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  1. Sometimes being a solo player on a game where you are supposed to interact with other players becomes...difficult. I'm been soloin' for a short bit and it's mostly been fun but I'm starting to want some people to actually chat to. Maybe go shopping together? Maybe theme park trips? Or maybe we could just talk over IM. Whatever, I'm down for it. Oh. One more thing. This is me. 100% of the time. I've always been a bit eccentric and a weird combination of macabre and super girly so I think I might have a somewhat unique take on the whole SL identity. If my gorgeous looks don't intimidate you then IM in world. I'll be waiting. (why does that sound menacing when coming from a skeleton? I probably shouldn't haven emboldened that either.)
  2. Hi. My little wolf if a timberwolf but I can change her species to be closer to my mother's if it suits you. Even if I cannot find a mother wolf to make me her pup I would still love a wolf pack to join. I really don't know where to start looking for this so I thought I would ask the forums. Please let me know if you might be interested. My character's name is Nekkoya or Nekko if you prefer.
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