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  1. BTW, if you actually know how to crash it, please let me know. I will try to do that and see if it will crash. I will go to a busy event and see if it will crash. I use FS everyday, maybe it crashes once or twice in a year, and I know how to repeat that. Otherwise, it seldom crash. This is true when running native Linux or Linux Wine.
  2. I heard this "Use of full rez texture" will cause massive problem / crash for many years. But I am sharing right now that I am not crashing and everything is rendering fast and correctly. I will try running 2 FS to see if I can crash it. I run Linux and I run FS in both native and wine mode. Texture blur goes away. (I am not suggesting nor promoting anyone to try this tho) Removing script is one of the feature provided by Maitreya hud. When you are done with your settings, and made a backup, why not?
  3. I am sorry as I am not very clear as my problem on BoM requires more time to explain and perhaps mixed with a few issues together. First of all, redo my outfit folders and start clean again. I used to have BoM grey texture for 5 sec when switch between outfit even with exactly the same hairbase and whatever BoM texture there is. But this problem is gone now when I delete and redo my outfit directory. Everything is loading lighting fast and switching between outfit is lighting fast now. I understand that it takes time on server side for BoM texture to bake but I am seeing that if the Bo
  4. Thank you Niran for taking the time to explain. The memory context in this case is helpful. I can now compare apple to apple ... I have not crashed and I tried to go to 'busy' sims too. I have not so far observed a crash, nor performance issues. (If I run two FS together at the same time, then it gets very slow, and I have to make my windows smaller to cope) But no more blur!! Also, I was referring to FS, when I use Black Dragon, my impression was that it loads very fast and I have no issues. (a few months ago) On a related topic, don't know already a thread on this. BOM bake time
  5. I was wondering about this for a long time, and Hi-Res does work. Thank you so much. I also support the idea of sticking with the topic and not to divert to something else. It makes it much difficult and slower for people to find answer. Finally, the warning message about Hi-Res is unhelpful. I suggest developers to retest and quantify again under what limits it will crash. Right now, the message is superficial and unsophisticated.
  6. Yes you are right! I re-read from http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid Merchants so happen to be able to use it, is a side-effect. I don't think it is intended for them.
  7. BTW, anyone knows why Public Sandbox in testing grid not allow running scripts ? Don't we need to run avsitter at least in order test things?
  8. I need to try a few times before I can login. Also, when you are finally in, it reports database problem. When I save a shape, it says problem in accessing database, never seen this before. edit: exact error message is: "Failed to find body part named Test Shape 1 in the database." I am trying to make things and run a business too and I have no choice but to pay upload fee in production grid. I suggest LL takes testing grid seriously and start tracking and reports its availability on status.secondlifegrid.net Or, they should just shutdown beta grid completely, and waive me
  9. I have exactly the same thing too ... never see this message before, even when it is under maintenance. It will be great news if we are getting new benefits service ... I wonder what will that be !
  10. thANK YOU SO MUCH These works with scripts !! YAY Regions on Aditi Aditi has limited capacity, so regions are frequently taken offline in order to make room for regions with more interesting test cases. See this page for the status of several Aditi regions. Permanent Sandbox Regions Residents who wish to test their stuff before bringing it to the main grid have been given dedicated regions to do so: Sandbox Astutula (128, 128) Sandbox Exemplar (128, 128) Sandbox Pristina (128, 128) Sandbox Verenda (128, 128) Sandbox Wanderton (128, 1
  11. I used to test my rig with Morris SIM in beta grid and it has been disappeared for a few days without much warning and pointers to alternative. The rest of the sims do not allow running scripts, and many testing requires that. I do not want to test my rig in production grid as it will be very costly for all the upload fees. Can someone suggest a way out? Is there a forum on what is happening with beta grid ? it will be good to get connect to those your are responsible for maintaining those servers. Hearing first hand will save a lot of time. Thanks
  12. If I were Linden Lab ... thinking about it making me happy even I know it is impossible ... 1. I will pick up the phone to call Mr. Frisby and similar competitors to see if we can create joint programs for SL creators to opt-in for migrating some of their content to other metaverse. This could be a win-win-win for all, and new income for LL. 2. Rebrand SL to focus on adult entertainment and spinoff a separate entity for children / education / commercial purposes and keep them separate! This could potentially reduce regulatory costs and legal costs for each government SL is operating.
  13. Thank you. I also confirmed that as of today, I have no more TP crashes, I can TP to where ever I like, as many times as I like. No crashes. I even can keep my hair as I arrive. All is working for me. I am very happy. Thanks to all who has helped.
  14. Well, it could be a bug of the subscription program or something I didn't do, because I find it very unusual not to have any updates since April 8, not a single one update, as the event affected so many people. So I assume it must be me who did something wrong not having to receive those updates. So you have not received any updates neither ?
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