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  1. I'm former staff at Hapuna Beach and yes, I'm afraid it closed in Spetember 2013 after the owner left Second Life. LL tried to keep the sim and there was some interest in purchasing it as is, but I'm afraid it wasn't to be. Since then the sim was auctioned off and the new owner has re-created a beach there called Moonlit Resort. I'm still part of the furniture there basically. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  2. I find it a puzzling new feature. Is anybody else finding that there are issues with items not deeded to the group?
  3. It is probably on the edge of a neighbouring sim where they have rezzed the boxes. When looking for it turn you AO and other HUDs off though. I mean, I doubt they will be looking for any 'Friendly Kisses'
  4. The thing to do is to find out where the items are rezzed. Report it to LL and they tend to be pretty quick in returning it. Also tell the sim-owner (if it isn't LL owned) to turn rezzing off on the parcel.
  5. Apparently there is a lot of it around this week. One of the sims where I am staffing is currently under attack. Not much you can do, except report it. They find a small strip where the owner hasn't turnend rezzing off and litter large objects - the scripts in them give off the messages no doubt. This is what it looks like:
  6. Downtime is never long, unless it is a really major issue...
  7. I just was able to get into my online profile. Hopefully logins will follow.
  8. the website being up is a sign that things are moving.
  9. Yes there was a viewer 2/3 update. The shut-down is probably linked to it as they update the features added.
  10. Seems pretty big, at Gorcey there are about 12 people ghosted now. All with the same issue, trying to enter a full sim (Timmerman).
  11. When I try to enter the region Timmerman where I am staff, I'm getting the error 'Failed to grant capabilities?
  12. It's useless. Moreover, everytime I get an update, it bloody well empties out my profile and I have to do it all again!
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