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  1. Here in Pennsylvania (NE USA) "Victorian styles" are everywhere. In towns, they're often rowhomes, similar to those in San Francisco. There are plenty of freestanding ones though, such as this one in Williamsport. The ones here are brick (often painted) or wood, many with gingerbread details. I know of one painted plum purple and another done in shades of pea green and mustard. (Image search Millionaire's Row for some high-end examples.)
  2. I'm in my third home. The first one was lacking any roads or even paths, though it had a great waterside location with a view of a lighthouse. The second one was hit by a Molequake and sunk (and subsequently fixed) - it was a fun spot, but I left it to try for a green canal region. The third was the opposite of what I wanted - flat sandy beach - but it has that "feeling" about it the others lacked, so I still have it some months later. Still not sure if I can give it up for a Vicky. I might have to drag an alt out of retirement.
  3. I saw that conversation too. "Days" I think was said, but it may have been a week.
  4. Do the directional arrows here look backward to anyone else?
  5. The green strip is what my second picture showed. Well, part of it. It's a brown mountain range with home regions below that.
  6. Southern areas on the SSP region appear to be finished, or close to it. (The green blocks disappear when zoomed in.)
  7. That second line. Exactly what I've seen in my years in SL, and found very few willing to go along with it. (Aside from one instance where several friends and I rented a mainland region and worked together on the landscaping and holidays, and a few specifically themed estates.) It's one of the things I love about Belli, and I suspect will be the most difficult to enforce and/or explain for the exact reason you said: people have gotten used to doing things certain ways, especially on mainland. As much as I've always hated the "green block - snow block - ninja block - neon club block" aspect of mainland, I personally would support a time limit on seasonal decor. I think it would go a long way towards appeasing us continuity folks, knowing it's temporary. Also, as Sylvia mentioned, derender is not an option on all viewers so that is not a one-size-fits-all solution.
  8. I may or may not have possibly inspired that one. *gives Mystic Mole the side-eye*
  9. They did yesterday's Verdant Falls release before the Toad Hollow ones were fixed. Could go either way.
  10. Gorgeous spot! I'd have given up my beach house for that one!
  11. This little island parcel in SSPE84 is named "Yee Haw!"
  12. Initially, my "dream" Belli home was along the canal in Wolfboro or Foxbridge. I like green grass, with rivers and rocks and bridges. My first home was on riverfront, little private beach, view of a lighthouse... never did feel quite right. There was no access to it whatsoever - no road, sidewalk, path etc. It was isolated and I wanted to be in a neighborhood. Finally gave up trying to make it work and went for the canal regions. Didn't get one; instead I picked up an abandon and it turned out to be an all-sand beachfront. Exact opposite of what I wanted. I unexpectedly loved it and still have it. Maybe, eventually, I'll recycle it and hop back in the Linden Home Lottery for one of the green river regions, but for now I'm happy.
  13. @Elyeah I am (or was) a mainland land-hopper too. So many intriguing spots, and if an idea came to mind (or if a neighbor installed a club or a horse farm or w/e) I'd drop one and move to a new one. I finally found my spot on mainland, though, and have been there a few years now. In Bellisseria, I had two homes since May; the third was an abandon that was the exact opposite of what I wanted, and I ended up loving it unexpectedly. Nothing yet has tempted me to move although I did bump an alt to hop round for a month. Old habits die hard. Not sure what I'd have done if the alt got a nice spot like yours!
  14. This looks like the twisted beach trees the Moles use, and I wish I had one on my place. Where is it from, if you don't mind sharing?
  15. Agree with most all of this. The idea of cabins/lodge styles seems to be popular. Urban/industrial as well. I personally am not a fan of the dark brown mountain terrain texture. (Take a look from above at the close repeating pattern, too. You can't unsee it.) The lighter shades of the landscaping rocks would be nice. Even so, once landscaping is done it's not as obvious. In a group chat one day, many of us were hoping for a space-age theme (leaning towards retro, but futuristic had some interest) and Patch said if a lot of people were interested he'd consider it. Could have been casual convo, could be something he's already thought about... we'll just have to wait and see. Collectively everything done so far looks great so whatever theme(s) happen, they're sure to appeal to a good number of people.
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