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  1. hmmm, sounds like only SL research you would not qualify for would be only for those who met mate in SL. There are tons of research questions and theories.
  2. Thanks Syo, and agree that is one group. There are others - a number of scientists here who have been doing research in SL for a long time. We are new to the field but RL very accomplished bringing those resources to our work in SL. Have you heard of Igor Pantic, MD, PhD? Google him. I want us to be the Igor Pantic of SL. Our pilot study is done; we are working on IRB approval and have a number of other research topics.. If there is anyone here who likes designing studies, the BDSM assessment that is widely used here is horribly drawn. I'd love to see someone do one right and would be happy to give feedback and oversight.
  3. Thanks Selene. I've met researchers here who started 12 years ago and are still going. Worst case, I get to "meet" people who are interested in posts about SL research. Another reason I posted is that after I joined, I learned the was a McMaster University, where they were from, that has a Veritas Foundation or Forum. The synchronicity was too much to pass up. Who is doing research here now, do you know? Besides OsanGar and me at Sex ReSearch Clinic.
  4. The researchers, possibly those who knew them, or others interested in research in SL who may see this.. Who knows? The place is magic; anything could happen.
  5. That's why I'm asking. We are doing research in SL. I've heard of some interesting studies from here. Who knows who's here and who will see this... you did! :)
  6. Anyone from the research group still on SL. If so, please contact me. Veri (VeritasMcMaster)
  7. Dylan does have some blues! Fun thread.
  8. MrsSeren - you led me to direction that helped. First I shortened, then when got flagged again, I changed a few things in the text. Seems odd they wouldn't have some way for groups or events that meet every day to post without having to do 5 a day and this kind of manipulation. Thanks!
  9. I've also changed category, discussion, education, and self help I think other one was - with charity. Will try shortening and see if that helps. Thank you both for your replies :)
  10. I keep getting notices that I cannot post an event because it is a duplicate of one already posted. We have a daily walk in clinic. The date is different with each posting. I have changed the title, body, and type but still won't go through. I have read the conditions and do not see anything in it that keeps me from posting. Can anyone who has a daily event let me know how to do this? Thanks :)
  11. Love that you quoted Camus and Tom Robbins; latter a personal favorite. Was delighted to recently have a SL "Skinny Legs and All" connection that was startlingly fun. Your 3 rules are just what I needed;. must follow you and read your page. I'm new here and have only had one relationship. It was heaven. And, even though he set the parameters, your rules proved true. I'm lost. Do people say the opposite of what they mean? If they say no RL or keep them separate, and then don't, is that common? I don't even have any idea of the scope and have questions like where types of relationships fit on the spectrum. And how in the world do you involve real bodies, hormones, emotions, and other strong feelings and keep them separate? I can do it but don't know how to help a partner keep his word or do so. I guess your rules.... don't believe anything anyone tells you? Lost, I tell you, I'm lost. So many questions. I need to learn more before proceeding. This is too good an opportunity to waste traveling the same path. Overall, this is an amazing place. There is potential for real (SL & RL) damage but messy side aside, being a big fan of psychodrama as an effective and powerful healing tool, the applications here are phenomenal. But shouldn't we enroll? Do people do that? Is that what the stilted, "touches you firmly," language occasions? This is surely well traveled territory. Yours is the first info I've found that cuts to the chase. If you have any references for rank idiots, I'd sure appreciate them. Still working on my profile. Trying to be brief with self selection triggers. Welcome input for what 80% I should cut. If you see this, thanks; even if you don't reply, you helped!
  12. Perfecct, Lindal -that's 30 minutes from now so I can make it. I've taken lots of training at Caledon Oxbridge University and am very grateful to them and you for making it available. Thanks for posting!! Oh mercy... I may have to friend you to ask for a link. I'm inworld now if you can send teleport.
  13. Great info Lindal. Since I was so Linden poor for my first few months... and leery as this was my first virtual world experience, I got nearly everything I needed from the freebie places (landing spots, The Free Dove, Freebie Warehouse, Freebie Galaxy) and shopping 0-10 at marketplace. Luckily, I also had a friend who knew the ropes to guide me in the beginning. She got a real tickle out of what I could find for little or nothing. Thanks to all who took the time to reply.
  14. Good advice Rolig. Luckily, I had no money early on so learned how to do without spending much. I've only been here 4 months but buying property for the first time meant I had to not only spend a lot (I thought was the only challenge) I had to figure out how to get it exchanged. I posted here bc I can see so many people spend a ton of money and they can't all go through this delay or low limit to do so. The money for my first house did get exchanged late on the day I needed it so all is okay for now. Still wondering how people exchange larger sums.
  15. I thought the $30 limit to exchange for Lindens was a daily limit. Now I'm super bummed bc it looks like it's a monthly limit. Surely people with more money than me and these huge places don't build exchanging $30 a month. Someone please tell me how to exchange USD for Lindens. I have paypal. Need 30,000L. Thanks
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