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  1. Heyo~ I'm the mentioned friend. I also am into kawaii fashion; specifically lolita, decora-kei, and pastel casual/chic. My wardrobe leans on the between and extreme ends of preppy-street or vintage-casual -- but I also take some influence from goth, bohemian, and pagan aesthetics. I do most of my "shopping" through online-browsing -- keeping track of various creators' flickrs and seraphim to try to find things that fit into the kawaii aesthetic. There's a small pool of creators within that genre, and because of how niche it is their releases tend to be very sparse. Personally, I've b
  2. Re-watching the End of Evangelion and reading up on the lore because I haven't seen it since I was 18. I'm actually surprised how nuanced the information for old anime has become -- so happy people actually use citations now, instead of speculating in forums. Yay modernization!
  3. *nods* I suppose. I think any community (reddit, tumblr, what-have-you) has its own modus operandi -- and I wouldn't put any one on a pedestal. Anecdotally speaking my experience with those sites was that that type of language wasn't meant literally or with bravado. It was this obtuse honorific; a strange formal announcement of one's presence... But yeah, outside of those communities it doesn't translate as such -- it comes across as aggressive, shallow, and demanding of attention. It's like when "l0l s0 r4nd0m" mannerisms were a thing -- people just don't realize how immature and off-bas
  4. 😅 I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, since coming from places like tumblr and twitter statements like those are usually meant to be comical... I think someone before pointed out the whole thread is basically a trainwreck.
  5. I'm not meaning to be contentious with anyone, and I can see where you're coming from OP, but I just don't think you can sway people here with your choice of tone or argument. You do read as confrontational, even if that's not your intention. I'm sorry things get (and got) so cutthroat here, it's why I tend to abstain from the forums... You just kind of have to leave feelings at the door and, if you do post, be more deliberate and considerate with your word choice. It doesn't help anyone to be heated or condescending. SL forums, and I hate to say it, can be very opinionated, if not a
  6. Okkbye does sell asiatic skins, they're just stylized and doll-like. Mudskin's tend to be more realistic and has more variations for ethinicities. 700, MomoChuu, S0NG, Enfer Sombre, NINI Planet, Parfait, Resur, More More -- there is a literal butt-ton, but the ones I've listed are some of my favorites.
  7. Back with another updoot! I think my dynamism and framing is improving slowly but surely °˖✧。゚◝(๑´˘`๑)
  8. Most recent edit from my flickr. Felt like doing something cute and feminine! Very hard to nail that clean, kawaii aesthetic u. u
  9. I didn't used to derender objects or avis, but recently I've taken to doing so (especially in crowded or laggy areas). It's typically never permanent, save for when it's a troll/griefer. I think for some it's definitely a personal preference, others (like me) might not have a juiced enough PC to render everything that's going on.
  10. I use it frequently, as do my friends. We're all used to it from gaming and chat servers. I'm not in SL to live a fantasy, so I find the community more realistic and personable over voice rather than in IM/local.
  11. I'm back with another edit! Tried a group photo this time.
  12. Noise spam, entitlement, and hostility can indeed be off-putting, but I don't mind gestures, wishlists, or profile setups so much. I can't really see a reason to knock on how someone expresses themselves or let's people know what they're into. As for the sand in my crack: In-world stores with poor labeling and organization, where everything is placed haphazardly and ads/packaging are vague or super tiny Using misleading demos or photoshop in ads for clothing that doesn't match/fit together, or isn't customizable outside of a fatpack (some big stores do this and it's ki
  13. Thank you so very much! I am using firestorm currently, have been since I started.
  14. I just posted at your recommendation, tysm for the suggestion! So, let's see, as far as technique goes: First I try to find interesting locations or I set a plain backdrop at my house and then frankenstein one in later. I take several shots under different windlights for purposes of texture, color, and shading. Then when in CSP I use different masking options to enhance a base photo; usually one with heavy shadow, or in Nam's. I separate the subject from the BG, and then use a light, guassian blur over different areas to achieve focus and depth. Basic smudging, blendin
  15. Hello everyone! Got an invitation post, so this is my avi as of yesterday and today~ These are edits I made while I'm trying to branch out onto flickr. I'm trying to learn more about posing, windlights, and editing. I definitely want more high-def, studio, and antiqued looking shots, though I'm unsure how to achieve that... I work predominantly on tablet and with CSP atm, and I'm open to critique/advice. 😊
  16. These are my most recent edits on my flickr. I'm sort of new to photography and editing, and use CSP for a majority of my work. I'm trying very hard to work on poses, adding filters, and doing paint-overs. I feel like every post is some small improvement, however! Any feedback is welcome
  17. Having a similar issue where my mesh body parts/clothing are missing and won't attach. Right eye, right hand, feet, hair, and shoes all not loading in -- looking somewhat like a disconfigured doll. Cannot detach or re-attach items. No issues with logging in, inventory, or teleport so far from what I can tell. Reset modem and router with no effect, hope this can be sorted out soon.
  18. This has nothing to do with photoshoots or posing -- this has everything to do with how avatars interact with objects while moving. The issue I am finding is that; most AOs are priority 4 for walking, running, etc, while everything else in its set (sitting, stands etc) is a lower priority (I use oracul). If you have a priority 4 clutch your AO automatically overrides the animation for the joints and only resets while in a standing pose -- I have found this issue with nearly all forms of arm accessory and it is what I want to resolve. By setting clutches, handbags, and other items with highe
  19. I have been busting my butt looking for high-priority hold animations that serve as poses for purses, stuffed animals, etc. I am not looking for static, full-body animations, just ones that let you hold an item whether you're walking, etc. I have found one animator (on MP) who had about three different p5 & p6 poses (which I've purchased), yet these came as single poses and elsewhere there has not been much for variety. So far I have made some use of the ones I have in invisiprim addons or in modifiable bags, yet these poses do not work for all styles of clutch, forearm, shoulder, or
  20. Thank you very much Cerise! It's appreciated.
  21. Was redirected to here, so please don't mind me. I'm back again to ask if anyone would know how to make a script similar to this one so I could make wands (not for sale, just personal use and exchange)? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PD-Sparkle/7770521 I cannot find anything other than basic emitters and have attempted to make them myself, however my skills towards such things are novice. Any insight would be appreciated. ------------------ My previous question regarding gestures was answered.
  22. Redirected to here. Hi, I'm a fairly new user and was interested in purchasing a howl or roar gesture for my kaiju avatar -- I am just looking for parts for aesthetic purposes only. I am seeking something with a dragonic, lycan, or dinosaur-like aesthetic that can fit/animate a reptile/dragon/animal shaped jaw (or the M.O.R Cutie Kaiju Avatar). I have searched tirelessly on the online marketplace and am surprised by its lack of Godzilla or Jurassic Park-esque gestures. Most of the listings are sounds only and, if animated, use the SL library default anims. I have managed to find s
  23. Thank you very much, can and will do!
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