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  1. A selfie with my boyfriend. He agreed to match my outfit so I don't feel alone in my goof moments! 🤣
  2. I've just finished watching "F is for family". I love cynical humor in sitcoms! 😄
  3. Yes, only once and she tried to kill me... 🤣 .... obviously not on purpose. But she was ex-bestie. I haven't met anyone else lol
  4. I don't really care about hiding groups for privacy... I do it to keep my profile more organized as the only group i have displaying are the one i'm interest people joining lol
  5. I totally agree with you. So many times I had that kind of conversation; while in their thread they seemed amazingly witty and funny to be around... messaging them inworld they're completely cold and disinterested. I reached a point where I honestly don't even bother anymore... I rather hang with my small group of friends even though I'd actually would love have a bigger group of friends. It makes me sad because on the forum I've met my best friend. A way to completely throw me off is: when you meet for the first time someone and they get immediately clingy as hell, like if them logging on second life or their happiness depend on my friendship. That's a HARD PASS for me. LOL
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