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  1. I was referring to getting a PAYPAL debit card , they require your SS#. I no longer need to cash out with tilla. Although I will remain in second Life. I might be Moving to Opensim or running my own hypergrid sim on a spare pc . I spent 14 years here with a small store but now It is no longer worth keeping it open. Linden lab is throwing everything at Sansar and basically letting all of us pay for what will eventually be a failure . I semi retired from Making new stuff here years ago, Everything was self sustaining until they raised premium prices . I will not pay for sl any more. 14 years was long enough.
  2. I had to give it to them when I got my debit card (federal law requires it )
  3. Meek, Tilla has actually been there for the last 3 years. They did it quietly. IF you have a Paypal account , Paypal already has your SS # (They have mine )
  4. Catherine , I stopped making new content over 5 years ago . Most people in Sl now a days do not want to purchase content, they want to get it for low cost or free. When we started Sl there were no free accounts or a Lindex, We all sold our goods and people bought them. If you just want to have fun and have no interest in making any financial game, that is cool. The days we remember, (When everyone had l$ because they were premium accounts ) are long gone , All I do with the l$ i get is maintain what I have , Now with the price increases, I doubt I can continue paying for my tier on my stipend) If you want to come back for fun, Great , If you want to come back for profit, forget it . Some people do still make money but they are getting few and far between.
  5. That is a sweepstakes , not a lottery , Lotteries would violate online US gambling laws . If you have to pay for a chance to win something , its a lottery . If the prize is given randomly without any kind of payment it is a giveaway or a sweepstakes .
  6. It Actually cost $240. I Darn near bought 4 of them now im sorry . LOL
  7. That is my holodeck on the skypad . Is been there for years . I don't think I set it to public use because some of the builds in it are too big .
  8. As most of you old timers know , I rarely post in the forums and try to stay out of the politics of Second Life . Once and a wile I do peek in the forums. Most newer people do not know me, but that just goes with the territory. I have had my own little corner in sl since 2004 . Since then my place has self sustained itself because I have a very old account that has the 500 l$ a week stipend's. With the new price increases , My existence in SL can no longer be self sustained. Since 2004 I have Had a small place that sells Fireworks in Sl. I rarely spend more then an hour a month in Sl anymore. I have a friends list that at one time had over 300 names of very active Second Life users, Now there are less then 20 left on this list that are active . Unfortunately a lot of them passed away in real life . With all of the things that have happened in the world of online communities in the last 15 yeas, second life is a senior citizen. Its platform is aged and its older citizens are retired or retiring. When I started Second Life there were NO free Memberships, everyone was an equal, there was LOTS of griefers and lots of trouble. I remember All of the work that went into one of the FIRST Second Life Weddings and the griefer that ruined it . So much has happened. I watch the "Free" accounts take over and commerce in the stores start dropping . I watched Linden Lab Buy a third party exchange (SL EXCHANGE) And toss it like a used magazine into the gutter so It could dominate with what is now called the Linden Market Place. With the Marketplace now under Lindens control, Most creators (With Free accounts no less ) need not even own land to peddle their wares on sl. These free accounts overloaded the few SL sandboxes and this is where the early griefers came from. And who could ever forget the biggest ever griefer in SL (Now what was the name ? LOL ) Despite all of the things that had happened , I stuck it out, Owned my own land and for the most park shunned the marketplace until 2010 when I place a very few Items on the marketplace. I caved in . Why because very few people visit the stores any more. I semi retired long ago to move on to other things because creating new content simply was not worth the time . So I guess the bottom line is , Will I Stay? Allen Parks will always be in second life . With no Disposable income right now, Its up to my little corner of Second Life to see if I keep my own little corner of the world open. We will just have to see. Well that is my 2 cents worth. Is it even worth 2 cents ? As Spock would say , "Live long and prosper."
  9. I normally do not post on the forums. Since I have been here so long I thought I might give you some insight of what has happened. I Joined SL in 2004. I remember when there was no lindex , no sale of lindens, no land auctions. I remember the prim wars. (Objects were allotted by sim and not parcel ) and a whole LOT of NASTY people that thought they knew it all. I remember when it cost you l$10 PER PRIM to rez an object in world. (You got the l$ back when you derezzed the object ). I remember land taxes. I saw the most Nasty grid attacks. Sim Crashing scripts and a whole lot of nasty stuff. For around 5 years , I Had a very successful Fireworks business. Since in the early days everyone had to be premium and everyone had L$ to Spend money to access SL. Then Linden Labs offered free access. Almost Immediatly Sales revenue started dropping. I still keep my 1 store open mostly for a novilty. I semi retired from sl about 3 years ago. I only come and go. Sl continues to decline. I rarely see anyone around my place anymore. I do Check in at least once a day briefly. Most of my SL friends have done the same and a couple have passed away. So to answer your question, The biggest thing I think Linden Lab did wrong was to alow free, unconfirmed access. Had that not happened, commerce would have been stronger. Another Mistake was the Online Market place. It should have just been a directory and not a store. Linden Lab shot themselves in the foot because now people can sell for free , before you had to own land to sell merchandise.That further cut their revenue stream. Anyhow , It is what it is. I long ago went into other things. I do hang around once an a while to chat with old friends As for me , I have not created anything new here in at least 3 years. It was fun while it lasted but now I have other things to do. Eventually Second life as you know it will eventually morph into something else or disappear. It has been around a long time. What the future holds is anyones guess. We will just have to see.
  10. This was supposed to be a premium account feature , as a long term resident ,I have to say i am EXTREMELY disappointed that Linden opened this to Basic accounts, I have been here for 8 years and have to deal with freeloaders , griefers and overcrowding, This was the PERFECT reason to get a premium account , Now Linden realms has so many people walking around , its no longer fun or worthwhile. This was a good way to get people to go Premium where at least they could get some L$ every week, I really got tired of GIMMIE, GIMMIE GIMMIE, 8 years of it. Now its just back to the same old thing , beg, beg, beg. At least offer a Premium version. Your Premium users deserve a place where they con go without hearing all of the begging.
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