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  1. More images are in from the disaster zone. Despite the eerie skies, concerned citizens were advised that "the sky is not falling" by an unnamed official source. Sunset showed the stark landscape while residents assessed the damage to their homes. The streetlights mysteriously remained unscathed by the winds.
  2. The same owner got it twice, so that accounts for two. Rabelais is a nice region but not everyone's cuppa.
  3. I suspect several people up there dancing were also reported, as there was some questionable chatter* about it flooding one of the groups. I just wish I could see Linden reactions to those reports. *may be one of the guilty party who was suitably reprimanded
  4. The thunder snow was from the weather system on the ground. I'd like to say it was party fallout but alas, Zeus was not in attendance.
  5. It was reported by a few, and Abnor arrived briefly. It was decided to let it go through official process for removal.
  6. The red willy is named "map image" and was, apparently, put up for exactly that purpose - to show on the map. The homeowner also has their weather system going. A few folks decided to inspect the sky stiffy, and while we.. er, they... were up there, threw a pop-up peen particle party. (Not the best d*** pic.)
  7. The first unofficial meeting of the Belli Breakfast Club at the Light of Aurelia.
  8. The land market fluctuates, and I feel this will just be another blip, if that. I own and rent Mainland and have a Belli home. I've been with the same rental company for years - they're cheap, have great service, and have odd little bits of mainland I find challenging. My main home is there, as I can do a lot more with the prim allotment. (I've always loved the weirder side of Mainland, despite the potential for inconsiderate neighbors.) I own snowland to get my year-round winter fix and don't plan to drop that either. I think, until the majority of people who want Belli homes can get them, there won't be much difference. If anything there may be a small boost in sales/rentals... People who cannot get a home will get an older one or use their tier on Mainland while waiting, or rent land. After the Belli newness wears off, I suspect some will shift back over to Mainland or Estate land. Those of us who appreciate the community aspect more than the actual house will hopefully stay and keep it from becoming a ghost town. Also, what Morena said regarding rentals is accurate - many of those folks don't have Premium accounts, so the rental business will still have its target market.
  9. Body parts, maybe as a nod to those who like Halloween year round. I'd be happy living on Middle Phalange.
  10. I'd like to thank the Moles for being so entertaining when they can. I haven't had this much fun in SL since I don't know when, and I'm glad they have a good sense of humor. Today I learned not to give them access to heavy equipment. Moledozer - Wait for It
  11. The crew was working on landscaping behind my place today. Everyone landed on my house and sunk it, then claimed there were "building code violations." Which one of you spiked the worm juice?
  12. While on the subject, if creators could name their products as "wearable" so I could find them in invy, that'd be great 😄
  13. I, too, have been digging through my invy for wearables I know I have. I've found a number of scooters, bicycles, rowboats and a lawn chair, but all were gachas and not something always available. I've seen tents, sleeping bags, and so forth in use around Belli. Would like to see more chairs, preferably ones with eat/drink animations, in the style of What Next. A wearable BBQ grill with animations would be nice as well. And of course, anything one can use in water. I got this tube that has a holding anim, and you can change it to float once in the water. I've gotten a lot of use out of it. (There is a female version in related items.) This creator has other wearable items I'm about to check out too. Hopefully it's okay to link it here... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/70-OFF-Mens-Wearable-floatie-Exclusive-Invention/11552676
  14. I don't even pretend to know how things are done but I would LOVE this. The night Abnor invited everyone to chat and ask questions on a developing region was great, and I was hopeful for more impromptu Q&A such as that. The more people know, the more they grasp the enormity of such a large-scale operation (and the less likely they are to complain. Or am I being far too optimistic there?)
  15. As someone who has used the new public pools, I'd just be happy with swimming/diving animations. I could dig out my own, or buy a swim AO, but it's easier and faster (to me) to sit on a diving board and use the included animations. They won't line up for ~everyone~ I'm sure, but there are good ones I've not had to adjust at all.
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