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  1. Whirly, I installed the Singularity test build and it hasn't crashed in about 4 hours of SL time. Thanks so much!
  2. Whirly, my antivirus protection thinks this Singularity installation contains malware. Any reassurance you can offer?
  3. Wow - I had no idea the terminology was so important. I know the difference between crashing and being logged off. I think everyone understood my point, and the issue that's been ongoing for a few weeks now.
  4. I've switched to Cool VL Viewer and only crashed once in the last week. My bandwidth has been maximized for months. I tried Singularity again today and crashed in 30 minutes, just staying in one sim. Grr.
  5. Has there been any progress on resolving the issue with all the random crashes every time we try to TP? I'm having to use a primitive viewer and I'd really like to get back to normal. As if I ever have a "normal". (-;
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