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  1. Thank you very much for the quick answers. I only contact the support if I can't help myself, I always think they have enough to do Thank you Quartz for reporting instead of me. I am not in a hurry, so I will wait until the issue is solved.
  2. I have a "failed to grant capabilities" problem, so I can't TP to my houseboat, since 45 minutes Bellissaria / Wavebreak. Someone else or is it a problem on my own desk?
  3. I have this "failed to grant capabilities" Problem now. Bellissaria / Wavebreak houseboat. Someone else?
  4. Hallo zusammen, neuerdings bin ich auf Twitch dem Roleplay auf Alternate Life (GTA V) verfallen. Jedoch nur als Zuschauer. Es ist total fesselnd, anderen beim Rollenspiel auf diesem Server zuzuschauen und man bekommt einfach Lust, dies mal selber zu machen, aber nicht unbedingt auf einem GTA V Server, sondern im SL. Es sollte doch möglich sein, so etwas auch auf SL aufzuziehen, was meint ihr? Das heisst, keine feste RP-Sim keine externe Backgroundstory, sondern die eigene ausgedachte Geschichte kein Crime & War, sondern nah an der Realität kein 3. Person Geschreibe sondern VOICE! ganz SL ist unser Server einfache RP Begegnungen nach Zeit, Lust und Laune, die sich langsam zu einer Story entwickeln mit RP-Strängen etc. Ich habe eine Gruppe hierzu eröffnet, der ihr euch anschließen könnt. Man müsste nur einen Treffpunkt vereinbaren, Gruppen-Tag als Erkennungszeichen zur Bereitschaft zum RP tragen und loslegen mit seiner alternativen Lebensgeschichte, die man sich natürlich vorher überlegt und ausspielt. Schön wäre es, wenn ihr in ungefähr Bescheid wisst, wovon ich überhaupt rede. Alles weitere über IM? Eure Auri (Suspended Shepherd)
  5. Hi Jordan, I enjoy it too ... just 4 fun Here my newest work: Hope you enjoy it 🙂
  6. @Leora Jacobus WOW, thank you very much for this great compliment 💋💋
  7. Yes, same Monk here ... but after the third unavailing degree default I thought "heyho, thats realistic, if there is no spirit level, there is just my soso eye" ...
  8. Aaaaahhhhh .... this could be a hint !!! I know the button "don't share in other media" or something similar. I will ask Naria P. to make the vids open for that. Maybe thats the clue ! Thank youuu 😍
  9. Hello, does somebody knew this weird issue ... sometimes I can't start a video, it doesn't depends on the used SL- browser ... i tried a lot but nothing helps, because I dont know where the mistake is? When I start it in youtube itself, it works. Thanks
  10. Thank you soo much Matty, so there is in my eyes no worry left ... 💖 PS.: Anti-SL-Sex Group ... okaaaay ..... erm .... okay .... 💬 Maybe he should play SIMS ... 😉
  11. Got that haunting melody and have to hear it now in full length 💬
  12. 🎵My way ... or the highway 🎵 ... *sing* ... a little break from the motorcycletour .... you can get them @ Animats Getaway .... thanks for the rezzer
  13. Great, you got an abo. I love to hear delicious music to the pics 🍒
  14. Machinimas with favourite music and some weird stuff 😎 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHFn2yjgggKDZmTwxUg-UsQ/videos Example:
  15. Traditional home (Wayseer Cottage) is also ready now - with bicycle-rezzer to explore the parcels around. Have fun 🚴‍♂️ Sallie (196, 159, 36)
  16. Made a video about my open Houseboat ... another place to visit ... feel free to fly by and stay a while ... ♥️JUST PAY WITH FRIENDSHIP ♥️
  17. Ah yeah thx, I forgot. Luckily don't saw them for years on my rented land 🍀
  18. AHOI 😍 https://gyazo.com/4e7fc5928538e2f46e457df51c781b34
  19. Thanks for the answers. Yeah, I never used banlines ... this yellow stripes are sooo ugly to see, I wonder why they aren't 100% invisible or just ONE small stripe ... also I never used this huge WALLS around me ... I always DERENDER what disturbs my view or taste (blinking, bright & extreme ugly things nearby) But I always used the security - because of my question above, this isn't answered all the years and also not yet. If it only "protects" from other people, I change it immediatly. But I am a kind of "control freak", I wonna know what COULD happen ... to be prepared BEFORE 😄
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