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  1. It's on the list of development ideas/plans for the Aeros Apollo, which is currently in beta. Progress details can be seen here https://bitbucket.org/aeros-in-sl/faq/wiki/Aeros Apollo
  2. I think that’s a misconception because only oldbies stand around saying “Look at all these oldbies! I’ve been here 13 years how bout you! Remember prims??” There are TONS of Residents in Bellieseria. How do you recognize an oldbie in Second Life? Wait five minutes, they’ll tell you 😛
  3. Well, next time lead with that! The soon-o-meter thing is a long running joke
  4. @Laurelrose Anthony it's the Hive farmhouse kitchen
  5. I wouldn't give it a second thought and I doubt it's close. There's a big difference between a hint and a tease and that comment from Patch is clearly a tease. If there's more context that makes it seem like an actual hint, happy to be proven wrong!
  6. Apologies if you are well aware of this but since you are a brand new member I feel it should be mentioned: if you give up your plot expecting to immediately obtain a new premium home you will most likely be disappointed. Take a good look around the forums. Supplies are limited. The When did you last see a Bellisserian home available? thread gives an idea of the lengths it might take to get a home at this particular moment. In summary, the only homes available are small releases by LL and those abandoned by others. A few are abandoned every day. There are 2-3 small releases (20ish homes each) per week which are at random times and sell out in seconds. On the other hand if you increase your tier level so you have 1024 free, you can try for a new home without giving up your old. You'll only be charged if you get a new home.
  7. Right? Took a minute to find something I could post here though .. language!
  8. As a charter member of the Refresh Club I can't help checking in occasionally to see what comes up. I had a riverside traditional which I let go of recently after lucking into a 32x32 corner plot houseboat in a recent region--an abandon at that! My thought was probably the same as whoever got my last amazing spot: How could anyone give this up? I see no problem with catch and release. These homes represent different things to people. A retirement home, a starter home, a place to sail; something permanent or something more ephemeral...all valid.
  9. When I shop for skins I set myself up in a pose stand and take pictures of each one from the exact same angle. I set the snapshot tool to show the UI so I can tell them apart. Then I can open all these in an image editor and flip through them quickly. It really helps me to see the differences between a bunch of similar skins. Things like nose shading, nostrils, lip shape and size, eyelids, eyebags, cheekbones, contouring are examples of what differs between skins even from a single vendor.
  10. Animations. Number of makeup layers and the save slots for each type. Overall shape--more hair fits. Responsiveness of the HUD.
  11. A means of aligning the horizontal and vertical perspective of the camera is something I dearly wish was part of the camera controls. The ability to place and rotate the camera with precision of a regular object, basically. I'm not aware of anything close to that but would love to hear any tricks or tools for getting good perspective alignment inworld, and not with the aid of post-processing.
  12. Utterly ordinary 4096m parcel of moderate land on a slope. L$3000 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vleet/181/156/59
  13. Copying an entire parcel would be a legendary prank worthy of admiration, not scorn. I hope someone does it.
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