricky part sometimes is to find places and people that really click with you so to say and initially establishing a social circle in which you feel comfortable being in Second Life, as well as not being afraid to go out and meet new people, make new experiences
  13. stagnant? maybe no though when you run into too many places where the majority of users are parking/ barely talking anything (like i did too many times)...it can feel a bit discouraging
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