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  1. Addendum: one also claimed in Rachels Dominion. Could go either way! OOh a DUEL....
  2. Grab your things, I've come to take you home! Solsbury Hill open now. Peter Gabriel songs are mandatory.
  3. Somewhere, over the Rainbow Atlas, new homes wait.
  4. Might have stalled out. I only see 2 homes claimed since I posted that.
  5. Have a little cheese with that Whyne (releasing now.)
  6. Hootnanny released. On a river, lots of open homes.
  7. Someone a few days ago claimed a houseboat, and arrived to find it still fully furnished and the previous owner on the parcel, though the land was in the new owner's name. Autoreturn on abandon apparently failed there. (The previous owner was manually picking up their items, so all good, but... weird.)
  8. Leaping Lizard is out. Little Orphan Annie approves of this message.
  9. I put on my robe and wizard hat... Wizard Flats is out *poofs*
  10. This person/persons is doing the same on another region tonight. I'd file an AR.
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