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  1. I am going to miss seeing Sparklebritches around. He's one of the best. Thanks Kona, for everything (and for putting up with me, with good humor.)
  2. Do flying whales exceed the height limit? It's having a whale of a time up there, circling round the house.
  3. It has been a museum since 2015. LL created a preservation group specifically for the Galaxy and removed all the commerce from the ship (adboards, stores, etc.) A few mesh pieces have been added but there are still empty spaces and rooms. I suggested last night that they use the original furnishings for continuity, but swap out the poseballs for AvSitter.
  4. @Mitch Merricks the managing director of the Galaxy for its first 8 years dropped in to visit last night. The ship was moved a few times - I believe he said 3 in his time on board, and two more since LL acquired it (the recent move to Belli being one of those.) He also has a blog here: http://ssgalaxynews.blogspot.com/ No updates since 2015, but some interesting pics. While I'm among those who wonder why it's in such close proximity to the LH, and agree with the idea of putting a region's distance between it and the residents, I love having her in Bellisseria for the time being. (Derrick Linden did say they were trying out this location "for a bit" so it's possible she won't remain here.) It's a fun mashup of the new and the old, though. I admit to being one of the first on board and staying for several hours just to soak up the nostalgia. There are of course some who believe she should remain in the Blake as a local attraction/landmark, and others who feel Bellisseria should have modernized attractions, but there were more people on board in those few hours last night than the ship has seen in years.
  5. This makes me happy, knowing that the SS Galaxy is sticking around. This is a vintage piece of SL history, one of my favorites in fact. In past years I've rented rooms there, utilized the sushi bar and pool, and danced in the ballroom, but mostly just loved to go see the scale model on display and ride an actual *working* SL elevator. 😄 Considering her age she's still impressive.
  6. Now that the houseboats are off the page for the most part, someone may have a good shot at this. A friend is releasing a super nice HB location in Pegleg Channel, square parcel, next to lighthouse at 10:05 AM SLT. ETA: in maintenance
  7. In Firestorm viewer, two other options to derendering individual objects are edit - drag box around multiple objects - right click - blacklist from pie menu, and area search by owner name - select all in list - right click - blacklist. Not as handy as a "derender all on parcel" feature but quite useful.
  8. Oh hello Mainland, are you lost?
  9. I found the Hatfield/McCoy line of scrimmage.
  10. But... I want a retro-futuristic space pod on top of a mountain with green grass, no hedges, no pink flowers, a waterfall on one side, an unobstructed 5-region-long western ocean view, and a zipline! So they're actually NOT making that for me??? Bummer.
  11. @Pussycat Catnap We're on a road to nowhere
  12. If the Covenant had said "only Linden orbs may be used here, one is provided for you" instead of trusting people to program their own private orbs, there would be a lot less of this happening.
  13. Has anyone seen this on MP? Someone's advertising their security orb as "Linden House Security" but it has a 10 second timer and kicks home. I was going to flag it on MP but there wasn't an appropriate reason in the menu. If he took the Linden Home wording out of his listing no one would care but keywords get hits so... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Parcel-Security-Orb-v1-Linden-House-Security-Renter-Security/18697422
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