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  1. If I were Linden Lab ... thinking about it making me happy even I know it is impossible ... 1. I will pick up the phone to call Mr. Frisby and similar competitors to see if we can create joint programs for SL creators to opt-in for migrating some of their content to other metaverse. This could be a win-win-win for all, and new income for LL. 2. Rebrand SL to focus on adult entertainment and spinoff a separate entity for children / education / commercial purposes and keep them separate! This could potentially reduce regulatory costs and legal costs for each government SL is operating. 3. Abolish the floating exchange rate system, make buy = sell, and outsource money operation to more efficient payment gateway(s). Again, regulators will be happy, can reduce cost of operation, no more fears on inflation, and creators will likely to have more in their pockets and create even more. Can introduce a tier tax rate to compensate revenue lost, and aim at giving startup creators a tax break. 4. Decide to fix chat/IM or not. (i.e. out-of-order arrival of text, text get eaten up, salability issues) If not fixable, provide API to discord and the like, similar to integration with FB / Flickr / etc. Group communication is still a key to what everyone do in SL. 5. Offer backup services, for artists / creators who cannot bare the monthly costs, and yet can suspend and resume their sim when financially possible again. All those love that put into creation will then preserved and new revenues could be generated. 6. Define SIM performance clearly, and create new tiers for higher performing server which actually allow avatars to do something in the sim without lag-like-hell. More avatars in SIM = more business = more revenue for everyone. Win-win-win. (maybe dynamically load balancing but still keep 25 sim in 1 server if you are in low tier package) 7. Make marketing easier ... maybe to use google search appliance to improve search results so that people can actually find what they want. Introduce ability to do image search and search by color, and find a way for charge for it. 8. Start charging people based on the size of their inventory. New income or will force everyone to clean up and reduce inventory server load. 9. Maybe an opensource program focusing on letting the community to fix bugs, error in documentations, etc, etc. Don't have to do everyone ourselves, leverage the talents of our community. 10. Give big hug to SL support team, they are true darlings !! Exceeded all my expectations among all the IT support I have deal with. 11. Take LL to IPO and we buy shares, and we all make real money! Yes! Difficult / Impossible / not making sense ... but it is good to share a dream !
  2. Thank you. I also confirmed that as of today, I have no more TP crashes, I can TP to where ever I like, as many times as I like. No crashes. I even can keep my hair as I arrive. All is working for me. I am very happy. Thanks to all who has helped.
  3. Well, it could be a bug of the subscription program or something I didn't do, because I find it very unusual not to have any updates since April 8, not a single one update, as the event affected so many people. So I assume it must be me who did something wrong not having to receive those updates. So you have not received any updates neither ?
  4. Can you show me where it was being said which covers ALL conversations without the context of personal information? Even the rule being quoted here state very clearly that there are exceptions and conditions. I do agree that if someone sends you a private IM addressed only to you, it should not be shared without your permission, but you have to be allowed to monitor it, in order to respond to it. I am more interested in the interpretation of this particular rule in the context of public discussion as the original question also refers to local chat. So if we use this public discussion in this forum here as an example, I believe that personal information is 'protected' under this ToS rule, since this forum uses username that can be traced back inside SL. From this, if someone shares personal information to reveal the RL identity of anyone here in this forum, I believe it will be a violation too. But if you are quoting what I said publicly in this forum, I don't think you need to ask my permission. (as no one did here when they quote since it does not contain any personal information) So, I think the context and conditions matter, they are not loopholes, they are necessary to facilitate discussions. Anyway, this is only my worthless opinion, I think a support ticket can be helpful.
  5. Thank you for your opinion, but I still think it is better to have someone from LL to answer this. What you are suggesting, does not make sense.
  6. Have anyone received any updates since the problem was officially posted on April 8 ? Posted 8 days ago. Apr 08, 2019 - 16:05 PDT
  7. I will read "the remote monitoring, posting or sharing of conversations without a participant’s consent are prohibited." where conversations here refer to conversations that contain participant's personal information. Otherwise, it does not make sense to have local chat. I also think the word "remote' is redundant. Or I will rewrite it like this: "collecting and sharing participant's personal information without participant's consents are prohibited." But I am not a lawyer! LOL Someone from LL should answer this question.
  8. I suspect it has to do with the fact that most hair objects has alpha on and it is well known that the way alpha is rendered is buggy. This happens to static objects in a sim too where there are alpha planes in front of it, it sometimes disappears, and require a click so that it knows it has to render it. You may be able to reproduce it by wearing a prim on yourself, turn it transparent, and TP here and there.
  9. Since appliers can do this already, can I assume that these magic values although undocumented, but already been deduced and that is how appliers can do it now?
  10. I still don't quite understand the behavior here. I understand that before Bakes-On-Mesh, UUIDs were used to identified baked texture to viewers such that viewers can load the correct textures from server correctly. But the UUIDs is not accessible to users. Since appliers can already use Bakes-On-Mesh feature, I assume this can be done programmatically already. My question is that what do they use to obtain the UUID, and what is the behavior of the content that this UUID points to. i.e. if I add a tattoo, will I get a new UUID? or the content of the UUID points to get changed? I probably don't get it quite right, or I am missing something obvious. Please kindly help.
  11. Quick question: Are these "BAKE_HEAD, BAKE_UPPER, BAKE_LOWER, BAKE_EYES, BAKE_SKIRT, BAKE_HAIR" texture UUID variables that we can access programmatically to apply texture to any wearable mesh ? If not, how can it be done programmatically? Thanks
  12. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetNotecardLine llGetNoteCardLine(name, line) where name can be an uuid and the notecard DOES NOT have to be in the inventory as suggested by Rolig Loon.
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