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  1. Thanks for your sincere and whole hearted reply to my question. It explains me a lot more than Cindy's. I appreciate it.
  2. "Anyone know what i could do to fix this?" - Is my question. What makes difference from using home or library WIFI? This is a WIFI connection issue im trying to solve with second life, but "thanks:)" for your fabulous reply Cindy! :))) If there is a DIFFERENCE let me know! ^7^ ) thank you~
  3. Hello, I'm having trouble logging in second life. I'm using a public WIFI connection from the library and it works for other high performance games like Halo or pvp shooting games for other kids. The WIFI is for gaming, and when I log in everything is running really well at 30 fps, but problem my avatar stays stuck in place. Everyone around me is moving and I can even talk for 30 seconds before it logs me off saying it might be problem or connection. I couldn't figure this out for 7 days. Someone suggested me it could be the ping time? Than other games it is slower maybe. But my avatar when I log in is stuck with no hair or clothes and when I do log in eventually it is usually when I leave the library. 😔 Anyone know what I could try to fix this?
  4. I agree. thanks for your input. Copy and pasting is just a faster way of getting a chat log to someone else i believe. They just try and type it and dont realize it is still breaking TOS. Like giving out personal information like age, name, and identity overal to other people without consent is still wrong no matter if they didnt copy and paste..it is still sharing private messages.
  5. Oh, you give a good point. I'll keep this to mind! My friend could be just making an mistake. They are really outgoing people.. I'll talk to her first. ty!
  6. I understand. I don't like gossip especially when it is about me. If they don't stop then i will stop sending them private IMs.. and keep it to myself.
  7. Okay, this bothered me awhile. It's good to know this. So i can tell my friend.. Hopefully they will stop. Many people think its okay to type out the private im word for word or in their own words to other people. Some residents i talk to would say "well we didnt copy and paste" its still a private message. Thank you Ceka.
  8. I chated with a friend in IM, and some of the private conversation was leaked and i looked at them in disbelief. They know about the "disclosure" policy, yet they think it's fine to share conversation logs as long as they don't copy and paste logs. Just type it out. Is it true that people can get around this policy by doing this? 😕
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