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  1. Lucky Squirrel is airborne but Kittehs are under the stairs so we don't get squished!
  2. Yes all their hard work is breathing life back into SL. Thanks SO much🤩
  3. Thanks for being so responsive to the community. It feels like we're all in this together again!
  4. Keep trying. I kept getting the error message but it was delivered in the background.
  5. We are love hugging it into the ground.
  6. Okay I kept getting the error message but now I get a message saying I already own a house, and it's the new houseboat. So it may be delivered in the background even though an error message is being displayed. So dont give up hope!
  7. Getting error at the delivery screen. I assume the website is getting hammered.
  8. Anyone going to be abandoning their land house for a new houseboat?
  9. I've tried a bunch but I'd vote for lelutka or Genus. I have a Simone when I'm feeling supermodel-y and a baby face Genus for whimsy. I find Genus to have the easiest interface to use, but lelutka comes bundled with better cosmetics. Just demo the heck out of everything.
  10. That bar is stellar. And I just love that vivid red
  11. So generous of you to open this to the public because I adore the reading room and peaceful out door area. Thanks!
  12. What great angles. Especially love the tulip one - very dynamic.
  13. Love your calming colour choices and I lust for those fantastic flowers! Which designer made them?
  14. I built a glass platform deck off the back - I was experimenting but I'm sure you could extend it a lot further out. Upper deck is my ditzy boho colourlight playground complete with puffle sheep herd. This is fun! OH and notice the nice light reflections in the water. Pretty sure the lighting is working through the glass.
  15. This is me Chillin on the lower deck of my houseboat on the boardwalk. The TV works! I'm playing Hockey Night in Canada from 1960's (youtube). I am liking these new houses and areas very very much indeed! We need deco texture packs for the houseboats! Please texture creators start modding and Take My Money!
  16. Very good question. Have you looked at the houseboats and their surroundings?
  17. Hey are you still active? I just saw on the Omega site that there is a mesh body named Louis that looks like a true elongated "Belter body" like we saw in episode one. (Avasarala was gravity torturing him) I found it on the marketplace and saw you can wear female clothes (and hopefully head lol) So now I wanna roleplay a character like the Belter "Working Girl" that was teaching language to the cop in the early episodes. I just need a place. or maybe I'll just stretchhhh my Maitreya... I want to dance and listen to loud Beltalowda music in the bar. You have a bar right? BELTALOWDA!
  18. I'm an adult, but not, like, a real adult. Or so my fridge magnet tells me.
  19. Does anyone know how many houseboats were released because they went in about 24 hours. Obviously there was a great unfulfilled (and previously unrecognized) longing for the life aquatic and for community living. I'm looking forward to strolling the docks, walking my dog on the beach and meeting my neighbors. And this weekend I'm gonna inflate my pool floaties, rez a lounger and unpack some swimwear. Yay long weekend!
  20. This is a fantastic idea - joining up!
  21. It's in LL's interest to maintain the appearance of many users of the platform. No online service wants methods that eliminate duplicates or multiple accounts or bots. MMO's started being cagey years ago about their subscriber/account numbers unless they could report success. People shy away from services with low user numbers.
  22. Hmmmm.. this is an interesting concept. Are you thinking of something upscale and European, or more of resort-style complex? I can definitely see this being a fun place to live. Oh! I'd like a piano bar.
  23. I was just in curious kitties and they have some cute anime boy style avatars if that works for you.
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