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  1. I love everything about your home. Especially the retro decor! Great spot, inside and out. I'll try to snap some of my place, but I am truly terrible at interior shots.
  2. A wild party appeared on the newly-christened Bellisseria Bay!
  3. Landscaping and benches going in... and lanterns
  4. What a great day to be in Belli!
  5. I've offered it for their use, but haven't seen any come round yet! (Or maybe they park when I'm in bed?)
  6. I'd love to see this myself. As a (former) city dweller, I have a strange fondness for concrete structures.
  7. Whomever abandoned the house before I got it left their spiders behind. (I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination.)
  8. If I'm reading it correctly, it will take the payment between the 3rd and the 24th and extend your current membership by a year (or month, if that's your plan.) I assume -but don't quote me on it- that it adds one more year to whatever time you currently have left at the time of payment. Hopefully someone can clarify this.
  9. I believe it doesn't go into effect until June 3rd. So after that you should see the ability to extend at the current (lower) rate.
  10. I second "trailer park." The only downsides I see are that they might be very small inside, and people might tend to go full-theme and junk up the yards (which can be fun, just maybe not appealing to some.) I've done a few on mainland and always had a good time with it. I also love futuristic places, and was excited about Horizons initially. That could have been a neat Linden Home theme. Cliff houses and mountain lodges would be great, also. A lake and/or caves nearby, hiking trails, overlook parks...
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