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  1. I need a full rights script with simple configuration to create high-quality HUDs for my mesh products. What features do I need: 1. Fast and easy script. 2. Start and stop Bento animations with the indicator on / off. 3. Access HUD with many pages and a submenu with quick switching. 4. Installation of textures, colors and materials on the object by pressing the HUD button. And other features (contact me) All buttons must have a visible power indicator. If you are an experienced scriptwriter and / or have done this before - contact me.
  2. Interesting pipeline! could you tell us how to use the script to which you gave the link? How to insert it into a blender?
  3. I have a big problem with Retargeting my MOCAP Faces animation on Avastar rig. I do everything as required by the instruction, prepare the skeleton for retargeting (both skeleton). But unfortunately after clicking the “Transfer Motion” button Only the bones that had ONLY the rotation on the Skeleton Source work. (these are the eyes and neck) All other bones have EMPTY keys and do not move. I tried to add different constrines to combine the bones of two skeletons perfectly – BUT it does not help. Bones avastar still do not move. I ask for your help. I am enclosing a Wile Blender, where my skele
  4. Oh thank you very much! I have not bothered my post for a long time, but I came to the same opinion. And - YES, it works. Good luck to you.
  5. Yes, I meant it. But unfortunately, I have not received a response. Or Simoni says that this is not possible, although it is strange
  6. OK. Thank you. Can I do one looped frame animation fixed bones put there as a background animation?
  7. Сould you tell us why in this case it's your animation on your video? - (I have poor English, so I ask you to answer written form, perhaps on the video you say it, but I can not figure out unfortunately.)
  8. I just saw on one of the videos on YouTube as Catwa plays the animation, similar to the trans and the shape to change job and then after 2-3 seconds - bam - and to restore the original shape of the face ... (Well, Well, if you say with authority that I have to use only the rotation and slider together ... But it's sad, because the Trans more quality animation.
  9. hmm .. I thought catwa like that did it ... - No?
  10. I do a woman's head and want to use sliders and animations with translating for her. My problem - how to return the skeleton to its original position after playing the animation with TRANS (face). This problem is especially noticeable if the user changes the slider and create your shape. I have read this topic and you say - use a background animation to return the bones back after TRANS animation. But what should be the "background" animation? What's inside? Here's my blender, I do like to your video -
  11. I learned to use 2 types of animation you want to create one animation and play it with a low priority, but - what is to be animation, TRANS or Rotation? and some bones in it should be involved, ALL?
  12. Oh, thank you very much! You gave me the right direction. And judging by the volume of this information - is a big problem) Well, I will now look there. Once again - thank you.
  13. It does not matter - poses or live animation! My problem - how to return the skeleton to the user-set form after playing the animation or pose! I can not understand - what do you say.
  14. In the chat avastar told me that "translating" can not be used in the animation. And only need to "rotate" the bones. I understand there are two ways to solve the problem - 1. Do not use the translation and make animation "reset" and 2. That's what you say, that reset "pose" But how? I could not understand unfortunately ... (
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