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  1. Came here to say (most of) this, and add my thoughts. The pods have been around nearly as long as I have. I've always loved them, and chosen mainland based on proximity to a pod route. I've introduced friends to them, and subsequently areas of SL they'd never explored. It's been a "thing" with some friends to be standing around chatting, then one of us spies a pod coming, and interrupts the convo by yelling POD! Silly, yes, but it's just part of us. We've had some good times, usually out of the Durango station and the Chamonix City tour is always a hit. Once on a pod ride we were attacked by scripted zombies - never mind that the person who rezzed them was deliberately griefing the pods - it was some of the best and funniest spontaneous RP we've ever had. I can't imagine mainland without them. Hopping a pod when one goes by, even if it's just for something to do, has always been a draw for me. I'm glad Patch is on the case, and best wishes for Yavanna, who has been kind and helpful to me inworld.
  2. Patch said a bit ago, the homes that attach to the boardwalk/pier (no stairs) are considered "over water" parcels. "Over land" will have stairs that connect in some way to the land. And he also mentioned a fully-over-water parcel that is completely freestanding. (aside: I hope you don't move! I'm always pointing out YOUR decor when people come over to my much-less-interesting home next door!) 😆
  3. Addendum: one also claimed in Rachels Dominion. Could go either way! OOh a DUEL....
  4. Grab your things, I've come to take you home! Solsbury Hill open now. Peter Gabriel songs are mandatory.
  5. Might have stalled out. I only see 2 homes claimed since I posted that.
  6. Someone a few days ago claimed a houseboat, and arrived to find it still fully furnished and the previous owner on the parcel, though the land was in the new owner's name. Autoreturn on abandon apparently failed there. (The previous owner was manually picking up their items, so all good, but... weird.)
  7. Leaping Lizard is out. Little Orphan Annie approves of this message.
  8. I put on my robe and wizard hat... Wizard Flats is out *poofs*
  9. This person/persons is doing the same on another region tonight. I'd file an AR.
  10. Looks like Veradell may be out now. Only two claimed so far.
  11. I named my Log Dump home "Log Dump Septic - Your #2 is Our #1" I did change it once I actually decorated it though.
  12. I made an alt to store all the leftover gachas I had after playing for friends. Since the friends were females, I had a ton of shoes, hair, clothes etc, so I made a female alt to at least get some use out of them. Well... the alt apparently gained sentience, and started making demands. "I have these Slink shoes, I need Slink feet!" "This skin is for a mesh head, I need a mesh head!" "Oh this is only for a mesh body, I need a mesh body!" I've often threatened to park her on a street corner to earn her shopping money. 😆 One thing I did learn is, despite there being a LOT more stuff for the ladies, it is far more difficult for me to make a decent avie, what with tweaking shapes and hair that doesn't impale boobs and which foot shape to use and figuring out head HUDs and so on. I do not envy you all one bit. *puts on jeans and a t-shirt and goes about his day* Edit to add: I can't say I have felt any female tendencies with a female alt, and I am not very good at "being" one. But I do agree with wanting different things based on which avie I'm on. The fAlt tends to go with more "normal" classic decor, while my own stuff is a little more left-field.
  13. A few of those cabins had public access to change the snow... you can just click it away 🙂
  14. I should mention I'm a chronic map-watcher right now... I have had my home for a while, but I have a friend waiting for a couple to open up, and I freed up my alt to give it a few tries before it expires. "Passing" a log home from one to another is near impossible at the moment, but if I catch one she likes, it's worth a shot I guess?
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