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  1. Me ordering a pizza and enjoying on the beach under palm trees
  2. Hello! I'm curious about this wrestling in second life. I want to know how it works. Can i watch one of your matches? maybe i join later :)
  3. I hope that future version of firestorm will have option to move mouselook camera forward and backward or option like "hide head in mouselook" because a lot of avatars are mesh today and some people really like to play in mouselook. Anyways, thank you so much ❤️️
  4. I didn't find default camera position in debug setting. Thank you all for answering, I will hide my avatar. if someone knows how to move mouselook camera a little bit forward or how to hide head please write here, kisses ???
  5. ss Thank you for answer. I haven't seen that someone wrote about this problem at second life forum so I decided to write about that. I just wish mouselook to work well with mesh head. I would like to see my body, hands and legs but also wish to "hide" head and hair only in my viewer. I don't want other people to see me headless
  6. thank you for trying to help but looks like that I can't derender my attachments
  7. Thank you for answering to my question I know that I can hide my whole avi but is there any way to hide only head and hair?
  8. Hello everyone. My name is Silvana. I have catwa head and mesh hair. I love to play in mouselook but there is a problem with some poses and animations. Sometimes I see my mesh hair, eyelashes and teeth while I play in mouselook and that looks so creepy. I'm not able to see and it totally ruins my view. I'm using firestorm viewer. Is there any way to hide head and hair but not whole body? I would like to hide it while I play in mouselook but also wish other people to see it. This is my first time here and I hope that I'll fix my problem with mouselook. Thank you for reading kisses ???
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