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  1. i'm far from an expert on render cost and such. but triangle count is not the only factor involved. the size of the triangle also plays an equal part in calculating render cost. you can see that by how the larger you make a rezzed object, the greater the land impact. a ring made of 120,000 triangles can have a LI of 2 while a fireplace made of 60,000 triangles can have a LI of 30.
  2. the wayback machine is littered with "........second life is dying" posts, pages and blogs that are now long dead themselves. second life has buried them all.
  3. i really don't know what to tell you except spend about $20US and buy a blender plugin called "Avastar". it will save you all this grief and make rigging for SL a breeze. i'd guess over 95% of people making rigged mesh for sl use it.
  4. i just wanted to say i have updated the Sahara Avatar. it's now BoM ready and much improved over all. it now cost 899 lindens though. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sahara-Fitted-Mesh-Avatar-BoM/18324869
  5. absolutely not. it is a completely different mesh. i spent over a year, hundreds of uploads and thousands of lindens to get the mesh to the point where maitreya clothing will fit well enough. anyone can tell it is not a clone or a copybotted mesh. i am not the first or only one to make a maitreya compatible mesh, but i dare say i am the only one who actually achieved it. the HUD is the exact avatar one is wearing, so you can just examine that to realize it is a completely different mesh. also, while most every Maitreya item fits well enough, it can be noticed that many things do not fit e
  6. VanillaSunsets wrote: I link a lot of ppl to this video lately. It explains LOD, why we need LOD and why it is a bad idea to set them that high. It is made by a well informed and respected resident who really knows what he's talking about. i watched the video. i invite everyone to watch and decide for themselves if he said anything meaningful, particularly about rendervolume levels. about rendervolume this is verbatim what he said "now there is talk about people being told to increase their rendervolume LOD factor. now in my honest opinion this is a very bad idea and what you are e
  7. VanillaSunsets wrote: I know you have mentioned in another post that you are about to release your own mesh body. How would you feel if you saw that body, just weeks after your release, being sold by another resident, for a very low price? How would you feel if this resulted into your sales dropping to almost zero, even tho you made this, you spend weeks working trough problems, texturing and stuff...? Can you honestly say you would be perfectly fine with that coz you do not believe in copyrights? i wouldn't sweat it. sales would not drop to zero(not that i anticipate any), people who
  8. VanillaSunsets wrote: shaniqua Sahara wrote: how did people, artists, inventors and the like survive for thousands of years? Well, without ppl that downloaded, maybe? They would sell things called records and ppl would pay for them. Before records ppl would pay to visit a live performance and were willing to pay be there.:catwink: yes exactly and you see how well it worked out. copyleft is freedom not freeloading. it's seems too radical a concept, so much so that people don't even realize that it's actually fundamental to the grow and health of a society. you all can ac
  9. how did people, artists, inventors and the like survive for thousands of years? you don't want to think it out in a real way, you'd rather just be snide because it seems so obsurd to you that people can make money.....plenty money.....all kinds of people like musicians without anything like copyrights....... i didn't just make this up off the top of my head. rather than talk to me like i am a fool. look into it first............see what kind of minds you are actually calling a fool(not literally....i know i have to say that plainly). and no copyright does not mean free. you should not equate t
  10. none of you even understand to make sensible replies. let me try it this way.... how is it that we have things that no one owns the rights to? yes chin they bought the brushes.......and those that made them got paid but the inventor did not. see that is why you can make brushes and sell them. you all just accept things as fact and natural but you haven't really thought about it.
  11. from what i understand Ebbe doesn't want to hear from anyone that isn't officially connected to his ear. I think I remember something to the effect of telling users he doesn't want feedback, to stop telling them things you think they should do. it might even be in the TOS in some form. after sansar tanks Ebbe will go back to flipping burgers and you can buy SL in bankruptcy court and implement your features then. i wonder how much time and money has been spent on sansar.
  12. supposedly they are working on an inventory viewer where you can visually see a thumbnail of your items. no idea when it will be released though.
  13. You could try exporting your models as Collada files and avoid the troubles of modeling sculpted prims.
  14. thank you Ruthven, grateful for your effort. rolig sent me the modified script with the exact changes you made so i can tell you it does work:) i think this thread was supposed to have been deleted though since its not the right place to make a request like i did. thanks again though:)
  15. i don't think it's pointless, review systems often help me make the right choice. how i use them is look at the worst reviews first. unreasonable people are usually easy to spot then fake positive reviews. so i throw out their review. and there are less reasons for a negative review, a merchant might game the system for positive reviews but obvioulsy not for negative, so as i say it's easier to filter out the jerks. if i see some thing with 17 5 stars and 1 with 1 star, the 1 one star usually turns out to be meaningless. i think most people can spot revenge reviews. i wouldn't worry about
  16. if you right click on where they are suppose to be that often pops them in. also zooming all the way out while keeping your avy in the field of view and then zooming back in sometimes does the trick.
  17. ebbe recently said last year 60 million dollars was redeemed. so how much money laundering can be taking place? if 60 people redeem 1,000,000 = 60,000,000 600 people redeem 100,000 = 60,000,000 6000 people redeem 10,000 = 60,000,000 60,000 people redeem 1,000 = 60,000,000 does it seem far fetched 1500 people made 40,000 last year? which of course would mean no one else redeemed money. there doesn't seem be too much room for laundering. not that i'm making any kind of conclusion, i'm just saying.
  18. when you go to upload your mesh you can check "generate normals" and your mesh will have the smoothing you discribe.
  19. that's why we can't complain too much about "content creators" not knowing how to make the best most optimized things possible. everyone's life is a work in progress.
  20. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Wait, you don't think Alienware copyright protected my keyboard? or that Disney doesn't protect its "pixels" you watch on video? You are a grade A batch of crazy? this is how you understood what i wrote? putting Disney aside, just because there are laws concerning "intellectual property" doesn't mean there actually is such a thing or that it is just. disney uses the laws to their advantage just like so many other people and companies. i am talking about the concept. just because Disney can invoke a law, it doesn't validate the concept that law is based on. Hol
  21. sure Pamela and your reputation is quite well known as well.
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