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  1. Ouch! My avatar is bold but I am happy now to live closer to the ground. Except for holes in the fields... Don't use your phone while walking through waist-high grass. 😂
  2. @Elora Lunasea Having lived in many a loft I can say from experience--stand on a chair. I'd be more worried about where the bathroom is!
  3. I went into this thinking the houseboat would inspire me to do something totally different, but I guess I am who I am! I liked this angle.
  4. I like how no one boat has taken over the waterfront. They all have their charms! The Wallover appeals to me because of the possibility of a sitting area at water level, right on the boardwalk. It would have a lovely view from my plot but right now the Windlass is the perfect combination of good views and a sense of privacy. I loved this add-on deck. Well worth the land impact. Playing with ladders. You can simply walk up it or engage a cute animation. It's a bit chunky though, I might look for something lighter. Nothing particularly new here but this snap shows (I hope!) how it flows together. Close enough that I'm back to thinking about the exterior. Even with my boat and a 20LI addon, I've still got 60-70 LI to play with, I could easily clutter this up a little more.
  5. Boutique 187. I'm not really clear on the forum rules about advertising, having received a warning for being too enthusiastic about some sale or another so ... it's ok. I could take or leave it. No affiliation.
  6. Hello, LDPW? I'd like to report an ... issue with my window
  7. Definitely try it! If your concern about proximity is visual, your choice of houseboat* model can mitigate that. Window placement for best view, for the most privacy from neighbors or their things. I think if there's one protected view it doesn't feel tight at all. The locations with rows of boats facing land in one direction and more boats in the other maybe not so much. We all want that corner lot but because of staggered placement or other land features, some boats sandwiched between others have great views. If it's about living in close quarters with people I don't think it's any more or less than on land. I do love my neighbors. One changed the colours of her place to match mine in a very pleasant way (not that I asked or anything!) and the other would certainly loan me an egg if I needed it. That said, as an introvert I think part of good community is knowing when people want to be left alone, and I expect the same % of people recognize that on land or at sea. * Yes, if you're in insurance or real estate "floating home" would be more accurate, but around here houseboat is vernacular for exactly the kind of homes you find on Bellisseria wharves.
  8. Lovely. I always appreciate the outdoor lighting on nighttime bike rides, feels like a real neighbourhood.
  9. I have always struggled with head size because I have a relatively full figure for SL and so what looks proportional sometimes seems huge especially when, as has been noted, a lot of heads appear to be on the small side. Anyway, a wrinkle about head size not mentioned here is that many people camming in to look up your nostrils are using alt-zoom. It's the SL equivalent of walking up close to someone with a wide-angle lens, and in that sense the effect is quite realistic: the center is hugely distorted. Using the ctrl-0 zoom (or phototools view angle setting) is more akin to a digital zoom, which simulates a longer focal length by cropping the original view. This is more "accurate," but if people are viewing and setting their own shapes through an inherently distorted lens, who's to say what's correct, I guess. If you already knew this and thought "Everybody already knew this!" ... I think you'd be surprised. If you didn't know this and think it can't possibly be true, try it and see.
  10. I usually keep my decor and live in it for a couple months. I don't know if that will hold true here, because I still have my mainland home and so I don't feel obliged to make this space functional in the same way. Like this bedroom nook—I can't put new scripts in the bed but it fits the overall feel so I'm happy.
  11. The riverside neighborhood took my breath away. Passing under that big bridge and winding past all those homes was my favourite part of traveling around the continent. I was never much of an explorer but Bellisseria has changed that.
  12. Even with measuring and previewing in world, I went through a few kitchen sets before settling on this one. Now on to the top deck with about 90 LI to spare. And a couple surfboards to at least acknowledge the waterfront setting
  13. Thank you! It’s the Windlass. Oh and there is a window in that little nook that I blocked out
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