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  1. bit of an odd one,im trying to make an unguided rocket battery that will spew one rocket in the direction the object is facing when the owner says "fire_missile" but im having a very difficult time here.see i bought a missile script that came with a free missile,im trying to figure out what phrase spoken over the linkset will trigger it integer fireable; integer ccc = 0; default { state_entry() { llListen(1, "", "", ""); // llListen(2, "", "", ""); } on_rez(integer params) { llListen(1, "", "", ""); // llListen(2, "", "", ""); } sensor(integer num_targets) { vector pos; rotation rot; rot = <0.00000, 0.70711, 0.00000, 0.70711>; rot *= llGetRot(); pos = llGetPos(); llRezObject("Missile", pos + <0,0,2>, ZERO_VECTOR, rot, 1); // llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 0, "sensor", NULL_KEY); llSleep(0.2); if(llDetectedKey(0) != llGetOwner()) { llShout(2000, llDetectedName(0)); llSay(0, "Locked onto target: " + llDetectedName(0)); } else if(llDetectedKey(1) != NULL_KEY) { llShout(2000, llDetectedName(1)); llSay(0, "Locked onto target: " + llDetectedName(1)); } else { llSay(0, "No Targets to Lock On To."); } fireable = 0; } no_sensor() { llSay(0, "No Targets to Lock On To."); fireable = 0; } listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg) { if (llToLower(msg) == "arm" && id == llGetOwner() && ccc == 1) { llOwnerSay("Missile Armed"); fireable = 1; llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 0, "arm", ""); } else if (llToLower(msg) == "arm2" && id == llGetOwner() && ccc == 1) { llOwnerSay("AG Missile Armed"); fireable = 2; llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 0, "arm", ""); } } link_message(integer sender, integer number, string msg, key id) { // vector pos; // rotation rot; // llOwnerSay(msg); if(msg == "fire_missile" && fireable == 1 && ccc == 1) { llSensor("", "", AGENT, 96.0, (12 * DEG_TO_RAD)); // rot = <0.00000, 0.70711, 0.00000, 0.70711>; // rot *= llGetRot(); // pos = llGetPos(); // llRezObject("Missile", pos + <0,0,2>, ZERO_VECTOR, rot, 1); // llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 0, "sensor", NULL_KEY); // fireable = 0; } else if(msg == "fire_missile" && fireable == 2 && ccc == 1) { vector pos; vector vel; rotation rot; rot = llGetRot(); vel = llRot2Fwd(rot); pos = llGetPos(); pos += <0,0,-2>; vel = vel * 40.0; // pos = llGetPos(); rot = <0.00000, 0.70711, 0.00000, 0.70711>; rot *= llGetRot(); llRezObject("AGMissile", pos, vel, rot, 1); } else if(msg == "ccc_on") { ccc = 1; } else if(msg == "ccc_off") { ccc = 0; fireable = 0; } } }now,im trying to guess what will work,and thus have tried to make a script by modifying something i got off the wiki.my attempt has gone very badly // Opens two listen handles upon touch_start and // stops listening whenever something heard passes either filter string fireable; string ccc; integer listenHandle_a; integer listenHandle_b; remove_listen_handles() { llListenRemove(listenHandle_a); llListenRemove(listenHandle_b); } default { touch_start(integer num_detected) { key id = llDetectedKey(0); string name = llDetectedName(0); listenHandle_a = llListen(5, "", id, ""); listenHandle_b = llListen(6, "", NULL_KEY, ""); llSay(0, "Listening now to '" + name + "' on channel 5."); llSay(0, "Listening now to anybody/anything on channel 6."); } listen(integer channel, string ccc, key id, string fireable) { //Modification by MishkaKatyusha,January 22,2016 at 5:32 A.M. CST,United States if (channel == 6){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,0,"fire_missile" + (string) fireable,1 + (string) ccc); } remove_listen_handles(); } }aside from the fact that i keep on getting function call errors and type mismatch when i try to save this.it may very well be that im not doing this properly now please.im not trying to be annoying or disrespectful.i just want to write a little dolty thing where i can say "/6 fire_missile" and it will shoot the thing
  2. >.> i had that problem along time ago with 3ds max 8,i forget what it was but somehow the menu regarding the UV map had become disordered it might not be the settings.it could be the object itself.did you double check those texture coordinates?if the texture coordinates arent set right on the mesh it could break the texture in some cases,including but not limited to bake/light maps,specular maps,bump maps
  3. might seem odd but its a straightfoward reason infact,its the same reason some people hate clowns,furrys,etc. its the deliberate "malignment" and "Distortion" of human character that agitates these people these same people however might not respond the same to reptilian humanoids,demons,ghouls,or even aliens around where i live its extremely common for such things to be hated (infact if adults around here become infatuated with such things in an improper manner,it is often considered a form of insanity,this includes violent fantasys),though that goes without saying,its tolerated when children consume such material (sesame street,clowns of the happy type),or,adults with children i think its something to do with a nascent culture developement,a drunk guy stumbling down the middle of the street around here,people around here would find more acceptable than a "literal" clown.why this is?i dont know (also to the poster up above me.most people on the receiving end do say no to violence.that never changes anyting)
  4. well chat is usually hard to control since its made from a combination of text character rather than a pre-defined thing. but it wouldnt be too hard to establish a default for what a child ava is (aside from the obvious).and then a tiny widget could be used to monitor,block,and control capable animations of child ava if need be there is more tha one way this could be said: 1.pre-approved animations: all animations intended for child ava,or particle effects,etc.must go through a reveiw process to be added,regardless of private use or marketplace 2.have a complicated algorythm that scans the animations being used on child ava for certain pre-defined position criteria,blocks usage,and then reports said ava in auto 3.the crude way: pre approved animations as mentioned above+ an animation deadswitch,which means not only will pre approved animations be the only ones availible,but only in the pre approved way they were approved for.(this is to prevent end-user rearrangement of pre approved animation properties to acheive profane result) now of course,the first definition for child ava would have to be a very "state of the art" definition for the time and of course,no rest for the wicked,there would be gradual attempts to circumvent this by warping one feature or another,fiddling with the model ivisi-parts,etc. the "Edgeplay" you mention but the good news about that is it usually takes a long time,and considering the resources of LL are much higher than that of a user.the speed should be in LL's favor ive already calculated that maybe not you,but someone else might bark about "invasion of privacy" or "free speech" in relation to my idea. that is not an issue.this is against TOS,it is illegal (in alot of places). no one can say things against the solution to this problem,except for maybe being poorly written,or bad execution. things like free speech and privacy dont give a person any right at all to do things like that,just like free spoeech and privacy doesnt give a person a right to do illegal street drugs,go on rampages,etc.
  5. while i have given my best shot.ill have to come up with something at a later date. i have other things to do,job,family,my own secondlife stuff.and quite frankly this script is like walking into a beehive
  6. (in reply to your previous message,yes i quite annoying.but essentially harmless.my primary strength is a form of insanity,obsession,.its abit like this one martial arts movie i saw once.this man wanted to learn the particular martial art of this one rural community.but they refused.so he came up with an inventive idea,he woudl try,over,and over,and over again.getting "whalloped" with this martial art each time.yet every time,he picked up a little more of it.and then eventually mastered said martial art to the point where no one in the village had greater skill in this martial art than he did.while that was a poor example,it demonstrates how i learn to a degree.i get in way over my head as many times as needed to develope a skill.formal courses never mesh well with me because of my,(to say it in a way that you might like better than my usual speech) highly disorganized thought patterns.never the less my desire is quite sincere) i do have very much respect,and hope through trial and error ad nauseam to emulate the greats of this scripting world ,like you (you fixed that lousy bed script i bought)
  7. v.v unfortunately this is yet another sad case of where occam's razor ignores reality paying a coder would be dandy,but quite simply im not the sort that has the extra monetary resources out of budget to compensate for such an expensive endeavour lessons are in theory also dandy,but they miss the point in this case for half the same reason as the above possibility,mainly for the easy to digest ones cost alot of money,and the ones that arent are in such a foreign form of english as to befuddle even the most english proficient begginers and down to the basic english comphrehension.i have very little of it.im 26 years old and have been for the most part a hermit due to a severely impinging lack of social graces by default.which ironically enough is a self reinforcing decaying logic loop i have a lack of formal english comphrehension due to a lack of social graces preventing me from being able to pick up english from social interaction as normals do.which further ensures my lack of social graces as it were which leaves me with only one alternative if i want to learn complicated things i must thrust myself into complicated,dead-end projects and try to work on them,learning due to the "project group level interaction" which is considerably easier than normal social interaction see this isnt my script at all,im trying to repair it for someone else that themselves hasnt the slightest idea why this error is occuring
  8. well,here is the entire slave script,perhaps this will answer something // Missile Typesstring m_type_5 = "missle";integer reload = FALSE;// Misc Variable Setupvector pos;rotation rot;vector offset;float missile_vel = 10;integer ammo = 0;integer reload_time = 10;integer r_timer;integer cluster_spacing;integer fire_channel = 1;// variables from other scriptsinteger missile_type;integer missile_channel;integer reset_channel;integer land_mode;integer gmode;integer landowner;integer target_id;// Launch Functionlaunch_missile(){ // Ammo Counter Reset // Get position and rotation for maff! pos = <0.0,4.0,0.0>*llGetRot(); rot = llGetRot(); vector fwd = llRot2Up(llGetRot()); fwd *= missile_vel; integer i = 5; rot *= llGetRot(); // Rez Missile Types, Send land_mode integer as on_rez integer if(missile_type == 5){ // llSay(0, "function fire"); // Combat Missile llRezObject(m_type_5, llGetPos()+pos, 4*fwd, llEuler2Rot(<0,0,0>*DEG_TO_RAD)*llGetRot(), missile_channel); llPlaySound("72362129-f7c0-6db0-8f81-e7f58a88cc4c",1.0); }}default{ on_rez(integer start_param){ ; } link_message(integer sender_number, integer number, string message, key id) { if(number == 0){ list cmd_list = llParseString2List(message,["|"],[]); string order = llList2String(cmd_list, 0); string target = llList2String(cmd_list, 1); missile_type = llList2Integer(cmd_list, 2); //combat_system = llList2Integer(cmd_list, 3); land_mode = llList2Integer(cmd_list, 4); gmode = llList2Integer(cmd_list, 5); if(order == "clear target") reset_channel = (integer)llTargetRemove(target_id); else if(order == "fire" ){ missile_channel = (integer)llRound(llFrand(60000-30000) + 30000); if( ammo != 400 ){ launch_missile(); // Fire the missile llShout(missile_channel,target + "|" + (string)landowner + "|" + (string)land_mode+ "|" + (string)gmode); // Send target UUID to missile (missiles turn off listen once recieved) ammo++; //ammo++; } else if (ammo == 400 || ammo >4){ // llSay(0, "Ammo Depleated"); if(!reload){ // llSay(0,"Processing Reload"); reload=TRUE; llSetTimerEvent(4); } } } } } timer(){ // Process the reload timer ammo = 0; //llSay(0,"Reload Complete"); reload = FALSE; llSetTimerEvent(0); }}
  9. yes thats the general implication of my ham fisted script writing help plea *sigh* it would be so nice if i could just tell it "purge state" but so far it wont accept llresetscript ive defined the error as a lack of receiving the clear order from the master script.infact.as far as i can tell from looking at and comparing both.the clear target doesnt exist in the master script as anything other than a pointless menu click for example,ehre is a snippet from the master script containing the fire order } else if (m == "fire"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,0,"fire|"+target+"|5|0|0|"+(string)gmode,JSON_NULL); } and then the part containing the clear target order } else if(m == "clear target"){ target = NULL_KEY; }
  10. im trying to design a line on the slave script that will vape its attributes if it receives a "clear" order from the master script if(order == "clear target") reset_channel = (integer)llTargetRemove(target_id,"|"); ive already added the reset channel as an integer >.> but i cant quite figure out how to get it to remove the target
  11. yep and yep the whole spirit of the whole endeavour involves some kind of thing with object launches and trajectorys,those are the attributes that are getting stuck
  12. its abit like one part tells the other to do something,this part does something but then when the one part tells the other part to do something again,it will only repeat the first thing it did
  13. ah yes,pardon my nitwit lvl of english. so your saying its smarter to construct an entirely new script that manipulates the linkset?
  14. im abit curious,is there a line that would force one prim with a script,thats slave to another prim with a script in the same linket.to lose its attributes? the main reason for this is the slave prim has a nasty habit of getting attributes stuck and the master script loses effect on the slave prim's attributes
  15. well ok,im willing to accept that. on that note i agree with you since you put it that way, honestly i wanted to stay with windows xp when windows 7 came out. but unfortunately a good portion of what i do on the computer (for extra money in addition to my main job,art commisiosn and what have you) requires me to have up to date stuff. so those years ago i bit my lip and just "took the plunge" and just decided to upgrade as much as i could. but not all things are bound as such.case in point,i dont own a smartphone and i still use a vcr perhaps we can exchange info abit. is there something specific about your computers you can recall,that are different from mine,that couldve possibily yielded this? (ive actually reprogrammed my own system32 file folder in such a way that i ahve full control.see ordinarily in windows 10 the system32 fiel folder is marked as "owned by microsoft",but i reprogrammed it to be mine.mind you this happens to cause alot of problems with windows 10 forced auto update.but essentially gives me more freedom in the end)
  16. i digress. that doesnt happen to everyone,infact me and my sister came to sl dec 7 of 2015.this has infact never happened to us. we both went the route of getting the windows 10 insider program thing,participating in it for the windows 10.and recently it upgraded us to windows 10 home version all of it was free. and ive never once had any of my drivers replaced my computer has an amd radeon hd 6670,and my sister's computer has an nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti so therefore.logic allows for only one possibility. since we already know that the updates are the same for everyone it can only be down to the unique configuration of each computer,each computer brand,presence of antivirus,etc. you cant just blame windows 10,this is highly misleading i got the same update you did,so did my sister,on both amd and nvidia,and this did not happen so therefore,it is infact something different about YOUR computer that is causing this other than that.the only helpful thing i can say is perhaps its the brand,and the antivirus i have a nice cyberpower gaming pc that costed me around 664 usd,my sister's cyberpower gaming pc costed 772 usd we dont have name brand antivrus software per se,but we both have extremely rigorous security practices,anti-malware,anti spyware,and no less than three seperate firewalls on three unique devices
  17. Original statement of discourse: Sister's Computer would shut off without warning,only on secondlife,and never with anything else. Investigation results pre-amble: First hand experience with computer repair indicated that it might be a failing power box,given the one current at the time had been harvested from a "computer husk" (a broken computer with some working parts).Ordered new 750w power box to replace the then current 500w powerbox January 19th Investigation results: Power box received.Installed new powerbox.Reset SL settings on my Sister's computer to Sub-Ultra (an inch behind the end of the scale).Power Flop Occured within 32.5 minutes. January 19th 1a Investigation results Rehash: Relogged Onto SL.Used Organic neural-based probe to check heat output (held my right hand infront of one of the back vents).temperature of outflowing air would rapidly rise on the upper half of the back vents.new powerbox was installed on the lower half of the computer (my sister's comp's cpu and gpu are located in the upper parts of the computer). January 19th 1b Investigation results History recall: While the time approached the previously established powerflop limit.Memory indices were recalled.Early in the history of said computer unit,Large blue fan had to be removed due to defect that caused it to emit a high pitched whine.Only encountered SL at a much later date.Conclusion was suddenly reached. January 19th 1c Investigation results Conclusion: Previous powerbox had been malfunctioning due to age and damage (a previous incident involving lightning hitting my apartment),it's own fan wasnt working right,causing a heat buildup.New powerbox only alleviated half the problem however.As the other half was the lack of the one fan that was most critical to the computer case's design,the massive sidefan.Funds were however unavailible to aquire a replacement sidefan. January 19th Ad Hoc Solution Established: 27 minutes into 32.5 powerflop limit.Still logged onto SL,quickly removed side plating from computer.Grabbed old box-fan from storage room,plugged in boxfan and placed it half foot away from now open side of computer with the air intake side facing the open side of the computer.turned boxfan on to low-power mode.Immediatly A large amount of built-up heat was removed from the computer (that wasnt too hard to notice).Solution reached,now currently 7 hours into working solution TL;DR VERSION: turnes out my sister's computer's problem was the lack of a giant fan on the side and a old ,worn out powerbox that was likely not a big enough capacity.fixed the one problem by getting a new,beefier powerbox,used an old boxfan to fix the other.will be purchasing a replacement sidefan in the next couple of weeks (post comments): there you go,i hope this solution will help others who get this problem,as i cleaned out the computer (with a huge load of q-tips) as i always do when i fix a computer,i reccomend these three steps if you find you have the unexpected shutdown problem 1: get a new and beefier powerbox: this is a good idea,alot of problems are due to powerbox damage,age,or lack of capacity 2.clean the computer: use q-tips if you dont have fancy things liek compressed air cans or kits,there cheap and dont attract static. 3.check those fans with your hand: if you feel an unhealthy amount of heat rolling (not blasting) out of your computer,you probably need some new and/or better fans,rolling heat is never good as it means the hot air isnt being pulled out of your comp properly disclaimer: this is not a guaranteed solution for all possible causes of said problem,it will cover the most probable and common ones,this is only intended to alleviate the current lack of formalized information,or possibly too many opposing sources of information causing confusion in the less tech-savvy
  18. im guessing this guy is a hacker,file an abuse report and mentions you suspect him of hacking,include screenshots if you got them been floating around the web for 16 years,these guys are found virtually everywhere,there always con artists with one agenda or another,dont fall for it,thats your best defense
  19. i dont think the op should be worried.you could always ask for a plaqard to be put in the building explaining the transition. around where im from they do that alot when they make replicas of things like the first houses made in the area sometime in the 1800's this is second life after all,and its hugely old.so likely second life will have to borrow some ideas from rl when it comes to handling history
  20. eh.i think i might give it another shot later on after housework through much trial and error ive concluded that there is also error in the missile script rather than the menu the communication for clear the target isnt received by the missile script quite simply because the lsl line for the order reaction isnt there in the missile script
  21. im currently trying lltargetremove ,but the thing is going bonkers because it cant find thar target id(hence im trying to fix clear target)
  22. ok,im making abit of a breakthrough here,im adding text lines to the different menu options amazing that i figured out how to do that,but i love puzzles anywho,ill be posting the update pretty soon EDIT: here we go,now it says what its doing with most menu choices,ive missed a couple but i havent foudn there precise spot yet else if(m == "target menu"){ sbDialog(guser,"Please choose the targeting mode",lstTargetMenu,schan); { llSay(0, "Engage Target Vector"); } } else if(m == "target player"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 999, "mtarget_menu", guser); { llSay(0, "Warning: Lifeform targeting Enabled"); } } else if (m == "target objects"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 999, "mtarget_objects", guser); { llSay(0, "Choose object to Attack"); } } else if (m == "dumb fire"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 999, "mdumb_fire", guser); gmode = 0; { llSay(0, "Warning,Unguided missile launch mode set"); } } else if(m == "tracking"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 999, "mtracking", guser); gmode =1; llWhisper(0,"Guided missile launch mode set."); }
  23. nah it aint strife,me and arnot had abit of a misunderstanding that we just cleared up i did clean it up a little bit,but not by much still working on it mind you else if(m == "target menu"){ sbDialog(guser,"Please choose the targeting mode",lstTargetMenu,schan); } else if(m == "target player"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 999, "mtarget_menu", guser); } else if (m == "target objects"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 999, "mtarget_objects", guser); } else if (m == "dumb fire"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 999, "mdumb_fire", guser); gmode = 0; llWhisper(0,"Dumb Fire mode set, no tracking"); } else if(m == "tracking"){ llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, 999, "mtracking", guser); gmode =1; llWhisper(0,"Standard Tracking mode."); }
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