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  1. there is no such thing as intellectual property. nobody owns ideas, words or meshes. why is it ok to use words that some else made to write your story or colors some else make to paint your art? there are only so many ways to say "i love you" and only so many ways to make a human avatar or a chair or whatever. polygons belong to everyone, so do words and any combination of words. intellectual property is a fabrication of criminals who took other people stuff and claimed it for themselves. they are criminals not because they took it, but because they concocted a device "intellectual property"t
  2. we're all customers so basically you're just saying people suck...........or is it just your customers?
  3. i find a lot of what is on your list is because the seller made it confusing, vague or misleading as well as showing misleading images. most are great at hyping it but not so interested in making things clear and concise.
  4. spell check in this forumware is a joke. better to use something like notepad+ or some other editor and then paste.....using Ctrl+V because there is no right click pasting with this forumware either.
  5. check out this thread and scale down instead of up. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/How-do-you-make-Giant-Avatars-Mesh-with-Physic-using-only/td-p/3080366
  6. sl introduced jellydolls or firestorm? i thought it was firestorm. i know i'll get ripped for this but........ personally i don't see the point. yeah i get all the "reasons", but the logic seems to me to be "hey i know how to reduce lag, lets not render everything completely". how much inspired thinking did that take? that's actually counter to the idea of a virtual universe. that is so far from an elegant solution to the problem of lag, in fact it is no solution at all. so you spent all those lindens on avatars, clothing and jewerly just so others can't see it? sure lag is an issue b
  7. my two cents. most people who upload a lot of meshes have to take Lindens into account. it is often ten times more costly uploading meshes with lower LODs than not. less prim count, cheaper price = a must do for most. while i'm here i'd like to also mention that most "content creators" are people trying to have fun making things, their not trying to be artists or have the know how to make everything as otptimal as it could be. they just want to have fun and be like "oh wow look what i just did". to try to attemp somethings they never thought they could, push themselves to the edge of their
  8. no don't give up on SL because of that, especially since you have so much invested now. not sure i can offer you much because i've never used slink anything other than seeing a friend's HUD. but i can sympatize with you because i felt the same way, it is so confusing for someone just starting to transition to mesh. i was complaining about that to someone once and they said "maitreya avatar and omega appliers, that's it". it felt like they just cut to the chase so i took their advise and they were right. it was smooth and easy and then it was like a cloud of confusion just lifted and went a
  9. yes it's true about the lower prim cost forgot to mention that. why is it "very bad" advice to set LOD to 8? i know others say that too like **bleep** catnap above me, but why? i'm not trying to argue it, just asking because i's like to know the reason. i've had it like that for years and no issues i can detect. in fact years ago most everyone had up at 12. i know you get a warning if you go past 8 that it might cause some issues so i don't go past it. but i have noticed that lower than 8 causes some scuplties to be rendered at a lower LOD not many meters away. no one i know that keeps it
  10. same here. was able to log in then as soon as i changed passwords i couldn't log in anymore.
  11. I found this very cool script of yours Rolig. thank you for sharing:) would you be able to modify it so that the child prims move only when the root prim is touched instead of any prim? I found a novel use for it and I'd love to use it if you can. this script is a lot of fun. float fTimer = 10.0; //how long to go the entire distance integer iSteps = 200; //how many steps to go from start to end vector vAxis = <1.0,0.0,0.0>; //axis to move along. <1,0,0> is x-axis, <0,1,0> is y-axis, <0,0,1> is z-axis integer iStep = 0; //control variable, don't change integer k; // O
  12. this is how you can do it. it is not that difficult at all. take the ruth head into Zbrush. get rid of all the junk inside the head like the teeth and eyeballs. sub divide it one time, then delete the lower sub division level. you now have a ruth head with enough polygons to do what you like and the UVs are intact. sculpt it if you like or since it seems you have already scultped a head, use "project all" in the subtool pallette to project the details of your sculpted head to the ruth head. project all, then smooth, then project again. keep repeating until the ruth head looks exactly
  13. many, maybe most Meshes are uploaded with the lowest two LOD levels turned down to the lowest settings so the upload will be more practical linden dollar wise.it can be the difference between a 150L upload vs a 13L upload for the same mesh. the idea being people with very weak machines are not going to have their graphic setting turned up high anyway, and those that have a powerful enough machine will have their RenderVolume levels turned up high anyway. i would turn my RenderVolume up to 8 and see how that performs for you. if you notice more lag than usual, then drop it to 6 and if need
  14. I am very close to releasing my own mesh avatar. it will be maitreya compatible, meaning you can wear all mesh clothing, shoes/boots and jewerly made for maitreya. it uses SL UVs and will come with tattoo and clothing layers. as well as being copy/mod. you have to have your own skin and tattoo textures to use the applier that comes with it. Luci Ohmai and Penny Patton you both are welcome to be testers if you like. just IM me inworld.
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